Can You Rent an EMF Meter?

Can You Rent an EMF Meter

Can you rent an EMF meter? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the electromagnetic field (EMF) detector and monitoring forums! With the high cost of buying EMF detectors and monitors, renting an EMF meter can be a great option. Here’s what you need to know before you rent one.

EMF meters accurately measure alternating current (AC) electromagnetic fields operating at between 50 to 60 Hertz (Hz) frequencies. They also measure other low frequencies emitted by wireless devices, home appliances and power lines.

Have you been wondering where to get an EMF meter? Some rental companies have been established to address the rising need for people looking for alternatives to buying their own EMF measuring devices. These services offer short term rental of EMF meters at a low cost. This enables you to measure your surrounding environment for EMF radiation. You can also rent an EMF meter at most of the rental kiosks at major hardware and home improvement stores. These stores may offer EMF meters of varying quality, with a range of features, both for rent or even for purchase.

Renting an EMF detector will help you determine whether you have a high level of electric, magnetic, and/or microwave fields at your home or workplace. Knowing the rate of your exposure to electromagnetic radiation will enable you to come up with appropriate steps to reduce the impact of EMF on your health.

Handheld EMF meters can also detect leaks or faulty wiring in devices that emit electromagnetic radiation. The meter will enable analysis of EMF from various home appliances, industrial equipment and also emissions from power lines.

At some rental businesses, EMF meters are in high demand, so call ahead to book your unit, since there is no guarantee it will be available when you need it on short notice.

Are EMF Meters Accurate?

The accuracy of EMF meters depends on the specific meter you’re using. Some meters like the Trifield 100 XE are accurate, fast and reliable. The meter effectively detects the presence of EMF radiation in the environment. The all-in-one meter measures radio frequencies (RF), AC magnetic, AC electric and RF/microwave fields present in the surrounding areas, and from specific devices in the home, workplace and community.

Additional features in the meter enhance its performance and increase the chances of obtaining accurate results. EMF detectors accurately measure electromagnetic fields or waves generated by alternating currents (AC). The detector can be used in-house, in an office or in the field.

EMF Detector Rental Costs

The cost of renting EMF detectors varies from one rental company to another, and can depend on what kind of device you are renting. The price will vary based on the specifications of the meter and its functionality. Meters with additional features are more expensive. Do research to determine what is the best option in your area.

The cost of rental also depends on the purpose of the EMF meter. An in-house meter that measures radiation in your home costs less than those used for commercial purposes or large outdoor spaces. The cost of renting the meter depends on the number of days you have the unit and the features or purpose of the EMF meter.

There are various rental programs designed to help reduce the costs of EMF meters while increasing access to the average person requiring single or short term use. Renting from a reputable company will ensure that you obtain accurate and reliable electromagnetic field test meters. Some businesses provide a 7-day rental program.

You can either rent a single EMF meter tool or a 3-meter combo package that allows you to measure three types of EMFs. Combo packages are often offered at a discounted rate.

When renting the equipment, an initial deposit fee is required to be paid upfront in addition to the rental fee. This is because the EMFs are worth so much money! The deposit is refunded when you return the rental EMF meter equipment in good condition. See below for further details on rental agreements.

EMF Meter Rental Agreement

When you rent an EMF meter, as with most rentals, you will have to enter into a contract with terms. Some of the terms you can expect are outlined below. Not all may apply. Check your agreement for details.

Rental with deposit required: When placing an EMF meter order, you will be charged the rental fee and a refundable deposit fee. Keep that in mind, as you will need sufficient funds available on your credit card or PayPal account.

Deposit fee: This is typically equivalent to the full purchase price of a new EMF meter (including tax) minus the rental fee for 7 days.

Refund of deposit fee: Once you return the meter in good condition and within the agreed period, you will get your deposit fee back in full.

Rental agreement time period: The standard agreement requires the customer to use the test meter within the agreed days, usually seven days starting from the day you receive the meter. It also includes the shipping time from your location back to the rental store.

Additional rental time: If you don’t return the meter within the agreed time, then you will be subjected to additional charges. The additional charges will be based on the agreement with the rental company. The majority of rental companies deduct the fee from your initial prepaid deposit fee.

You can read more information on rental programs for EMF meters here.

How to Get the Best EMF Meter

Using a quality EMF meter is very important in accurately determining your risk of exposure. It will allow you to detect what kind of radiation you’re exposed to at home or in the workplace, as well as how much.

Look for quality EMF meters at a reasonable price, and don’t be afraid to shop around. You can rent a quality EMF meter from companies like equipco services, but a simple Google search for “EMF meter rental near me” will bring up lots of options for you to consider.

When renting an EMF meter, you shouldn’t rely on a brand only because it’s highly recommended. You should focus on the features of each detector you’re considering renting and consider your specific needs.

Maybe you want to measure magnetic fields from power lines, cars and household appliances. Maybe you want to measure electric fields from computer monitors? Maybe you want to measure radio frequency from cell towers, home Wifi hubs and microwaves. Maybe you want to measure all of them to make an inventory of all the radiation sources in your life. Choose a meter that most closely suits your purpose.

Then consider some of the additional specifications such as accuracy, range, frequency and ease of use. You may only want a general sense of your exposure, or you may be doing research that requires precision measurements. The cost of the unit will increase with its options, precision and range.

If you want to learn more about EMF Detectors that suit any budget, you can check out this article.


Not everybody needs to own an EMF meter. You may only want to measure the EMF radiation in your home or workplace once, or only periodically. Since the units are expensive to buy, it may not be practical to buy one for infrequent or single use.

You can rent an EMF meter if you don’t have enough money to buy your own EMF meter, or if it seems impractical to own one. Depending on what you want to measure, you can obtain a meter that will enable you to measure electric fields, magnetic fields and microwaves within the surrounding environment.

Different types of EMF meters have different features, and the cost of each meter depends on the available features. EMF meters with more features come at an added cost.

With EMF detectors, you can efficiently find out the amount of radiation from each electronic device you are exposed to. This will help you determine your overall exposure and the distance you should maintain from the equipment causing exposure. Using this information, you can arrange your home, office or other spaces to minimize your risk of exposure to EMF radiation.



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