8 Ways To Block EMF from Power Lines

8 Ways To Block EMF from Power Lines

Electric power lines do emit both electric field and magnetic field radiation that can have adverse effects on your health. If you live near high-voltage power lines, you are at a high risk of exposure to these EMFs. Some power lines may run underneath you or above your building exposing you to radiation. 

If it’s not possible to stay away from the power lines, you need to come up with measures on how to block the EMF radiation from the power lines and maintain safe levels to reduce your exposure.

Before we dive into ways you can block EMF from power lines, let’s see how radiation from these power lines affect your body.

How EMF from Power Lines Affect Your Health

When the power lines transmit electricity, they create an electromagnetic field that results in the emission of electromagnetic radiation. The radiation emitted can penetrate through into your home or office. When exposed to this form of electromagnetic radiation for longer periods, it will have various health effects on your body.

Some of the health risks you may experience include insomnia, headache, blood disorders, compromised immune system, leukemia in children, brain tumors, and other types of cancer. Pregnant women are at high risk of exposure.  

A review of low-frequency electromagnetic fields shows increased neurological and psychiatric problems in individuals. According to one study, there is a link between EMF exposure and changes in the functioning of the human nervous system.

Since the power lines are almost everywhere, you can take measures to protect your family from the harmful effects of this electromagnetic radiation emitted.

How to Block EMF from Power Lines    

How to Block EMF from Power Lines

Let us have a look at some of the measures you can implement to block power line radiation from penetrating your home.

1. Maintain distance from the power lines

One of the greatest methods of shielding yourself from electromagnetic radiation is maintaining distance between you and the radiation-emitting device. Therefore, keeping your distance from the power lines is an effective way of reducing the amount of EMF that penetrates your home from the powerlines.

The farther you go from the power lines, the lower the EMF radiation. Keeping distance is the safer, cheaper, and reliable method of keeping electromagnetic fields away from your body.

A 700 foot distance is considered safe for protection against high-voltage power line radiation.  

When buying a new home, make sure it is located far away from the power lines. If you have to stay near the power lines, you can consider any of the other methods below. You can combine two or more methods to effectively block EMFs from power lines.

2. Using EMF protective paint

EMF paint such as Woremor Shielding Paint is great for blocking Radio Frequency (RF) radiation and low-frequency electrical fields from external sources. You can apply the paint on the walls of your room and block EMF radiation from power lines from penetrating your home.

The paint can also block radiation coming from your neighbor’s Wi-Fi router or smart meter.

Once you apply this paint, you can add a top layer with a regular paint color since the EMF protection paint comes in black color. A single layer of EMF protection paint is enough for blocking most EMFs, but if you need strong protection against all electromagnetic radiation, apply a double layer of paint.

However, when you use EMF paint, ensure you don’t have any electronic device that emits EMFs in that room. As the paint blocks radiation penetrating into the room, internal radiation inside the room will remain trapped inside the room.

3. Use wire mesh frames on your windows

Another method of blocking EMFs from penetrating your room is using a wire mesh frame on your windows. You need the grounding of the mesh frame so that it can effectively block EMF radiation.  

A 6 mm mesh is highly recommended, although you can find bigger wire mesh sizes that are also effective in shielding against electromagnetic radiation. The bigger size wire mesh also allows more light to penetrate through so you don’t have to worry about lighting in your living space.

4. Earthing the power lines

Earthing the power lines

Burying, or “earthing”, the power line cables can help block electromagnetic fields. When you bury the cables, the earth will absorb the electric fields emitted and the amount that escapes will be minimal and harmless.

Although this is the best way to reduce radiation, burying the power lines is very expensive making it difficult to implement this option.

Employ a qualified professional to do earthing around your home. If not done carefully, you can have undesired consequences such as electric shock.

5. Plant trees 

You can also plant trees like pine and cherry around your property to help you reduce the electrical fields that penetrate through to you and your home. Trees with more sap are more effective in reducing your exposure to radiation. The trees will absorb some of the electrical fields emitted by the power lines.

Learn more in my detailed article on how indoor plants absorb radiation. It also also explains different types of plants and herbs you can plant to reduce radiation exposure in your home.

You can also use deciduous trees to block radiation from the power lines. However, they will not help you in blocking radiation during winter because they shed their leaves. For this reason, they may not be effective for providing year-long protection.

Plant trees

6. Screening the EMF

Screening of EMF from power lines offers extra protection and helps block the amount of radiation transmitted in your home, office, or car. The screening process involves the use of thick metals to block magnetic fields from power lines.

The screening procedure is very expensive thus, it is rarely used in a domestic setting. Some of the standard building materials used in building homes do screen EMF from the power lines. Doing extra screening will strengthen your protection against radiation emitted by power lines.

7. Change the design of the powerlines

The shape and the size of the powerlines among other factors determine the rate at which power lines emit electromagnetic radiation. Changing power line design can influence the rate of radiation emission. In the UK, power companies use optimal phasing policy on the power lines in order to reduce electromagnetic radiation to some extent.

This method is mostly applicable for commercial electricity use because it is costly to change the design of the power lines for domestic applications.

8. Use standard wiring and the right appliances

Ensure you have a qualified professional to do proper wiring in your home and office. Improper or faulty wiring may lead to the transmission of electromagnetic fields from the power lines into your home.

House wiring is associated with electrical field radiation. Using screened wiring around your home reduces electrical field emissions. Alternatively, you can disconnect voltage from circuits when not using them.

In addition, use the right appliances that block EMFs from the power lines. Some electrical appliances allow electromagnetic fields from power lines into your living space. They emit EMFs thus increasing the amount of radiation you’re exposed to in your living space. These appliances can also emit dirty electricity which is harmful to your health.

Modern switched-mode appliances help block electromagnetic fields. They produce lower electromagnetic fields compared to the older transformer-based power supply. Similarly, shielded power cords and grounded extension cords can also reduce radiation transmitted through the power lines in your home.

If you’re not using the appliance, switch it off from the main socket to reduce the emission of electrical fields. The wires connected to the appliance emit an electric field and once you switch off the appliance, it stops the emission of electric fields.

What Are Safe Levels of Exposure to EMF?

Power lines are everywhere especially in urban areas, leaving most of the homes and offices exposed. However, there are exposure guidelines established that help reduce exposure to these fields.

If you’re exposed to EMF levels of less than 0.1μT or 1 mG then you’re safe. So if your exposure complies with the recommended safe levels, then you’re safe.

If you’re exposed to higher levels than the recommended safe levels, you will experience some radiation effects depending on how long you are exposed and the level of exposure. If the exposure is only for a short time with a low level of exposure, you will experience mild symptoms. Severe symptoms are associated with a high level of exposure for a longer period of time.

Different countries have different guidance on safe exposure levels. Therefore, you can speak with the local electricity association to know more about the recommended safe levels within that locality.

Have a look at my detailed article on how to measure EMF from the power lines to know how safe you are if you live near or under power lines. 


To shield yourself from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields from power lines, you need to know whether you’re exposed to it and take the necessary steps to block the radiation. 

There are different methods you can use to block EMFs from powerlines. You can get results that are more effective if you combine two or more of the methods discussed above to block the radiation.



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