Do EMF Stickers Really Work?

do emf stickers work

The electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted by cell phones and electronic devices has been a topic of discussion recently. More people are becoming aware of the negative effects of exposure to EMF.

It’s great that more people are talking about it, but some people are spreading false information about how to protect yourself from EMF radiating from your phone. They say you can use stickers to protect yourself. Do EMF stickers really work? This is one of the questions that comes up when researching ways to shield yourself from EMF radiation.

So, do EMF stickers really work? You can’t stop electromagnetic radiation from cell phones by using stickers, but unfortunately, many people believe the stickers do protect them. This leaves them even more vulnerable to EMFs, radio frequencies and other forms of radiation. Since they think the stickers protect them, they do not limit their exposure to the source of radiation.

Sticker manufacturers claim the stickers work through absorption of the electromagnetic fields, but this is not true. Scientifically, the stickers can’t absorb the electromagnetic fields.

The stickers are based on the concept of embedding multiple technologies to protect users from the radiation emitted by various devices like laptops, cell phones, or tablets. Though stickers are the most commonly mentioned product for protecting against EMF radiation, there are other anti-radiation products on the market, such as shields and neutralizers.

Some of the anti-radiation products are easy to understand and use, and they provide protection by acting as a barrier between the radiation sources and the body. This makes them easy to test; however, radiation stickers are not easily tested and don’t protect the user. Buying the best anti-radiation sticker is not a guarantee it will work.

How the Protection Stickers Function

The EMF protection sticker from Quanthor consists of Gold, Silver, Magnesium, Jade, and Zirconium minerals. The Quanthor manufacturers claim that these minerals have magnetic properties and other oxides that help protect the body from EMF radiation. They have rare metals and they release negative ions so as to neutralize the positive ions from the EMF. The stickers can be put on any mobile phone.

They also claim the sticker improves blood flow, relieves stress, balances chemicals in the body, and generates Schumann Resonance used in producing healing energy for the body.

Though the California Institute of Electronic and Material Science indicates that the product provides EMF protection (learn more from here), it has received mixed reactions from various users. Other anti-radiation products like Aulterra Neutralizer use paramagnetic minerals to retune the electromagnetic radiation and frequencies from the wireless devices. Retuning of the EMF radiation reduces the impact the radiation will have on the human body. The neutralizer uses neutralizing technology that has three macro-thin layers of paramagnetic minerals.

They claim that coherent fields from the paramagnetic minerals harmonize incoherent electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones and other wireless devices. The fields are then converted to coherent and natural frequencies, thus they no longer cause harm to individuals.

When you test the reduction of EMF using an EMF meter, there are no indications of a reduction of EMF resulting from use of the sticker. Therefore, the sticker doesn’t reduce or block the EMF radiation, instead it only makes slight changes to the radiation generated.

Therefore, if you’re planning to buy a sticker to protect yourself from cell phone radiation, you may want to consider another alternative. You can also test it yourself to see whether it works.

The stickers being sold in the market are a scam. In 2002, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged two firms for making false claims on cell phone radiation patches. There is also an alert issued by the FTC in 2011 stating that there is no scientific merit to the radiation shields and stickers.

Radiation from Cellular Phones

Many people have been asking whether cell phones cause cancer. There are various studies on the issue, and there are many indications that it may be true, but there is no conclusive information linked to cell phones and cancer. This is because the cell phone technology hasn’t been in use for a long enough period of time. Tumors usually take 10 to 20 years to develop (Butler, 2008.).

Cell phones do emit a certain amount of radiation energy when receiving and making calls. The amount of radiation absorbed is 1.6 watts per kilogram of body weight (W/kg). Sometimes it can be less than this. Cell phone radiation is weak because it contains non-ionizing radiation. The non-ionizing radiation can’t break down atoms and molecules, but they can still be absorbed by our bodies.

Putting a sticker near the cell phone’s antenna will not reduce the radiation absorption rate because electromagnetic waves are not only emitted by the antenna but by the entire phone. The manufacturers of EMF stickers claim they absorb radiation, but some say they increase the amount of radiation emitted by the phone.

The Federal Trade Commission warns people against using the stickers because they can interfere with the phone’s signal making it draw more power in an attempt to establish communication with the cell tower. As a result, the phone emits more radiation. The federal agency also required telephone manufacturers to always indicate how much radiation is absorbed by the body.

Most cell phones have a built-in shielding feature to help reduce the amount of radiation emitted. Many countries, including the USA, require all phone manufacturers to meet certain emission standards. The phones must be tested to ensure they meet the set standards.

High-frequency radiation is very dangerous due to the thermal effects it produces; however, having low power levels, maintaining high-conductivity of thermal charges from your blood, and having a large thermal mass in your head helps reduce the radiation frequency.

The low frequencies of electronic devices induce electric and magnetic fields thus affecting the flowing current within the body. The strength of the flowing current depends on the intensity of the magnetic fields generated. In cases of high current, it will affect the body’s normal biological effects. Biological effects can also be due to exposure to electromagnetic waves at high levels. These biological effects may or may not result in adverse effects.

Ways to Minimize Phone Radiation Instead of Using a Sticker:

Here are some easy to follow tips to reduce phone radiation instead of using a sticker.

  • You can reduce the amount of electromagnetic waves you receive by using a hands-free headset that enables you to distance your brain cells from the cell phone that is emitting radiation.
  • Using the phone in an open space may spread electromagnetic waves away from you as opposed to using it in a closed area, where they, and you, are confined.
  • You should also consider texting more to reduce the amount of time the phone is up against your head.
  • Avoid making long calls where there is poor reception or network connectivity. If your phone has to strain to maintain a signal, the more radiation it will produce.
  • Use an anti-radiation phone case. Some anti-radiation phone cases do work by blocking 87% of the electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones. The cases use metallic threads that are woven into a fabric that forms the case. The metallic threads block the electromagnetic waves emitted by the phone.

How to remove stickers

If you tried a sticker on your phone and don’t want to keep using it, there are ways to remove it. You can remove the sticker from your phone by either using dental floss or a plastic credit card/membership card. Work the floss under the magnet by moving back and forth along the edge until it slips under, then keep going until you remove the magnet from your phone.

You can also use a small amount of alcohol to dampen the magnetic disk. This weakens the magnet making it easier to separate the phone from the magnet.

If you have some glue residue remaining, you can use a product like Goo Gone or isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel to completely remove it.


Using a sticker to reduce electromagnetic waves from your cell phone is not a guarantee it will absorb or block radiation. Though cell phones emit radiation of less than 2 watts per kilogram of body weight, it is still not certain whether using cell phones has serious health effects except in situations of high-frequency radiation. Repeated prolonged use of cell phones is thought to contribute to headaches and nausea, and even brain tumors, but the technology has not been used for enough years for the research to be truly conclusive.

EMF stickers are not only sold to use on cell phones, but also for use on other electronic devices like a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even your monitor.

Though the various websites of the sticker manufacturers claim that the stickers block radiation, and others claim to emit a reverse radiation that cancels the radiation emitted by cell phone, there is no proven effects at all. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that there is no scientific proof that they work, and they warn users against using them. The FTC also says the products can increase the amount of radiation emitted instead of reducing it because the phone has to work harder to send and receive a signal.

Exposure to high-frequency radiation, even if it’s for a short period of time, is harmful to your health. There are a lot of public concerns about the long-term effects of exposure to high levels of electromagnetic waves in our environment, homes, and workplaces.

There are some “anti-radiation” cell phone cases that have been tested to prove their claims. Some of them have been verified to reduce the EMF radiation coming from your phone.

The most reliable methods to reduce exposure is to text instead of making calls, and to use your speaker setting. Both of these techniques ensure that the phone is not close to your head.



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