7 Best EMF Protection Necklaces And Pendants

Best EMF Protection Necklaces And Pendants

EMF necklaces and pendants offer protection while on the go, and electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. Therefore, wearing an EMF protection necklace or pendant will not only complement your attire but it can also protect you against the harmful effects of EMF exposure.

We are living in an environment full of electrical pollution from wireless technology and other electronic devices. If you’re sensitive to electromagnetic field radiation, then investing in a good EMF necklace or pendant will be a great relief to you.

Read my best EMF protection necklacnes and pendants review to find out. I will discuss the best EMF protection necklaces and pendants you can add to your list of accessories.

Product Details
1. Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant  

  • EMF protector.
  • Neutralizes negative energy.
  • High quality.
  • Endorsed by touring golf pros.
2. eLink EMF Neutralizer Pendant  

  • Therapeutic effects.
  • EMF protection.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Enhances well-being.
3. Luxar EMF Protection Necklace  

  • Shungite mineral.
  • Powerful EMF.
  • Flower of life symbol.
  • Black volcano.
4. QUANTHOR Flower of Life Orgone Pendant  

  • Blend of powerful minerals.
  • Shields against EMFs.
  • Promotes harmony and balance.
  • Bionized orgone energy.
5. Heka Natural Shungite Pendant  

  • Energy balancing.
  • EMF protection.
  • 100% authentic shungite.
6. Ayana Wellness Orgonite and Black Tourmaline Pendant  

  • Hexagonal bullet shape.
  • Premium quality.
  • Certified by Reiki master.
  • Exclusive warranty.
7. Dr. Valerie EMF protection Pendant  

  • Supreme protection against EMFs.
  • Fashionable style.
  • Therapeutic benefits.
  • Made in the USA.

What is an EMF Protection Necklace/Pendant?

An EMF protection pendant is a device with protective properties that shields you from electromagnetic radiation. The pendant is made from a single mineral component or several minerals that create a natural paramagnetic field around the pendant. This paramagnetic field alters electromagnetic field signals around you and changes them into less harmful signals.

Some pendants offer extra benefits, such as improved blood circulation, improved sleep, increased mental clarity, and increased strength.

Not all mineral components in a pendant or necklace work the same. Some of these minerals have better EMF protection than the others. Some will work better based on an established science or proven scientific studies, which can either be from a single mineral element or through blended mineral elements.

Also, there are a lot of imitations of these EMF protection necklaces or pendants out there. Therefore, before you buy any products, make sure it is verified. Do your research, test each of the pendants, and come to your own conclusion whether it works or not.  

The Science Behind EMF Protection Necklaces and Pendants

The Science Behind EMF Protection Necklaces and Pendants

When I first started learning about EMF radiation and ways to reduce the effects on our bodies, I didn’t believe the pendants, stickers, and other products made from minerals could actually work.  The only way I thought I could protect myself was by blocking the radiation through the use of metals that work as a Faraday cage.

However, due to the number of websites and reviews stating these products did in fact work, I started doing my research on how they worked. 

Pendants reduce the amount of radiation absorbed by the body. They use materials and technology that help reduce radiation through the attenuation process. Attenuation is a gradual loss when negative energy passes through a conductive material. 

Watch the following video to learn how using your cell phone can affect you. This video describes how Radio Frequency (RF) emitted by your cell phone can affect your blood circulation:

Aulterra mineral composition can neutralize the radioactive effects of RF. Thus, some of the minerals present in a pendant can absorb and neutralize electromagnetic radiation.

Different types of necklaces and pendants utilize different materials and methods to protect you from the harmful effects of EMFs. Most of the pendants are made using shungite and black tourmaline material. They use a technology that results in a gradual loss of radiation absorbed by the body.

How Do They Work?                                                        

EMF protection necklaces use different methods to shield the user from the negative effects of EMF. There are those who rely on the healing and protective properties of the stone or crystal to neutralize the effects of EMF, whereas others use patented technology to shield you against EMF exposure. For example, Q-link pendants use a different technology from a stone or crystal.

So, if you’re sensitive to EMF or stay in a place surrounded by high levels of EMF, you can invest in one of these necklaces to help protect yourself.

Best EMF Protection Pendant and Necklaces

There are many quality EMF protection necklaces and pendants worth looking for out there. Due to this, I have put together a list of the most attractive and effective pendants for your convenience. Depending on the material used, each EMF pendant/necklace has its potential benefits.        

7. Dr. Valerie Nelson EMF Protection Pendant Necklace

Dr. Valerie Nelson is well known for her contribution to creating supplements that help enhance one’s well-being. She is also the brain behind various EMF protection necklaces on the market.

Her necklaces are available in different colors, shapes, and styles. You can choose any design of your choice to complement your dress.

Most designs are created specifically for women, but men can also buy them, particularly the black quartz or the stainless steel tree of life designs. After wearing any of these necklaces, you will notice its effects immediately.

Some of the necklace’s designs have spiritual and religious themes, but the main focus is how the pendant will provide healing, such as in reduction of headaches, pains, fatigue, and improving your overall well-being.

The pendant has 30+ programmed homeopathic frequencies to provide supreme protection against EMF. The shungite and crystal elements present in the stone neutralize harmful radiation in your surroundings.

Many people report improved sleep patterns and increased peace of mind after wearing this pendant for a whole day. There are a lot of health benefits you can experience after wearing it.

Based on your personality and style, you can choose any of the available designs and start experiencing the benefits right away.


  • Beautiful piece of jewelry.
  • Absorbs EMF radiation.
  • Promotes increased energy levels.
  • Available in different designs, styles and colors.


  • Chain isn’t very durable.

6. Ayana Wellness Orgonite and Black Tourmaline Necklace Pendant

Ayana wellness is a top-selling EMF protection pendant. They make beautiful pendants with a hexagonal bullet shape. It also has a silver plated chain and adjustable cord made from black leather.

The orgone energy device is Reiki master-certified and has black tourmaline crystals to provide a strong defense mechanism from harmful negative energies.

Organite compound is made from resin, copper metal shavings, and crystals. It was also created to protect your body against the man-made radiations and negative energies. The crystals provide healing benefits, while the resin and metal shavings offer premium protection.

It protects against harmful radiation from electronic devices and eliminates negative energies from your body.

The orgonite is also charged using earth attunement, and it features Shumann resonances. These frequencies contribute to high levels of energy and improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


  • Protects against 5G technologies.
  • Neutralizes negative energies.
  • High-quality pendant.
  • Provides value for money.
  • Shields against electromagnetic radiations.


  • Metal material can be tarnished.

5. Heka Naturals Shungite Pendant Necklace

This trendy shungite pendant is ideal for Chakra and energy balancing for women. The Heka natural pendant necklace has a unique design, lightweight design, and a cord made from cotton material.

Since the pendant is made from 100% authentic shungite material, you are assured of excellent protection. The pendant has unique properties that help balance your body’s energy and neutralize any negative energies around you.

The shungite stone uses a unique fullerene molecular structure that converts man-made EMFs frequencies into more biologically compatible ones. The transformation process results in neutralizing the negative impact of EMFs. Therefore, wearing this shungite necklace all day will protect you against exposure to electromagnetic radiation while on the go.

Another special feature of this pendant is its electrical conductivity. Other stones don’t have this unique feature. You can test this using a light bulb, battery, and wires.

You can try this feature out. Star by making an electrical power line running from the battery to the light bulb. Use one wire to connect to the battery and the other wire connect the light bulb. Place the shungite pendant between the connections, and your bulb will light up.

Before the first use of this piece of jewelry, wash it under warm running water to remove any post-production dust. This ensures the pendant doesn’t leave a black stain on your skin or clothes. Polished and unpolished shungite stone has high amounts of carbon in its composition. Once you wash it, you can leave it to dry under the sun to recharge the negative ions as well.

The stone is cut manually to make the pendant, and as a result, you may have a pendant with a different size and shape to what you expect.


  • Neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation.
  • Balances energy levels.
  • 100% authentic.
  • Conductive material.


  • Different shape and size.
  • Black stains if not cleaned.
  • Very fragile.

4. QUANTHOR Flower of Life Orgone Pendant

The orgone pendant from Quanthor protects you against EMFs and has natural healing properties. The orgone stone has about 3000 negative ions that can help you improve your quality of sleep, and reduce pains and stress.

Quanthor orgone protection pendant is made from a blend of ten powerful components, including tourmaline mineral to harmonize the energy around you. The stone provides healing properties while shielding you from harmful radiations. 

The stone boosts your body’s defense mechanism to help fight against the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation from various electronic devices. For better results, you will have to wear this pendant daily. 

Its round shape pendant is handmade in India, a land that is known for its spirituality and philosophical nature. Thus, having this pendant will provide you with a plethora of benefits. Since it is handmade, you may experience texture variations and other small imperfections.

Although the stone has healing properties, it is not intended to cure more serious health issues. So if you have a medical condition, see your doctor for more treatment. The stone can only reduce the symptoms of a certain condition but not cure you, though the effects vary from between people.

Gift yourself or your loved ones with this piece of jewelry and enjoy a fulfilled life full of energy and awesome health. 


  • Protection against EMFs.
  • Filters negative energy.
  • Therapeutic effects.
  • Increases aspiration.
  • Boost confidence.


  • Uneven shape.
  • Texture variations.

3. LUXAR EMF Protection Necklace

The LUXAR EMF protection pendant features the flower of life symbol, which is believed to have been in existence for over 6000 years. The flower of life symbol provides a spiritual meaning and sense of enlightenment.

The pendant is made from a powerful shungite stone that shields against electrical signals. The black lava stone within also cleanses electromagnetic smog around you. It contains metaphysical properties that protect against negative energies. It’s associated with mother nature and acts as a purifying stone that not only shields from EMFs, but it also increases energy, gets rid of toxins, and improves the well-being of the user.

Volcano lava also acts as a grounding stone and helps strengthen one’s connection. The stone has a calming effect, so you will feel more peaceful when wearing it. It leaves you feeling better both physically and spiritually.

You can experience a lot of health benefits if you continuously wear this pendant. Some of the benefits include reduced stress, pains, headaches, and fatigue; increased energy; and improved mood.

Buy this LUXAR pendant and enjoy a more positive and energetic life! The pendant is crafted to bring harmony and peace of mind.


  • Cleanses negative energy.
  • Promotes positive changes.
  • Reduces EMF exposure.
  • Purifies the atmosphere.


  • Not FDA-tested.

2. eLink EMF Neutralizer Pendant

The eLink EMF neutralizing pendant is another protection product on the market. It is stone-shaped and has a natural hemp cord that perfectly fits on your neck.

The pendant has magnetic field therapy effects that leave you feeling more relaxed and active. Wearing the pendant continuously will result in increased energy and mental performance, improved mood, and reduced pains. It improves your overall well-being.

This neutralizer pendant uses the same technology used for protecting computer CPUs to shield you against electromagnetic radiation. If you’re sensitive to EMFs, wearing this pendant daily will help you fight the symptoms of EMF exposure.

It works by neutralizing the negative effects associated with radiation coming from electronic devices. Blocking this radiation relieves you from stress and headaches while improving your sleep patterns.

Its unique designs complement various fashion senses, and you can wear it on any occasion.

If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get a full refund from the manufacturers. If you’re on a budget, this is also one of the cheapest EMF protection products on the market.


  • Increased energy levels.
  • Protects you from EMFs.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Improved overall well-being.


  • Available in only one color.

1. Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant

The Q-link pendant is one of the best and Amazon’s preferred pendant. It has a stunning design and performs better compared to most other pendants on the market.

This acrylic pendant has made a name for itself in the world of sports. It was awarded the best PGA product and endorsed by various touring golf experts. Athletes, celebrities, doctors, and businessmen prefer this type of pendant. 

For over 30 years, Q-Link has used proprietary sympathetic resonance technology to deliver quality and high-performance pendants to its customers. So, if you’re looking for a more natural and holistic approach to healthy well-being, then this is the product for you.

From the moment you start wearing this pendant, you can start to experience the changes immediately. Just like you would experience a relaxed feeling in a natural setting, you will experience the same when you wear this pendant.

This unique pendant can restore and balance your body from all the negative energies you experience within the day. It also brings clarity, improves sleep, and reinforces energy levels. It essentially makes you enjoy life more.

If you’re in sports, wearing this pendant can also improve physical strength and athletic performance. In addition, another reason why this pendant is a must-have is because of its ability to protect you from the harmful effects of EMFs.

This acrylic SRT-3 pendant is widely preferred because of its budget-friendly and versatile nature. It is available in a variety of colors including black, white, olive, gray, aura blue, blue, and dynamic red.  


  • Reduces exposure to EMFs.
  • Better performance.
  • Stunning design.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Comfortable.


  • Slightly expensive.


After researching different EMF protection pendants, I think Q-link SRT-3 pendant is the best because of its unique design, and how for over 30 years, it has offered excellent protection against the effects of EMF while promoting healthy well-being.

The Ayana Wellness Orgonite and Black Tourmaline Pendant and Dr. Valerie EMF protection Pendant also offer great benefits. They not only neutralize EMF, but they clean negative energies in your body as well, leaving you feeling great. The negative ions emitted by the minerals in these stones help improve mental health, reduce stress, and improve energy levels.

Based on your needs and desires, you can choose one of these designs. All of them provide amazing comfort while allowing you to enjoy their benefits.



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