Top 6 EMF Cell Phone Cases and Brands to Block EMF

EMF Cell Phone Cases

Almost every person across the globe has some knowledge on a wide range of health conditions linked to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, and since you are here, you belong to the majority that has working knowledge of EMF radiation. Your concerns are right.

Your concerns are not for nothing.

Among different forms of EMF radiation, one of the most prevalent forms is the radiation that cell phones emit, and it would be no exaggeration to say that almost everyone on the planet owns a smartphone. That’s why EMF radiation from cell phones is turning into a grave health concern among the public.

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An Overview of Cell Phone Radiation and Why It Is Harmful

Cell phone radiation is one of the many types of EMF radiation. It has turned into a kind of monster for humans because of its vast presence around us everyday. There are cell phone towers and cell phones basically in every place we go. You even carry them on your body and your hand at all times of waking life.

The Federal Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program, in November 2018, unveiled the outcomes of a study that reached the conclusion that 2G and 3G radiation of cell phones inflicted damage on DNA in rats, and were also responsible for causing cancer in the same animal.

EMF radiation from cell phones has also been linked to breast cancer, infertility among men as a result of damage to sperm, and gliomas that are one of the most lethal brain tumors.

If this has scared you by now, it is always the best idea to switch off your cell phone when you hit the bed at night. Some people use cell phones as an alarm clock. If you are in the habit of doing the same, drop the idea and buy an alarm clock to keep next to your pillow. If you cannot switch it off at night, put it at about six feet from where you are sleeping to significantly cut the ratio of EMF absorption.

Adoption of these measures will not save you from EMF radiation during the day or night whenever the cell phone is in use. The best solution to overcome the problem is to put an end to the use of cell phones, but this is no longer possible for the majority of us.

For the people who think that their cell phones are an inseparable part of their lives, this means they need protection from radiation. It is the best choice to buy a cell phone case that would minimize the levels of EMF radiation cell phones emit.

How EMF-Reducing Cell Phones Cases Work

One of the most common types of cell phone cases that shield you from EMF radiation is produced with a mesh fabric. It looks very fine and covers up the screen of cell phones. When you hold your phone to make or receive a call, you will be speaking through the fabric, which means that the fabric will insulate your face against the radiation. If the case is well-made, it will not affect the quality of sound.

The mesh fabric cell phone case also provides protection while you carry your phones in the holsters installed on a belt or stored in your pocket. The best way to ensure maximum protection is to keep the cell phone in such a way that the mesh fabric case faces the body. As the mesh fabric blocks EMF radiation, the other side of the phone remains free of protection to allow signals to have a free passage.

What to Buy?

The market is full of trendy products that make false claims about offering protection from EMF radiation for your cell phones and other electronic gadgets that emit radiation like tablets. An average buyer cannot measure the effectiveness of each product. In this situation, you have to check out different brands and ferret out evidence of their claims on their websites about whether their products are individually tested in a lab or elsewhere.

A Look at the Different Types of EMF Cell Phone Cases

All the cases that I will list here are wallet cases that have slots for keeping your credit cards. The only exception in regards to the credit card slots is the RadiArmor sleeve. All these cases offer users a block for radio frequency identification (RFID), which means your credit cards will be protected from hacking attacks in public places. Let’s take a general overview of the EMF cell phone cases:

  1. DefenderShield EMF radiation cell phone case: This cell phone case has the biggest price tag among those on the list, but on buying it, you get the surety that these cell phone cases have been adequately tested by laboratories and are also FCC certified. After doing considerable research on the product, the company claims that it has the capability to block “virtually 100% of EMF.”
  2. SafeSleeve: The manufacturer claims that this case offers almost 99% safety from EMF radiation and it has a built-in-wallet for cash and additional documentation.
  3. Sanxir Anti-Radiation Case: According to the manufacturer, this phone case is different from the rest because of the double-shielded technology that empowers it to block 98% radiation. The case has several card slots with RFID protection and a side pocket for money or additional cards.
  4. WaveWall: According to the manufacturer, this EMF Cell Phone Case can block 87% of EMF radiation. This case is popular among cell phone users because it has a vertical flip version. The horizontal flip version has all the space you need for using buttons, camera, headphones, and chargers.
  5. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Case: This is specifically made for iPhones. According to the manufacturer, this case blocks EMF Radiation by 99%.
  6. RadiArmor Phone Sleeve: This is different from the rest of the Cell Phone Cases on the list. Basically, this case is a neoprene sleeve in which you can slip your phone and install it on a belt as a holster. You will also find a Velcro closure in the case. The manufacturer claims that this case is made of proprietary metallic fabric and its EMF radiation blocking range is from 91% to 99%.

The extent of the harmful effects of cell phone radiation is still a subject of study among researchers, but it has become clear by now that we need EMF protection. Cutting down the harmful effects of the radiation that comes from cell phones is considered as the most effective and the easiest way for security.



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At the start, the aim of my research on EMF was to safeguard my family against the possible hazards of EMF radiation, but it has now become my mission to share this research with everyone. It is a fact that the threat of EMF is on the rise, but there are a number of ways by which we can protect ourselves.

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