7 Best EMF-Shielding Canopies For EMF Protection

How Does an EMF Bed Canopy Work

Ever wondered why you wake up with a headache? Or why have you been having insomnia almost every day? The main contributor to all these problems is likely EMF pollution from various sources, especially in your bedroom.

Exposure to high levels of EMF radiation can affect your quality of sleep. To avoid these problems, you can invest in an EMF-shielding bed canopy to protect you against harmful EMF pollution. 

Our bodies are vulnerable at night because they have to regenerate cells, detoxify blood, and fight diseases and illnesses. For that reason, you need to shield yourself while sleeping.

The best EMF-shielding bed canopies should be threaded with high-quality silver to block EMF radiation in your bedroom.

Read my best EMF-shielding canopies review to find out.

Product Details
1. SYB EMF Bed Canopy  

  • Blocks 5G technology.
  • Blocks EMF frequencies of up to 26GHz.
  • 100% silver thread.
  • Fits all sized beds.
  • Machine washable.
2. Blocsilver EMF Protection EMF Shield Bed Canopy  

  • Box-shaped EMF protection canopy.
  • Powerful EMF radiation shield from Wi-Fi and cell towers.
  • Breathable fabric.
3. Blocanopy Naturell EMF Bed Canopy  

  • EMF protection.
  • High-quality Swiss shield fabric.
4. UrGarding EMF-Shielding Canopy  

  • 100% silver-coated.
  • Mosquito netting.
  • Reduce EMF exposure.
5. LVFEIER High Radiation Shield Bed Canopy  

  • Shielding effectiveness of 99.99%.
  • Stainless steel tube bracket.
  • 100% natural.

  • Protection against HF radiation.
  • Frequency effectiveness of 99.7%.
  • Floor mat.
7. YSHIELD Shielding Canopy Double Bed  

  • Protects against high-frequency radiation.
  • Shielding attenuation of up to 50db.
  • High-quality Swiss Shield.

What is an EMF Bed Canopy?

An EMF bed canopy is a special piece of fabric designed to block electromagnetic frequencies while covering your bed as you sleep.

Electromagnetic radiation is very harmful to your health, and high levels of exposure can lead to headaches, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, hormone disruption, etc.

Devices like Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, cell phones, and other electronic devices expose you to a lot of electromagnetic radiation during the day. Most of these devices emit dangerous RF and other forms of radiation.

What is an EMF Bed Canopy

Therefore, you need to find ways to protect yourself from the EMF emissions coming from these devices, especially when sleeping. An EMF-shielding canopy would shield you from radiation, both inside and outside your home.

There are other ways to protect yourself against EMF in your bedroom, like turning off the Wi-Fi or putting your cell phone on airplane mode. However, with an EMF-shielding canopy, you can bypass all these tips.

The best EMF-shielding bed canopies should block radiation coming from high-frequency devices. Quality canopies use the attenuation principle to absorb radiation.

These bed canopies also give your bed a fairytale look while acting as a safe haven for you and your loved ones during bedtime. They ensure you have a peaceful night, have quality sleep, and feel healthier in the morning.

Once you start sleeping under one of these canopies, I guarantee you will feel a big difference in your sleep pattern.

How Does EMF Exposure Affect Our Bodies?

Having a good sleep is essential for proper functioning of our bodies. Exposure to EMF radiation can interfere with your sleep patterns, since your body regenerates cells at night. According to a study done by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Melbourne University, EMF is likely associated with sleep problems.

The study indicated that exposure to radiation from your cell phone, Wi-Fi router, or other wireless technologies can prevent the body from producing and maintaining melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for regulating the quality and quantity of one’s sleep. This hormone also helps fight against diseases and aging while improving your libido.

Exposing your body to electromagnetic radiation will result in a lowered production of melatonin. This is because our body senses electrical components as light. Once the body senses light, it doesn’t believe it is time to sleep. This will reduce melatonin production, thus keeping you awake for longer.

Since you spend some hours in your bed, getting an EMF-shielding canopy will be a great investment for your well-being. If you’re electromagnetic hypersensitive, a canopy will protect your body when sleeping while also improving the quality of your sleep.

Many people who have already installed these radiation-blocking nets report improved sleep, reduced headaches, reduced fatigue, along with various other benefits.

How Does an EMF Bed Canopy Work?

EMF bed canopies are made from special materials like Blocsilver, Naturell, and Daylite. These fabrics all have a large percentage of pure silver, which blocks radiation.

Some canopies are silver-threaded with cotton-like Naturell fabric or polyester that absorbs radiation from high-frequency electronic devices. The silver-threaded material acts as a Faraday cage to block radiation from devices in your bedroom.

Watch this YouTube video to see how bed canopies shield you against harmful radiation:

You can also test whether the EMF bed canopy you’re using is shielding you from EMF pollution. Always make sure you have a quality EMF meter like TriField that measures every type of electromagnetic radiation you experience accurately. 

To know whether it is working, test the area outside the canopy and record the readings. You can do this while standing in different areas in your bedroom. Get inside the canopy, close the sheet, and take the readings. You will definitely be amazed by the EMF difference recorded. 

EMF-Shielding Canopy for Children

Children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation because their brains are still under development. Stress caused by EMF exposure may result in improper creation and replication of cells. In addition, their skulls are thin, thus only a small amount of EMF radiation will be prevented from penetrating into their brains.

This exposure will result in damage to DNA cells and increase their risk for certain diseases like leukemia, brain tumors, and cancer risks.

There are EMF bed canopies designed specifically for your child’s crib, so you can invest in one of these canopies to protect your child. The canopy net is see-through, so you can still install a video baby monitor in your child’s room without worrying about the EMF radiation emitted by the monitor.

Do You Need to Ground EMF-Shielding Canopies?

Another great question that is always asked is whether EMF-shielding canopies need to be grounded. The answer is absolutely—yes, they need to be grounded.

For example, BlocSilver Shielding Canopies are some of the best canopies I can recommend, and it is one that comes with a grounding cable. One end of the cable has a crocodile clip, whereas the other can be plugged into your wall socket.

Although canopy beds can shield you without grounding and still get maximum protection, going for canopies with grounding effects is still a great idea.

How to Find the EMF Best Bed Canopy

To find the right bed canopy, you need to put a few things into account. Whether you are looking for an adult EMF bed canopy or one for children, you will need to consider these factors:

  • Fabric: You have to know what material makes a particular EMF bed canopy and what sort of protection you’ll get from it. Materials used in making EMF bed canopies vary based on their ability to absorb radiation. Therefore, the canopy you choose should shield you against Wi-Fi radiation, RF, Bluetooth, and other microwave types of radiation while you are asleep. Shielding your bed will improve your quality of sleep and overall health.
  • Size: Size is another major factor. You have to choose a canopy suitable for your bed size for maximum benefit.
  • Shape: You can choose between a box-shaped or dome-shaped canopy, the latter of which is much cheaper and uses less fabric.
  • Comfort: The mesh fabric used in making the canopy should be breathable, which will make you feel comfortable while sleeping, especially if you live in a warm climate.
  • Underneath protection: Does the canopy offer protection under and over your bed? The video above on the EMF-shielding bed canopy shows how canopies protect you from EMF radiation, but it doesn’t consider underneath protection.  Therefore, to obtain extra protection, you will need EMF-blocking floor mats to put underneath your bed.

Some EMF bed canopy manufacturers out there talk about making EMF-blocking floor mats. Some of these mats are large enough and can even extend beyond your bed to allow the canopy to rest on it. This completes the Faraday age effect and assures you 100% protection from EMF pollution.

EMF floor mats are important if your bedroom is upstairs, especially if there are smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, and other electrical panels installed in the room below your bedroom.

Watch this video on how to choose an EMF bed canopy:

Make sure you choose the best EMF-shielding bed canopy for you, so you can have a better night’s sleep and improve your overall well-being. Quality sleep will help you regulate your hormones and health, feel better, and maintain good physical and mental health.

The Best EMF-Shielding Bed Canopies

EMF-shielding canopies are a must-have for every modern home. You can buy this shielding canopy or make one for yourself. There are protection sheets you can buy to make yourself an EMF canopy bed of your own. This list has some of the best EMF-shielding canopies you can consider for your home.

7. YSHIELD Shielding Canopy Double Bed


The Yshield EMF canopy is the weakest entry on the list and uses Naturell fabric that protects you from harmful EMF radiation. Despite being the first mentioned in this article, it is still a great choice.

The shielding canopy is available in silver tulle fabric, which has a shielding attenuation of 50dB and is grounded using a hook-and-loop GV grounding plate. This detail will shield you from high-frequency (HF) electromagnetic fields; however, the Yshield canopy won’t shield you from low-frequency alternating electric fields.

The shielding canopy double bed is patented with an invisible high-tech yarn and features Swiss Shield fabric for superior protection. Yshield is worldly recognized as the largest distributor of Swiss shield fabrics that includes ecological cotton to provide high shielding attenuation.

Their EMF canopy double bed is available in a variety of shapes: pyramid single bed, box single bed, and box double bed.

Yshield also provides customized canopies based on customers’ requested shape and bed dimensions. They can also make a canopy with other fabrics different from the already utilized fabrics. It is upon you to make an order, and they make the canopy for you based on your requirements.


  • Customizable canopies.
  • Shields against high-frequency radiation.
  • High-quality fabric.


  • Doesn’t protect from low-frequency radiation.



The DAYLITE king size canopy is a mostly transparent EMF-shielding bed canopy that protects against high-frequency radiation.

The canopy is made from polyester fabric with a shielding effectiveness of 99.7% within 1 GHz of frequency.

It has a box shape and two overlapping openings for easy entry and exit. Its box shape makes the canopy great for double beds.

The canopy comes with plugs, hooks, cords, and snap hooks to mount it on the ceiling easily. You can make your installation more stable by inserting bars of your choice on the sewed hangers on the canopy, then connect the four points to the ceiling.

You also need shielding underneath to achieve complete Faraday cage protection. For this reason, this bed canopy comes with a floor mat, which you would place under your bed to provide that extra protection.  

The Gigahertz Solutions canopy bed doesn’t require any grounding.


  • Easy installation.
  • 99.7%  EMF-shielding effectiveness.
  • Convenient.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Only available for king size beds.

5. LVFEIER High Radiation Shield Bed Canopy

The Lvfeier shield bed canopy is another attractive Naturell canopy on the market. With this type of canopy, you can choose whether to use the adjustable rope or the stainless steel bracket to install it in place. The adjustable one is more flexible, since you can decide where to hang it.

In addition, it has a sling that allows you to hang it directly without any fixtures. Thus, you can easily use it when sleeping outdoors or camping.

Only available in one size that measures 82.7*78.7*63 inches. Although, since it is adjustable, you can hang it in any way you want or just put it away when you don’t need it. This type of canopy doubles as a mosquito net.

This high radiation shielding bed is made from a natural Naturell fabric that offers 99.99% shielding effectiveness, or an attenuation of 40dB at 1000MHz frequencies.

It uses Swiss shielding technology to shield you effectively against radiation from cell towers, your neighbors’ Wi-Fi routers, and other radiation-emitting devices within your home.

It doesn’t come with a grounding mat, so you will need to buy it if you need extra protection.

Sleeping inside this bed canopy will make both your body and mind feel more relaxed. Breathable properties of this canopy have some calming effects that can influence your sleep patterns. It helps reduce anxiety and stress and further fight against insomnia.

Features a black color scheme that isn’t suitable for those looking for different colors to complement their bedroom interior decor.


  • Has a radiation shielding effectiveness of 99.99%.
  • Easy to install.
  • Lightweight.
  • Attractive design.


  • No grounding wire.
  • Suitable for a twin bed, though not much else.

4. UrGarding EMF-Shielding Canopy

The Urgarding EMF-shielding canopy is one of the most budget-friendly bed canopies on the market. The canopy is made of 100% silver-coated mesh that helps eliminate RF and other radiation types in your sleeping environment.

The silver coating fabric is durable, safe, and comfortable. It doesn’t shed off the silver film into your body like other canopies may with chemical coatings. This makes this canopy different from the others.

Buy this original silver-coated canopy and mosquito net for your king size bed and maintain a healthier life. This canopy will shield you from Bluetooth radiation, Wi-Fi, magnetic fields, and other wireless signals.

Urgarding stands with their product and promises 100% satisfaction to the customers. If you’re not satisfied with the canopy, you can return it to them and get a full refund. Thus, you can invest in this canopy and give your family the protection they need with nothing to lose on your end.

It is available in king size and queen size. The king size measures 60*250*1200cm, whereas the queen size measures 50*230*800cm.


  • Adjustable size. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Coated silver fiber. 
  • 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • Easy to install. 


  • Doesn’t necessarily have the 99.99% shielding effectiveness as it claims. 

3. Blocanopy Naturell EMF Bed Canopy

This is another EMF protection canopy from Blocanopy made from a high-quality Swiss shield Naturell fabric, which will protect you against high-frequency radiation.

It can protect from Wi-Fi radiation from your neighbor’s router and high-frequency radiation devices in your home. The Naturell dome-shaped canopy has a 99.9% shielding effectiveness from radiation with frequencies up to 1.9GHz.

Available in full XL size, full king-size, twin XL, twin, king, and California king size, Blocanopy is made for US-sized beds and, depending on your bed size, you can choose among any of the available sizes.

Blocanopy Company has been in existence since 2004; therefore, you will be buying your canopy from a company that already has proven experience. Their products are well known for helping people minimize their radiation exposure.

Swiss shield fabric is highly recommended for protection against electromagnetic field radiations.  

Naturell makes the canopy have the finest and most breathable and natural attributes needed for protecting you both at home and when you’re out and about.

Those who are hypersensitive or experiencing symptoms like depression, anxiety, memory loss, insomnia, and other health issues can use this EMF canopy to improve their condition. The one Screwfix hook makes it easy to install.


  • Reduces high-frequency radiation.
  • Different sizes.
  • Boosts your health and overall well-being.
  • Eliminates RF in your sleeping environment.


  • No slit to slide out conveniently.
  • Top metal hoops cannot close fully.

2. Blocsilver EMF Protection EMF Shield Bed Canopy

Blocsilver is another brand that offers an alternative fabric to shield you from EMF radiation. It uses high-quality material to provide total protection.

The silver-gray color makes it look awesome, compared to the pristine white cotton Naturell. The silver material is coated with a nylon mesh that makes the canopy more breathable. Also, the fabric has a lot of antibacterial properties, thus providing excellent protection.

This EMF protection canopy comes in five sizes, including a small size for a baby cot/crib. Based on your bed size, you can get a fitting bed canopy from Blocsilver.

With the hooks and straps present on the canopy, you can easily install it on your bed. The crocodile clips and cable length contribute to its easy installation.

Silver coating with a nylon fabric makes this canopy strong and durable. You won’t have to worry about the canopy getting ripped off that easily. Taking extra care while cleaning it can help extend its lifetime.

It is extremely lightweight and makes you feel more comfortable while sleeping. Blocsilver canopy has a stylish design that accommodates both traditional and modern environments. The material used in making this canopy is scientifically proven to reduce cell phone radiation, Wi-Fi signals, and other radiation from the devices in your bedroom. It has up to 60dB shielding effectiveness.

In addition, you can buy a grounding mat to offer you extra protection in case you have a bedroom located upstairs. The grounding mat together with the canopy will result in improved sleeping patterns, increased energy levels, reduced stress-induced headaches, and reduced fatigue.

Before buying this shielding canopy, know your bed size to figure out which canopy size will be suitable for your bed.


  • Lightweight.
  • Different sizes.
  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy installation.


  • Expensive.
  • Shed off a dark-colored compound.


SYB Bed Canopy

This bed canopy by Shield your Body is 5G tested and will protect you from radiation frequencies of up to 26 GHz. It protects against Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, and other wireless frequencies.

Unlike other types of EMF canopies on the market, the SYB bed canopy comes with a grounding floor mat that can give you extra protection on all sides of your room. The floor mat measures 55.1*98.4 inches and contains 30% stainless steel, 30% polyester, and 40% cotton material.

SYB canopy bed doesn’t need grounding and it comes with a ceiling mount kit that simplifies the installation process.

With a light  weight of less than 2 pounds, there is no need for any special reinforcement to fix this canopy in the ceiling. You can also buy a canopy frame separately if you need free-standing use.  

It features high-quality stitching that makes the canopy more durable, with breathable silver threading to shield you from harmful negative energy. There are slits on both sides to make it easy to enter inside or get out.

With a size of 86.6*86.6*86.6 inches, the canopy is suitable for all standard king-sized beds.

You can hand wash or machine wash with cold water and air dry it.


  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Smart design.


  • Only suitable for standard king-sized beds
  • Slightly expensive


Our bodies are more vulnerable to EMF radiation at night because that is the time the body regenerates cells. Therefore, you will need a pollution-free environment for your body to relax fully and have quality sleep. Reducing the EMF exposure in your bedroom is one of the greatest ways to maintain a healthy life.

EMF-shielding canopies protect you from EMF pollution in your bedroom. They block RF radiation, Wi-Fi radiation, and radiation from other EMF sources.

The above EMF-shielding bed canopies are among the best on the market. My favorite is the Blocsilver EMF Protection EMF Shield Bed Canopy. This shielding canopy is available in all sizes, including small ones for the baby’s crib. It is also made from high-quality silver fabric that will provide you with a 99.9% shielding effectiveness.

Another product I can recommend is SYB EMF-shielding canopy, and although it is slightly more expensive than the other products, it offers the best protection against harmful radiation.

Do your own research before choosing other shielding canopies and choose the one best suitable for you and your bed size.



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