Does EMF Cause Infertility Among Males?

EMF and Male Fertility

There has been news that lots of men have suffered from fertility problems over recent years. Over the same time period, we have seen a drastic rise in the use of devices that propagate electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. Some people think that this is a mere coincidence, while others try to form a connection between EMF and Male Fertility. Can cell phones be the reason behind infertility among males?

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An Explanation of EMF Radiation

It is quite helpful to comprehend the meaning of EMF radiation. It is a kind of radiation that is emitted by electronic devices that transmit signals. One example is X-rays that have an ionizing effect. Some types of EMF radiation don’t have an ionizing effect like the one transmitted by your cellphones, tablets, or fitness trackers.

According to federal guidelines and government agencies, if the non-ionizing radiation is at a small level, it doesn’t cause cancer or any other health hazard. However, according to the outcomes of independent research, this may not be the case.

There have been indications by studies that non-ionizing EMF radiations that are emitted from WiFi and Bluetooth devices or any other electronic gadgets are, in fact, harmful for humans if the exposure is massive. Some people argue that one device doesn’t have the power to inflict considerable damage on humans.

They are right, up to an extent, but the problem is not with the size of the device or the amount of radiation that a particular device is capable of emitting. What matters is that how much time we have to keep the device on our bodies.

A vast majority of people remain stuck to the screens of their phones most of the day, and this is what makes even the tiniest electronic devices dangerous. Gradually, this continuous exposure has a combined effect on our bodies and negatively affects our health. On top of the health problems, you may face is the issue of prevalent infertility among males.

How Does EMF Affect Male Fertility?

It has been indicated by multiple studies that EMF radiations exert a negative effect on male fertility. In-depth research on this issue indicates that excessive exposure tinkers with the natural process of sperm motility besides affecting potency. This slows down the sperm and also decreases its overall production and existence. It cannot be said at the moment that issues related to potency and sperm motility make it impossible for a couple to conceive, but one thing is certain that these issues definitely make conception quite a struggle.

Tips to Save Yourself From EMF-Radiation Related Fertility Issues

Luckily, there are abundant tips on how you can shield yourself from EMF-radiation related fertility issues. The first step is to make yourself realize that EMF radiation adversely affects your health. After you have realized this, only then you can be able to take into consideration the tips to deal with this hazard. The following tips only deal with the issue of male fertility.

Pay Attention to the Placement of Electronic Devices

The placement of your cellphone is highly important when it comes to insulating yourself from the hazards of EMF radiation. If you are in the habit of slipping your phone into the pant pockets each time you are done using it, you need to stop this practice right away. It is a better idea to buy an EMF radiation protection sleeve. These sleeves won’t break the bank, but they will help you cut down the EMF radiation your cell phone emits.

Another misplaced area for the cellphone is your groin. Most people place their cellphones in this spot while they are texting or playing a game. Stop this right away. The thought might have started spinning in your head that you do that just for a few seconds or minutes, but eventually, these seconds add up and make up a sizable part of your day.

Your Laptop Belongs on a Table

If you can’t resist placing your laptop in your lap, either you should get a protection pad to save yourself from radiation or buy a table for it. While the laptop is in your lap, the level of exposure of radiation to the groin is at the highest point. However, there is no harm in putting it in your lap if you disable the Bluetooth and WiFi first. The simplest way to do this is to switch your laptop to airplane mode while in your lap.

Use Landline Internet Connections

One of the safest ways to protect yourself from the hazards of EMF radiation is to decrease the use of WiFi devices in your home. Switch your internet to the wired mode by installing a landline connection. You will be able to enjoy faster internet with less danger of soaking up EMF radiation. You will have to reduce the overall exposure to EMF radiation if you want to protect yourself against the fertility issues that are linked to EMF radiation.


At the time of reading, if you are having trouble in conception and you cannot trace down the cause, EMF might be affecting you. It is a truth that controlling your exposure to EMF radiation is not a child’s play, especially in today’s fast world in which we need technology and internet connectivity on the go, but if you work on it, it is worth it.

The article focused on the issues of infertility among males caused by excessive constant exposure to EMF radiation. I have explained what the electromagnetic field is and how it can gravely affect the process of male fertility. In addition, the article also sheds light on some practical tips to get rid of this problem.

You can limit your use of cell phone by putting it in airplane mode during the night, by changing its place on your body, by correcting the placement of your laptop, and banishing WiFi from your house and replacing it with a landline connection. It is a better option to do your own research to prevent this problem than finding a cure for the health hazards it causes.



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At the start, the aim of my research on EMF was to safeguard my family against the possible hazards of EMF radiation, but it has now become my mission to share this research with everyone. It is a fact that the threat of EMF is on the rise, but there are a number of ways by which we can protect ourselves.

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