8 Best AirTube Headsets for EMF Protection of 2024

8 Best AirTube Headsets for EMF Protection

Talking over your phone may expose you to high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Cell phones tend to emit dangerous RF radiation when on call. If you want to protect yourself from the radiation emitted by your cell phone, you should consider investing in a good air tube headset.

These wired headsets have a built-in microphone and earpieces that enable you to talk on the phone while maintaining distance.

There are different air tube headsets on the market, so you can choose the best air tube headset based on your needs and budget.

Read our best AirTube headsets review to find out.

Product Details
1. DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud Headphones  

  • Quality sound.
  • Built-in microphones and volume control keys.
  • Provides 100% EMF protection.
  • Lab-tested with 5G technology.
2. SYB Air Tube Headset  

  • Shields you against 99% of radiation.
  • Complete control of the air tube.
  • Available in multiple styles.
  • Easy to use.
3. SafeSleeve Anti-radiation Headset  

  • Radiation-blocking technology.
  • Carrying case.
  • Control buttons.
  • HD speakers.
  • Convenience.
4. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset  

  • EMF reduction by 99.9%.
  • Comfortable.
  • Compact and light earbuds.
  • 1-year warranty.
5. Dr. Mercola Blue Tube Headset  

  • Acoustic technology for best quality sound.
  • Distortion-free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Money-back guarantee.
6. KINDEN Air Tube Headset  

  • Radiation filter speaker.
  • Full compatibility.
  • Radiation-free headset.
7. Aircom A3 Active Air Tube Earphone  

  • Patented sound experience.
  • Airflow technology.
  • Clic-it technology.
  • Convenience.
8. Eoncore Stereo Air Tube Wired Headset  

  • Protect up to 98% of the radiation coming in.
  • Smart switching mode.
  • Special collar clip.
  • Super comfortable.

Cell Phone Radiation

If you have been reading my EMF protection articles, I have insisted on maintaining a distance between you and radiation-emitting devices to reduce your exposure. When you place your cell phone close to your head, you absorb a substantial amount of electromagnetic radiation. 

Cell phones emit four dangerous forms of EMF radiation: electric fields, magnetic fields, and powerful radiofrequency radiation that is emitted when you connect the cell phone to Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth frequencies. Worse still, you would hold the cell phone directly to the soft tissue close to your brain in these instances, increasing your risk of exposure. 

5G technologies expose you to intense frequencies of RF radiation. Continuous exposure to high levels of these radiation frequencies will have certain adverse effects on your health such as headaches, brain tumors, and DNA damage. 

For this reason, there is a demand for EMF protection devices. Anti-radiation air tube headsets play a major role in reducing your exposure levels. 

Plug the air tube headset on your cell phone when making or receiving your calls. This will not only protect you against harmful EMF exposure, but it also helps you maintain the distance between your body and the cell phone device.  

If you want to know which cell phones have the lowest radiation level, check out this article.

Air Tube vs. Traditional Headphones

The standard headphones have a wire cable, and each wire has metal in it. When using these cables, the metal conducts electromagnetic radiation from the cell phone. This radiation travels from the cell phone to your head through the wires.

The wires can also act as an antenna that attracts an ambient amount of EMFs, thus transmitting different EMFs directly to your brain.

Air tube headsets have a flexible hollow air tube that replaces the wires because the wires in standard headphones can easily transmit EMF signals. The hollow air tubes transmit sound from your cell phone to your ears using sound waves.

They reduce your amount of exposure to EMF radiation because a long air tube would enable you to put some distance between your head and the radiation device. The distance is the part that helps reduce your EMF exposure. The air tube doesn’t have any metal, and you can plug it in the same jack as your normal headphones.

The downside with air tube headsets is that the air tube is just a tube with no wires, making it prone to damage. Therefore, you have to handle it with a lot of care; you cannot fold the tube as easily as you could with wires.

How Air Tube Headphones Work

Air tube headphones—or anti-radiation headphones—are designed to reduce the amount of radiation emitted by your cell phone. They act as a barrier to EMF, thus reducing your exposure levels to the radiation.

You’re probably wondering what makes these headsets more special than those that would come with your device, like the ones that Apple gives out. These headphones are different from the others because of how they transmit sound to your ears.

Just like the name suggests, the device uses a hollow and flexible air tube to transmit sound. It replaces the wires in your cell phone with an earpiece; so, instead of having the speaker close to the earpiece, it is located below the ear tube. As a result, the sound from the speakers will travel to your ear via the air tube instead of the electrical wires. 

This also improves the quality of sound transmitted, and the speakers will not be directly in your ears. In addition, having the speakers below the air tube reduces radiation exposure to your head. 

To summarize, air tube headsets are better than standard headphones for that reason. You can also plug them in the same port as you would plug your standard/traditional headphones.

The majority of air tube headphones also come with a speaker that you can use to maximize the distance between you and your cell phone.

How to Choose the Best Air Tube Headset

How to Choose the Best Air Tube Headset

There are different designs and brands of air tube headsets across the market to choose from. So how can you decide on the best air tube headset for you? Below is a list of factors that can help you make the right decision. 

  1. Design: Air tube headsets are becoming popular each day, and more manufacturers are coming up with more designs and unique styles. Just like the various designs of standard headsets, some of these popular designs are also used in designing air tube headsets.
  2. Size: The size of the air tube headset determines its usability, portability, and storage. The bigger the headset, the better the sound. However, bigger headsets are heavier, making them hard to wear or carry around. Therefore, it is upon you to choose either the sound or portability of the headset as a bigger priority for you.
  3. Sound quality: Another feature you have to look at is the quality of sound. Having a high-quality headset doesn’t mean you will have better sound quality. There are manufacturers who spend a lot of resources on improving the quality of sound, whereas others may focus on the overall quality of the headset. If sound quality is an important key based on your needs, then go for a model that offers high-quality sound.
  4. Built-in microphones: Check whether the headset has a built-in microphone or not because some will be designed for listening only. Some air tube headsets have a high-quality microphone that allows you to engage in quality cell phone conversation. The air tube headphones model you choose will depend on whether you want to use it for making calls or just listening to music.
  5. Cord length and it’s quality: The quality and length of the air tube headset cord is another important factor to consider.  You should always go for cords made with durable material, and make sure they are long enough to maintain distance between you and the cell phone. It should have a standard shape along with a noodle form to avoid tangling.

The only downside of air tube headsets is that RF radiation that can pass through the cord and up to the speakers. If your body touches the cord, then it can absorb these dangerous RF radiations. Magnetic and electric fields can also travel through the cord. 

However, you can solve this problem by sticking a ferrite bead at the base of your headset, which is where the cord is attached to your phone.

Before choosing any anti-radiation air tube headset, make sure you consider the above features of a good headset. 

Now, let’s have a look at some of the best air tube headsets for EMF protection.

Best Air Tube Headsets

Having learned about air tube headsets and factors to consider when choosing the best one for your protection in the last few sections of this article, here is a list of the best air tube headsets on the market:

8. Eoncore Stereo Air Tube Wired Headset

The Eoncore Stereo air tube headset is another budget-friendly EMF protection headset. The price for this headset is equivalent to that of a standard headset bought in any retail shop.

However, the Eoncore stereo air tube headset reduces 98% of the exposure to EMF while making calls. This unique feature is not available in standard headphones. The hollow air tube keeps radiation waves from reaching your brain.

They are designed to deliver crystal clear sound, making them perfect for listening to music and making calls.

The wired air tube headset comes in different sizes, so no matter the size of your ears, you can find a pair that will fit comfortably. The earbud tips are made of soft silicone, adding to the comfortability.

They can fit a standard 3.5 mm plug, making them suitable for smartphones, audio devices, tablets, laptops, among other devices that use that size plug.

In addition, the special collar clip and on/off button allows for convenient uses of its headphones and microphones.

Say goodbye to having to switch wiring troubles and welcome smart switching mode technology. The earbud tips for this headset are fitted with rubber for noise canceling, which also helps maximize clarity.

Pros Cons

  • Flexible air tubes.
  • High-quality sound.
  • Reduces EMF by 98%.
  • Crystal clear sound.
  • Not compatible with iPhone 7 and other new models.
  • Hard bend in the tubes.
  • Plastic case is easy to damage.

7. Aircom A3 Active Air Tube Earphone

This is another anti-radiation EMF protection product from Aircom designed to offer you premium sound.

Aircom claims that their headset reduces a great amount of the RF radiation emitted by your cell phone, thus you can enjoy listening to your music without worrying about the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The earbuds have click-it magnetic ends that allow you to wrap them around your neck when not using them.

It uses airflow technology to allow sound waves transmitted through the earbuds to have more than eight times the space to develop. Increasing air space in the headphones results in a fully developed sound that is sharper, clearer, and more natural. Active listeners prefer this type of air tube, especially when listening to music either at the gym or during other sports activities.

They remain secure in your ears, so you won’t have to worry about having to adjust them whenever you’re running.

The built-in microphone and on/off switch allow for hands-free chats with your family or friends while driving or even when walking around.

They are quite comfortable for the ears. If you have trouble getting the right-sized headphones, then consider this set. The earbuds are lightweight and always come with several different-sized ear pieces.

Pros Cons

  • Tangle-free.
  • More convenient than other options.
  • Radiation-free headsets.
  • Massive sound experience.
  • Value for money.
  • Radiation from magnetic caps.
  • Easily damaged.

6. KINDEN Air Tube Headset

This one of the most popular anti-radiation air tube headsets on the market.

The design of the air tube on this headset is clear and has a curved design that wraps well around your ear. This unique, anti-drop earbud design is comfortable to wear and promotes a secure fit when engaging in sports.

Manufacturers of this air tube headset claim it can protect up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation through its shielded metal wire and long air tube. Kinden air tube has a dual sonic concentration that can help reduce exposure from cell phone radiation.

These earbuds feature a magnetic design that snaps the two earpieces together, giving it a sportier look. When not using them, you can attach them together to look like a necklace around your neck.

It has a built-in microphone and noise-canceling feature that delivers crisp sound and clear communication. But compared to other air tube headsets, it doesn’t quite deliver the best quality sound.

With its control buttons, you can easily control your music. The hands-free functionality grants you the opportunity to receive answer calls completely hands-free.

The headset is highly compatible with all devices using the international standard port (CTIA). It is also compatible with iPhone devices, window phones, Android devices, 3.5mm audio devices, laptops, tablets, notebook, mp3/mp4, among other possibilities.

If you’re on a budget, this will be one of the better options for you to consider because this headset is among the least expensive pieces compared to other brands.   

They also have a 1-year refund policy. Therefore, if you have an issue with your pair, you can call Kinden first to arrange for a replacement.

Pros Cons

  • Secure fit.
  • Fully compatible with most devices.
  • Easy to use.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Great customer support.
  • Sound quality is not as good as some on the market.
  • Increased radiation from magnets.
  • Non-durable tube.

Watch this video to see how this air tube headset works:

5. Dr. Mercola Blue Tube Headset

If you have been following up on alternative health products for EMF protection, then you have probably come across Dr. Mercola’s name. The blue tube headset is another great EMF protection product developed by this firm.

The blue tube headset uses state-of-the-art filled air tubes to transmit sound waves without the use of metal conductors. It uses advanced Aircom 2 technology that minimizes the radiation exposure to your head.

The hollow tube transmits sound waves from your chest up to your ears, preventing radiation emitted by the phone from getting into your brain. The headset design is aimed at minimizing EMF radiation to your head; as it is, the farther the cell phone is from your body and head, the better.

Its sound chamber rests between your collarbone and cheek. This ergonomic design ensures the chamber doesn’t get into contact with your body.

These anti-radiation headsets use acoustic technology to provide you with clear, high-quality sound, and it is hassle-free to use. The blue tube headset has an enhanced speaker that makes it louder and with a clearer sound. The wiring system is designed to cancel out any distortion and reduce feedback.

Its dual earbuds make the sound better, offering you full stereo sound.

Dr. Mercola has confidence with their products, and that’s why they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it.

In addition, the new models come with three sets of foam ear tips to fit any size of the ear, making them suitable for everyday use.

Pros Cons

  • Enhanced speakers for loud and clear sound.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Tangle-free cord.
  • Effective reduction of electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies.

  • Not compatible with some iPhone models.
  • Soft rubber sleeve slides off easily.
  • Breaks easily.
  • Microphone can be affected by windy weather.

4. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset

RadiArmor is one of the more popular manufacturers of EMF products, and anti-radiation air tube headphones are popular among its list of protection products.

It uses air tube technology to shield up to 99.9% of the RF and magnetic field radiation emitted from your cell phone. The earbuds themselves are made from durable magnesium to further protect you from radiation, and they are also rather light. The RadiArmor headphones lower EMF radiation through inverse square law and maintain distance from the EMF emitting source.  

This air tube headset offers solid sound quality, improved speakers, and volume control buttons to adjust your volume preferences. It has a built-in microphone located at the wired section of the headset. You can easily use the one-touch button to answer calls and adjust the volume.

An extra long, tangle-free cord lets you place your phone on a console or car holder and continue driving while you make calls, as needed. They are designed for comfort and come in two sizes. Each earbud has silicon tips that can help secure them properly on your ears.

These air tube headphones tend to dissipate and have a slightly inferior sound compared to normal headphones. Although sound fidelity loss is unavoidable, RadiArmor air tubes have large drivers with an amplified treble to counteract the loss. As a result, the air tube can offer superior sound quality across a dynamic range of high notes.

They’re long-lasting and come with a 1-year warranty.

Pros Cons

  • Lighter earbuds.
  • Shields up to 99.9% of incoming radiation.
  • Tangle-free cord.

  • Slight loss of the high fidelity sound.
  • Only available in two sizes.
  • Very delicate.

3. SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones


This anti-radiation air tube headset is another EMF protection headset from SafeSleeve. They have made one of the best anti-radiation air tube headphones with good sound quality and at a lower price.

Although Safesleeve doesn’t give out the percentage reduction of cell phone radiation that their headphones supply, this pair still offers a significant reduction in radiation. These headphones have radiation-filtering speakers with a decent distance from your ears, shielding radiation from reaching your head.

It uses a durable silicon air tube that transmits sound waves to your head, along with an aluminum metal earbud. You won’t have to worry about the speakers and wires that could transmit radiation directly to your head. 

SafeSleeve manufacturers claim that the air tube gives a crystal clear sound and superior bass through its HD speakers. The anti-radiation headphones have a microphone and an on/off switch that allows you to control the air tube. With the built-in microphone, you can make calls, use virtual assistants like Siri, voice over IP, among other things.

You have a full money-back guarantee with this product if you’re not satisfied with it. They have an excellent return policy with 100% satisfaction. If you don’t like the product, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund.

You can choose either black or white color for your protection. The headphones also come with a carrying case for easy storage while ensuring the cord is tangle-free. The air tubes are bent on the section around your ears to ensure they’re secure and more comfortable.

This brand of air tube can be used on all devices with a 3.5mm jack. If you’re using the new iPhone devices that don’t have a headphone jack, you can use the lighting adapter that comes with your iPhone to connect the air tube headphones.

You can select from three different sizes to enjoy the superior sound quality comfortably.

Pros Cons

  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Uses anti-radiation air tube technology.
  • Lightweight.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Sound not as great as some others on the market.
  • Small bend.
  • Doesn’t work directly with new iPhones.

2. SYB Air Tube Headset

SYB Air Tube Headset

The SYB air tube is a unique headset that uses stereo audio to deliver great audio quality. SYB uses the acoustic exchange principle to provide you with a crisp sound and fantastic bass.

The air tube reduces up to 99% of the radiation from being absorbed into your brain. It uses universally accepted scientific principles to provide you with the best protection against electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones. The hollow, flexible tube shields radiation emitted by your cell phone from reaching your brain.

SYB air tube headsets come in three sizes, so you can buy the one that fits you. You can also choose between the standard in-ear style black in color, or the white, over-the-ear style for a more secure fit. The white over-the-ear air tubes are more secure for sports activities like running.  

The headset also comes with a free carrying case, making it easy to carry around or store properly after use.

Unlike other brands of air tubes, SYB has confidence with its products and provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t trust your product, then why should they? For this reason, they give their customers a lifetime warranty for their headsets. Thus, your investment in the SYB air tube headset will be fully protected for life.

A built-in microphone is also another important feature that will allow you to make calls. The headset also has volume control and audio playback buttons to provide you with one-touch control of the headset.

The SYB air tube headset is compatible with devices that have a standard 3.5mm audio jack, so you can plug this SYB air tube headset into your cell phone, tablet, iPad, or laptop.

Pros Cons

  • Easy to use.
  • Smart design.
  • Great audio.
  • Comfortable on your ears.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Powerful EMF protection product.
  • Sound quality is not quite up to par compared to regular headsets.
  • Short tubes.

1. DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud Headphones

DefenderShield EMF-Free Earbud Headphones

This stereo-wired headset is one of the highest quality headsets on the market. Unlike other air tube brands, this free earbud headphone offers 100% EMF protection. It uses 5G technology to protect you against electromagnetic and Bluetooth radiations.

It has a braided nylon cord designed with copper material to add extra protection against the ELF radiation. Its hollow air tube is free from electromagnetic radiation.

The headphones deliver high-quality sound through their hollow air tube, rather than a traditionally wired one to deliver acoustic audio. They assure crystal clear, muffle-free sound and conversations without any distortion on either end.  

They’re built with professional-grade speakers that deliver high fidelity sound. The built-in microphone and volume control keys also allow you to adjust your sound easily. 

This pair of air tube headphones are great for making calls, listening to music, podcasts, videos, and for use when working out or running. A removable clip holds the headphones securely in place when engaging in the sports activities. 

It is compatible with 3.5mm jack devices. With other devices, you will need an adapter to use them. 

These earbuds have three-size rubber bands: small, medium, and large, making them suitable for everyone.

The backside of each earpiece has a magnet that you can use to snap them together, making it easy for you to store them together, since the air tube is more easily damaged than the standard wired ones. When on the go and not using them, you can wrap them together around your neck easily and snap the magnets together.

Defender designs strong and flexible air tube headsets and offers a 1-year warranty to its customers.

So, if you want to have peace of mind while on a phone call or listening to audio or videos that the sound quality will be crystal clear, this is a great set of earbuds to go for. You won’t have to worry about any EMF radiation resulting from wireless technology or traditional wired headphones. 

Pros Cons

  • Hands-free microphone with volume control.
  • Clip that holds the earbuds securely in place.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Strong and flexible.
  • Superb sound quality.
  • Expensive.
  • Magnets on the back of the earpieces.
  • Not compatible with all devices.


When buying an air tube headset, always buy it for the right reasons. Air tubes don’t make your cell phone safer necessarily, but they can do so by reducing your exposure to radiation.

So, when making a call, and there is a distance between your head and the cell phone, you can reduce your exposure levels. This doesn’t mean you have to decrease your use of your cell phone; for better protection, you will have to follow the cell phone’s protection tips.

Standard headsets will expose you to some levels of EMF radiation, so ditch those low-quality and inexpensive headphones and invest in a good quality air-tube headset. When shopping for a new air tube headset, you should focus on the ones that can give you high-quality sound while minimizing your exposure to EMF.

Based on your needs and budget, you can go for any of the air tube headsets on this list. I would highly recommend the DefenderShield EMF free earbud headset for quality sound and 100% protection against EMF. Although it is the most expensive on the list, it also will give you the most value for your money. You can also try the SafeSleeve anti-radiation headset or SYB air tube headset, both of which will allow you to achieve superior sound quality at a lower price.

There are other powerful air tubes on the list. Evaluate each air tube based on its unique features and choose the best one that will meet your needs.



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