Does A Blender Emit EMF?

Does A Blender Emit EMF

Blenders are common appliances in the home and possess some dangers that are not well known. Read on to know the nature of these dangers.

A blender emits some doses of electromagnetic fields (EMF). The size of the emission depends on the distance of the user to the blender and the size or capacity of the electric motor in the blender. Electric motors are known to be a strong source of EMFs. 

In this article, the effect of electromagnetic field emissions from the blender on human health will be discussed. There will also be a discussion on the ways through which these dangerous effects can be minimized.

EMF Emissions from Blenders

Blenders emit EMF radiations mainly because they are electrical appliances. Electrical appliances, due to the presence of electric conductors which could be wires or cables, emit electromagnetic radiations.

Whenever electricity is transmitted through a conductor, a magnetic field is created around it. The magnitude of the magnetic field depends on the current passing through the conductor. This also determines the strength of the magnetic field.

Apart from being an electric appliance, the EMF emission of blenders is also a result of its electric motor. The motor is an essential functional component in the blender. Most, if not all, the functions of the blender depend on the operation of the electric motor, as the motor is what drives the blade.

An electric motor also produces high amounts of electromagnetic field radiations. This is because the operational principle for electric motors requires strong magnetic fields. Electric motors use magnetic coils and cores; all of these results in the production of electromagnetic fields.

Moreover, the higher the power of the motor, the more the EMF radiation produced. Therefore, heavy-duty blenders or blenders with powerful motors may emit more EMF than those with lesser motors.

What Are the Effects of EMF Emissions on Human Health?

What Are the Effects of EMF Emissions on Human Health

Continued exposure to EMF radiation has a lot of negative health effects on the human body. In this section, we will go through a few of them. However, it is important to state that small doses of EMF radiation don’t cause health issues in humans. Rather, it is the consistent and continuous exposure to EMF radiations that result in health complications.  

The following are some of the health issues identified with the exposure to EMF radiations.

  • Change in Human Cells

While research is still ongoing with regards to this claim, there are substantial pieces of evidence to prove that the EMF emissions from electric appliances and wireless devices cause detrimental change to human cells and DNA.

Some medical researchers have shown that electromagnetic radiation causes ions’ redistributions in cells. Others suggest that cell proliferation and differentiation may be some of the effects of the EMF radiation on human cells.

  • Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

This is a form of allergy or sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. This implies that people with EHS have reduced resistance to the EMF radiation and its effect on the body. As such, they are easily faceted whenever they are exposed to even the smallest dose of EMF radiation.

Although medical researches and studies backing the prevalence of this allergy are not much, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized this form of sensitivity as one of the adverse effects of EMF emissions. Symptoms of this allergy include a tingling sensation in the body, fatigue and tiredness, nausea, dizziness, easy loss of focus, irregular heartbeat, and digestion disorders.

  • Irregular Sleeping Pattern

It has also been observed that people who are excessively exposed to electromagnetic field emissions suffer insomnia or irregular sleeping patterns. This is usually caused by the continued proximity of EMF radiation sources to the head. These radiations affect the brain waves, which further alters the way the brain works.

The aftermath of this alteration is a haphazard sleeping pattern or poor sleeping rate. This poor sleeping pattern may lead to other health issues such as lack of concentration, recurring headaches, fatigue or total debilitation of the body system.

  • Loss of Memory

There are also indications that excessive exposure to EMF radiation can lead to low cognition or loss of memory. As with many effects, the researches on this subject matter are not conclusive enough. However, the effect of the EMF emissions on brain waves and its functions seems responsible for this.

Now, these are some of the effects of the continued effects of being exposed to EMF radiations. Allow me to iterate once again that medical researches and studies have not confirmed all of these effects. Some of them are indications of what has been observed in a few cases. Therefore, they cannot be generalized.

Tips on Minimizing the Effect of EMF Emissions on Human Health

Tips on Minimizing the Effect of EMF Emissions on Human Health

This section will focus on the ways through which the negative effects of EMF radiations can be reduced in the human body. Due to the prevalence and usefulness of wireless gadgets and electronic appliances, it is almost impossible to avoid exposure to EMF emissions.

Be it at home, the office, or on the move, devices and appliances emitting EMF are all around us. As a result, reducing the effects of emissions remains the best line of action.

Medical practitioners have identified these tips as some of the effective ways of reducing the effect of these radiations on the body.


This is the most effective and advised way. As much as you can, ensure that there is enough distance between you and the electrical appliance that you are using. Remember that the severity of the emission from the blender depends on the distance between the blender and the user, as shown at the beginning of the article.

Apart from the blender, this principle works for all electrical appliances and wireless devices emitting EMF. Ensure that you are at least one foot away from these appliances when in use. Avoid staying too close to the television set while it is in use.

Despite the name, you should also avoid placing your laptops on your laps. The emission of EMF from the laptop has been linked to cases of male infertility. If all of these suggestions are followed, there is a high chance that the intensity of the EMF will be reduced, thus reducing its effects as well.

Minimized Use

It is known that our lives revolve around the use of these electrical and wireless gadgets. From communication to entertainment and business operations, all our activities are linked to these gadgets. However, the continued use of these gadgets causes harm to our body’s system.

Therefore, while we cannot stop using these gadgets and appliances altogether, it is safe to suggest a reduced use of these gadgets. Use your phones only when you need to. As difficult as it may sound, you will have to cut down on unnecessary and frivolous use of mobile gadgets. Electrical appliances in the kitchen should also be used only when there is a need for their use.

Switch Gadgets Off When Not in Use

This is another way of reducing the intensity of the EMF radiations. This tip works best for electrical appliances and gadgets. Ensure that these gadgets and appliances are switched off whenever they are not in use. 

This will help to reduce the emissions they produce. Put your phones on airplane mode whenever you are about to sleep and ensure that it is placed far from your sleeping area.

You should also turn your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections off when not in use. The same thing goes for kitchen appliances such as blenders and microwave ovens. You can store your blenders away whenever you are not using them, provided there is a suitable storage space for it.  

It should be understood that the emission will be reduced and not stopped outright. The reason for this is because some gadgets and appliances emit EMF even when they are not in use. Examples of such devices include mobile phones, computers and laptops, and some electrical kitchen appliances. 

Due to the presence of some components, they still emit small doses of EMF radiations. While these doses of EMF radiations may be dangerous or not, it is safer than an increased emission.


Electrical appliances such as blenders and other pieces of kitchen equipment emit EMF radiations. This is due to the presence of an electromagnetic field caused by the operations of these appliances. Some specific appliances, such as blenders which use electric motors, emit increased EMF emissions because of the makeup and activity of the electric motors. 

All of these reasons contribute to the dangers caused by the use of these appliances and gadgets.

The effects of continued exposure to EMF radiations include weak cell growth and development, altered brain waves and functions, and loss of memory. Some of these effects have not been substantiated by medical research and have only been observed in some people.

By reducing the use of these appliances and gadgets, and also maintaining some distance when they are in use, one can effectively reduce the effects of the EMF radiations on the human body.

These are the points enunciated in this article as promised at the beginning. We hope that you start using these gadgets safely and live healthy with the tips given in the article. Thank you for reading. 



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