Do Crystals Really Block EMF?

Do Crystals Really Block EMF

Our ancestors have used mineral crystals as alternative medicine. They believed that the minerals that comprise the crystals have some healing properties. Alternative healing, including the use of crystals, has risen in popularity over recent years. Some people recommend using crystals to block EMF. 

There is the belief that holding or placing the crystals on or near your body will promote your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. This may leave you wondering, do the crystals really block EMF?

Keep reading to know more about the science behind the crystals and how to block EMF.

What Are the Healing Crystals?

Crystals are a form of mineral that has several health benefits. They interact positively with your body’s energy field, commonly known as chakras, to bring you more health benefits. Using the crystals can improve your concentration, boost your creativity, alleviate stress, and lower EMF exposure.

As people have become more concerned about the dangers of EMF radiation, they use healing crystals to counteract EMF pollution. 

The minerals such as hematite, pyrite, and lodestone are suitable for protection against electromagnetic pollution. 

Other minerals such as quartz and fossilized resin emit positive energies responsible for a good physical state of well-being. They neutralize the negative energies absorbed in the body and replace them with positive energies. Those who use the crystals claim to feel energized and to have a great sense of calm and a peaceful mind. 

Crystal vibrations are as a result of how the atoms and molecules move and interact with each other. These vibrations and emitted energies have an influence on your body and mind. Our bodies are dynamic and most of the time we have different energies flowing through us. Crystals influence these energies and when used correctly, they improve your overall health and well-being. 

According to Keveney Avila, crystal stones have been in existence for thousands of years and they have been used for healing and energetic purposes for human beings. Ancient Egyptians used crystals for healing and protection. 

In India, various crystals are used for their different healing properties and they usually explain how each of the crystals is used in treating a specific illness. Chinese medicine includes crystals as part of its treatments. 

Do Crystals Really Block EMF?

The short answer to this question is “it depends”. Not every crystal can provide EMF protective and healing properties because of the mineral components of the stone. 

Crystals that have a high iron compound are more effective in blocking electromagnetic interference from external sources. The crystals have some purification properties that connect, align chakras and provide you with radiant energy. They also absorb harmful energies from EMF sources before they penetrate your body. 

EMF Blocking Crystals

These crystals are great for protecting your body, mind, and soul. Different types of crystals provide protection for different elements of your health. Therefore, it is important to use the right type of EMF protection crystal for the right purpose. 

For example, minerals such as black tourmaline are able to transmute energy and they have pyroelectric properties. These properties provide grounding and ensure all negative energies in your body are replaced with positive natural energies. 

You can also use shungite mineral crystals around your Wi-Fi device and other radiation-emitting devices. Some of these crystals are used for grounding purposes thus reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Hematite is another mineral used in making EMF protection products for use around your home. This mineral provides you with blood cleansing properties that cleanse your body of toxins. If you’re in a room full of technological equipment, you can use this crystal stone to reduce your exposure. 

Other minerals that are effective in blocking EMF radiation include pyrite, citrine, and rose quartz. Any jewelry, amulet, or protective talisman made from these minerals ensures your space is full of positive energies and safe from EMF pollution. 

Other Benefits of Crystal

There are claims that crystals not only reduce the effects of electromagnetic field radiation but also provide other health benefits. However, there is no scientific research to back up the claims. So whether it provides healing benefits or not depends on individual belief, faith and experience. 

Those who swear by them rely on the physical and mental benefits associated with the placebo effect. If you have high paranormal beliefs, you may experience some sensational effects while using the crystal stones for protection.  

According to the research on the placebo effect, the effects are real. That is, if you believe you will feel better after using the crystal stone, then you will likely feel better. Having positive thinking and faith in the stones influences health outcomes for those undergoing treatment. The crystals are safe to use so you don’t have to worry about any negative effects.

Others believe the therapeutic effects come from the interaction of the vibrational energy from the crystal interacting with the vibrational frequency of the body.

The crystals have therapeutic benefits and are used to make bracelets and pendants among other healing products. Exposure to high levels of EMF can have a negative impact on your health. Wearing products made from crystals can help neutralize the harmful energies in your body. 

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How to Use EMF Protection Crystals

No matter what EMF protective crystal you choose, you can effectively shield yourself against the harmful effects of EMF waves. Buying EMF protective jewelry can help you utilize the healing benefits of these crystals.

Wearing the right type of EMF protective jewelry each day can maximize your protection against EMFs. The crystals in the jewelry will offer protection wherever you go. 

How to Use EMF Protection Crystals

You can wear bracelets, necklaces, and pendants made of these crystals close to your body. These crystals will block EMF radiation from penetrating your body. 

Alternatively, you can place a crystal stone on your working table or where you place most of your electronic devices. However, you should be very careful with crystals with highly magnetic properties. This is because keeping the powerful magnetic crystal close to your laptop or an external hard drive will interfere with the data records in the devices. 

If you’re using crystals made of quartz, you should be very careful because the mineral can act as a semi-conductor of energy. Instead of reducing EMF exposure, it increases it. You can use EMF products made of rose quartz instead of placing clear quartz next to your devices.

You can also use a magnesium crystal bath that is great for detoxing excess electromagnetic field build-up in your body. Magnesium minerals increase the serotonin hormone in the body and it is responsible for creating calming and relaxing effects. 

After high radiation exposure such as X-ray screening or cell phone exposure for long hours, you can use this crystal bath to detox your body. This magnesium bath provides you with healing benefits and it is super-relaxing! 

If you’re pregnant or have a chronic illness, you should avoid using this type of bath. Children should avoid this high water temperature magnesium bath. 


Healing crystals offer several benefits to individuals who use them correctly. They not only support your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being but also neutralize your exposure to negative energies and harmful waves from various EMF sources. 

You should consider having these crystals as part of your healing toolkit. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you have extra protection from EMF exposure. 

Having the crystals in the form of jewelry or as a stone in your pockets wherever you go can make a difference. 



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