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Hi, I’m Roland

For multiple years, I had been ignoring information regarding the dangers of EMF radiation, but for the past three years, my wife and I have realized the fact that our three kids were giving too much time to their smartphones and iPads. This was a warning sign for my wife and me. We couldn’t ignore the dangers that were about to cross our path; that’s why I started digging into the subject for research purposes. I wanted to know what harm could be done to our kids both in the long run and in the short term.

Almost every other person in the world is constantly exposed to an unseen force that we dub as an electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. EMF has nearly engulfed the entire world. We cannot see it with the naked eye, and this is the biggest eyewash. While it cannot be seen, it is growing rapidly and excessively while taking benefit from its power of invisibility. The worst part of this horrible episode is that EMF radiation affects our children way more than it affects us.

Children are being exposed to EMF radiation right from the time of birth, and this is not normal. This is a serious problem that older generations never faced, and that’s why we cannot accurately predict the outcomes of such a thing. Our children are vulnerable because they have smaller heads and bodies, and they don’t have enough resilience. As a parent or guardian, it is our moral responsibility that we should take some concrete measures to protect our children from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Not only are our kids are on the verge of danger, but as adults, we are not safe from EMF. As more years are added to our lives, the prolonged exposure will take its toll on our bodies. Our own bodies have rights that we must protect. We must do what we can to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

I have scanned a wide range of books on the topic of EMF radiation and have done my own research on how much harmful EMF radiation can be our kids and us as well. What I have learned along the way is worth sharing with the people who, like me, are concerned about their families, and who want to learn about the dangers of EMF radiation. This is what my blog can offer you. Please read the content, and I hope that you will find the information beneficial for you and your family.



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