7 Best Anti-radiation Cell Phone Cases in 2024

Best Anti-radiation Cell Phone Cases in 2020

Currently, smartphones are a part of our daily life. This has led to increased exposure to the adverse effects of radiation. This is due to the continuous use of cell phones and the fact that they emit dangerous electromagnetic waves. 

Holding the cell phone close to your body or head exposes you to various health risks. Children and pregnant women are at especially high risk of exposure. Continuous exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by your cell phone increases the risk of brain tumor, cancerous cell growth, leukemia in children, infertility, and other health conditions.

With the increasing concern about the dangers of radiation from cell phones, some organizations and private individuals have taken it upon themselves to educate others about the dangers of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation on the human body.

The increasing awareness about the effects of radiation on humans has played a huge role in driving research about anti-radiation devices and products. The continuous growth in the use of smartphones across the world has led to high demand for anti-radiation devices. 

Anti-radiation cell phone cases are one of the products that have been found to mitigate the harmful radiation effects.

As cell phone technology keeps advancing, addressing the issue of electromagnetic waves will be of increasing concern to phone manufacturers. Some developed countries are now rolling out the use of the 5G network which is faster than the current 4G network.

Addressing the cell phone radiation from phones has been a major challenge. According to global research on anti-radiation devices and cell phones, the 5G network will boost the sale of anti-radiation cellphone cases in the market.

The key players and manufacturers of anti-radiation cell phone cases and other anti-radiation devices are now coming up with new, efficient, and cost-effective products that provide you with 99% protection against EMF radiation.

Cell Phone Radiation

When your cell phone device is transmitting data via a text or through a phone call, it emits radiation. Connecting your phone through Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi router in order to exchange data emits a high amount of RF waves which are a form of electromagnetic radiation.

A cell phone sends data in the form of packets. The packets are received by the cell tower which then forwards the packets to the final destination device. The packets use radio frequency signals to move data from one device to the other. This makes it difficult to get consistent readings of RF radiation as the packets move to and from devices.

Cell Phone Radiation

The amount of data exchanged between your cell phone and the other device determines the amount of RF radiation you’re exposed to. Constant transmission of packets exposes you to higher-levels of radiation.

There are various health risks associated with continuous exposure to high levels of electromagnetic waves. Even at low levels, EMF radiation has harmful effects on your body.

According to the study published on the relationship between RF radiation and health, it indicates that:

  • Using your cell phone for more than 30 minutes a day will increase the risk of a brain tumor in 5 to 10 years. Talking for long hours over the phone doubles the likelihood of developing a brain tumor.
  • Brain tumors are more likely to be on the side where you hold the cell phone.

How Anti-radiation Cell Phone Cases Helps Reduce EMF Exposure

Watch this video to see how the cell phone cases help in reducing radio frequency radiation when used properly:

The best anti-radiation cell phone cases should be able to block the signals from Wi-Fi routers. They should also be able to block EMF by acting as a shield between your body and the cell phone.

The shield deflects the radiation signals emitted by your phone so they are not absorbed by the body.

Some of the best EMF cell phone cases are lab-tested or researched-backed to ensure they actually reduce RF signals emitted by your phone.

Apart from using cell phone cases, there is also anti-radiation clothing you can use to protect you against EMF radiation. You can read my detailed article on ‘The best EMF Protection clothing you can buy today.’

What To Look For When Buying Anti-radiation Cell Phone Cases

As the demand for anti-radiation protection products increases, more firms have joined the market. Some of these firms’ sell EMF protection products of poor quality and many others don’t work as expected.

Some of these cell phone case manufacturers don’t do enough research and testing of the product to know whether it functions as they claim. They may also use inferior component materials. These types of companies are only interested in sales and not your health.

There are anti-radiation phone cases that reduce exposure to EMF when you are actively using the phone. Other cases block EMF radiation up to 100%, but only when you’re not using the phone. For effective protection, ensure you use the cell phone cases as recommended by the manufacturers. Otherwise, improper use will increase your exposure to EMF instead of reducing it.

Some of the factors you should look for before buying an EMF protection phone case includes:

  • Quality of the case: The quality of the material used for making the case is important since the phone case will be used frequently. The case must have a durable yet comfortable material to have the highest functionality.
  • EMF protection: Ensure the EMF case you buy can protect you from RF exposure. The design of some cases emit radiation instead of blocking the radiation emitted by the cell phone. Make sure the unit is clearly labeled as an EMF protection device.
  • Detailed research information: You should look at the company’s detailed research on how the case blocks radiation from the cell phone. Don’t focus on just the blocking material used in making the phone case, or their superficial marketing claims.
  • Company reputation: Consider the manufacturer’s reputation. If the company has been in existence for a long time, there are better chances of getting quality phone cases compared to buying from a new company in the market.
  • Customers review: Before buying the case, see what others are saying about the product. A lot of online customers will give a review of their own experience with the product. Reviewing this information will guide you in making the right decision.
  • Price: The price of the cell phone case is another factor you have to consider. Some of the EMF protection cell phone cases are highly-priced, making them unaffordable to some people. Always go for a product that suits your budget and gives you value for your money.
  • Customer support and service: Customer support is another important factor you have to consider. Do customers have access to support services 24/7 for asking questions?  Can you get the help you need or return the product if it’s not working? Look at some of the frequently asked questions and the customer care answers to them before committing to buying the EMF phone case.

7 Best Anti-radiation Cell Phone Cases

1. SafeSleeve EMF Protection for iPhone Case

This is an anti-radiation protection case and wallet for iPhone X and XS. The shielding material blocks up to 99% of radiation from your cell phone front flap. This type of case uses military grade shielding by including the latest blocking technology for RF signals.

The case is made of robust material that also acts as a protective barrier to shield you against Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) theft and electromagnetic waves.

The case has a built-in wallet with 4 card slots and enough space to store your cash and other documentation. The card slots are secured with RFID technology to prevent any identity theft or stealing of your financial data.

The built-in stand allows you to easily read, watch videos or a movie on your phone. You can place the stand on a flat surface and continue using your phone.

The vegan leather used in making the phone case gives the case a rich, professional, and stylish look. You can select among various colors to match that of your iPhone device. In addition, it performs impressively by blocking RF signals and other EMF waves. The features and functionality of this type of case makes it worth the investment.

When receiving or making a call, ensure you close the flap to avoid exposing your head to a lot of radiation. If you use the device incorrectly, you will put yourself at higher risk of exposure to electromagnetic waves.

2. Defender Shield Anti-radiation Cell Phone Case

Defender Shield is one of the most commonly used anti-radiation cases. Its outstanding quality makes it a popular case for protection against EMF radiation. This case shields you from EMF radiation from wireless devices and radiation from 5G frequencies.

The case is made of multiple layers of blocking material to ensure 99% protection from RF radiation and extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation from the front of the phone.  The multiple layers don’t affect the signal strength or quality of your cell phone experience in any way.

It features premium artisan craftsmanship made with vegan leather. This protects the case from any scratches, dust or fingerprints. The case also folds to act as a stand and allow you to easily view videos on the phone.

It also has a magnetic closure to secure all your valuables safely. You don’t have to worry about losing any credit cards or other valuables when moving around with the case in your hands.

The Defender Shield case has Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking feature to provide you with RFID protection for your credit cards and IDs. This RFID technology prevents identity theft of your cards. Once you place credit cards and IDs in the card slot, no one will be able to hack through the Defender Shield case and steal information from your cards.

Defender Shield offers customer guarantee services. If you’re not satisfied with this product, you can return it to Amazon within 30 days and get a 100% money-back refund.

This type of case is compatible with iPhone X and XS devices and shields you from EMF radiation, Wi-Fi radiation, Bluetooth and 5G RF radiation.

3. SYB EMF Protection Sleeve

This is a universal-style phone case that protects your body from exposure to RF and Wi-Fi radiation emitted by your cell phone. The case is able to reduce EMF radiation by 99%.

The phone pouch is designed such that it shields you from electromagnetic radiation only on one side (the back of the pouch). It protects you against any wireless radiation by deflecting radiation away from your body. The anti-radiation pouch doesn’t interfere with the phone’s signals or battery life.

The XL sized wallet phone pouch allows you to fit any phone with a width of 3.25 inches. The pouch is also available in several colors; therefore, you can buy a pouch in a color that matches your mobile device.

The SYB anti-radiation protection sleeve is made of high-quality material and has a belt loop. It is a great anti-radiation blocker for both kids and adults. The pouch will be able to block all electromagnetic radiation emitted by your cell phone.

The small size of the pouch makes it easy for you to put it in your pocket. You don’t have to worry of any health risks since the pouch will shield your body and reproductive organs from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Furthermore, each rear side of the pouch is lined with fine mesh made of metallic fiber to provide you with a powerful shield against any RF or EMF radiation.

4. Gadget Guard Anti-Radiation iPhone case

This slim anti-radiation case uses Alara technology which makes your phone look stylish. The case is made of heavy-duty durable material that ensures your phone is protected even when you drop it.

The anti-radiation case protects you from up to 75% of electromagnetic radiation. It’s highly portable because its slim shell allows you to easily slip the phone into your pants pocket, coat, purse or backpack while reducing your exposure to the RF radiation emitted by the phone.

The Alara technology directs electromagnetic radiation away from your body without affecting the signal strength of the phone. In addition to its anti-blocking technology, the case has a soft touch feel and it is easy to hold.

The case is designed to fit 2 different camera designs so that the camera lense is not obscured. This makes it easy to take selfies wherever you go while still protecting yourself from EMF.

5. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Case

RadiArmor anti-radiation case is a lab tested EMF protection case for iPhone 7, 8, and also the latest 2020 iPhone models. Its superior EMF reduction during calls makes the case stand out among other anti-radiation cell phone cases.

This type of case uses EMF anti-radiation shielding technology to shield against 99% of high-frequency RF waves emitted by cell phones and other radiation from cellular networks.

Some cell phone case manufacturers only focus on general EMF blocking material without considering measures on how to also protect you when making or receiving calls.

RadiArmor anti-radiation cases use EMF blocking material on the front cover to reduce exposure when making or receiving a call. It protects your body and head from brain damage without sacrificing signal strength and battery life.

This type of case has passed a live test which showed that the blocking material can block up to 99% of RF radiation when the phone is not in use. When holding the cell phone to the ear while making a call, the test showed a 90% reduction. This makes the case more effective for protection against high-frequency RF radiation than some other brands.

The design of this case features an adjustable kickstand to position the phone for you when you want to watch a movie or a video.

In addition, this case features 3-card slot spaces that use RFID technology to protect your credit cards and identification documents from identity theft. The inner compartment of this phone case wallet can be used to securely store cash. Furthermore, an impact resistant TPU rubber is used.  

6. SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation iPhone Case

The SafeSleep is another EMF protection case for iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, and 6 Plus. It is lab tested and has a shielding material embedded in a front flap that blocks about 99% of radiation. It uses a military grade protection technology which is part of the front flap.

The robust material used in this case protects from the latest high-frequency radio signals.

It has a built-in wallet that has 3 slots to store your credit cards or business cards. The card slots use RFID technology to protect you from identity theft. You can also carry some cash and other essential documentation in the compartment space.  

The built-in kickstand allows you to watch a movie, video, or read a document hands free.

7. Pro Case Premium Leather Wallet

The ProCase Premium is a great EMF protection case for iPhone 11. The case protects you up from up to 96% of the high-frequency radio waves emitted by your cell phone.

It has a super slim cover and it’s made of a lightweight material that makes it easy to carry in your pants pocket or purse. You don’t have to worry about infertility issues or other health impacts because the case is tested in a certified lab and is proven to be able to reduce exposure to radiation from your phone.

The case has a built-in wallet fitted with RFID technology to protect your identification documents and credit cards from unauthorized access.  

The 100% Italian leather has a soft, pleasant feel and makes this case a unique and perfect gift for your loved ones.


EMF anti-radiation cell phone cases are very important for protecting you against the dangers of EMF radiation.

A cell phone emits dangerous RF signals as it transmits data from one device to another. Using wireless networks like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to communicate with another device increases the levels of RF waves emitted.

Exposure to this type of radiation for a long period of time, for example when making a long phone call may cause brain tumors or other negative health impacts. Therefore, anti-radiation cases are a crucial device if you are committed to reducing your exposure to RF waves.

There are different types of EMF anti-radiation cell phone cases designed for use with different phone models. When buying these cases, make sure you buy the right case for your phone model. Ensure you use the case as intended, otherwise you will be exposing yourself to more RF radiation instead of reducing your exposure rate.

Most cases claim to provide 99% blocking that protects you from RF and other EMF radiation in the environment. Some of these cases double as a wallet complete with RFID technology to protect your credit cards and other important documents from identity theft.

Ensure you buy a case that is made by a reputable manufacturer that can back up their claims with sound research.  

Anti-radiation cell phone cases are the perfect accessory for anyone that uses a cell phone and has concerns about the impact of RF and EMF radiation.



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