Whole House EMF Protection 101: Everything You Need To Know

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The dangers of EMF radiation are very real. And if you’re still unconvinced of that fact, then continue to read on. However, if you’re a genuine believer, then you might have already reached the point where you’re willing to take some really drastic measures to protect yourself and the people around you from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

If that’s the case, then you might want to consider protecting your entire home from EMF radiation. In this segment, you are going to be briefed on the ins and outs of everything that you need to know to protect your entire household from EMF radiation. This isn’t necessarily going to be the easiest task to undertake. But if you take a very methodical and meticulous approach to things, then there is a good chance that you will do things right.

What Does It Mean To Have Whole House EMF Protection?

In the past, we didn’t really pay much attention to the amount of EMF radiation that was entering our homes. No one really had to pay much attention to the level of RF radiation that was coming from cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, and television sets. But these are very real dangers that are prevalent in modern society, and we need to be paying closer attention to these things for the sake of our health.

You really need to develop a better understanding of the dangers of EMF radiation and how this energy is getting into peoples’ homes. The very place where you sleep, your supposed place of safety and security, your sanctuary is compromised by all of the EMF energy.

These days, technology has taken over the world. The lives of all people have slowly revolved around the use of technological devices like cell phones, computers, and Internet routers. So, given the drastic changes in modern society, people need to be paying closer attention to the health risks that are associated with this technology. And the idea behind whole house EMF protection is that you have at least one safe space in your life where you can just literally disconnect and protect yourself from all of the dangers of EMF energy.

There’s no way you can get around in this world without being exposed to EMF radiation anymore. So, at the very least, your home should serve as that real sanctuary for you. This segment will cover everything that you need to know about protecting your home from EMF radiation.

Protecting The Bedroom

bedroom emf protection

Did you know that you spend approximately a third of your entire life in your bedroom when you sleep? If you have a bunch of devices around your bedroom that are emitting EMF radiation, then this means that you are exposing yourself to this radiation for a third of your life. That’s not a good thing. Remember that the damage that EMF can have on your body is cumulative. So, the more you are exposed to it, the bigger the danger you are putting yourself in.

On top of all of that, the bedroom is supposed to be where you lay your head at night to sleep and get some rest. Sleep is important because this is where you get the chance to really recover and rejuvenate your body. A lot of the reparation and processes that take place in your body happen when you are asleep.

So, if the quality of your sleep is compromised, then you are also not giving your body a chance to really recover and repair itself. If you don’t know yet, EMF radiation can drastically affect the quality of your sleep in a negative manner. The reason for this is that the body perceives EMF radiation as light. And whenever the brain absorbs light, it fails to produce melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. As you may already know, lack of quality sleep can result in fatigue, a compromised immune system, irritability, and more.

The whole point here is that you always need to make sure that your bedroom is protected from EMF. Here are a few steps that you can take to reduce the level of EMF radiation in your bedroom:

Deal With Your Cell Phone

emf cell phone protectionNot a lot of people realize that the smartphones that they use on a daily basis are really big sources for EMF radiation. So, you shouldn’t be making it a habit to be sleeping next to your cellphone at night. Yes, there are many people who rely on their phones for alarm clocks, but there are much better alternatives on the market. Here are a few other alternatives to just sleeping at night with your phone under your pillow or on the bedside table.

1. Place your smartphone on Flight or Airplane mode and situate it across the room. This is beneficial in two ways. For one, it lessens the amount of radiation that it’s emitting. Next, when it actually sounds for the alarm, you are forced to wake up in order to shut it off from across the room.
2. Place your cellphone on your nightstand but turn it off. Just make use of a mechanical alarm clock instead.
3. The best option would be for you to not bring your cellphone into the room at all. Try making it a rule for you to not have cellphones in your room.

Get Proper Lighting Fixtures

You would never suspect that the lamps or the ceiling lights in your room could be faulted for giving you EMF radiation, but they do. As much as possible, you are going to want to avoid placing any compact fluorescent lightbulbs in your bedroom. They have a way of messing up your circadian rhythms or natural sleeping patterns. Aside from that, they can also be very harmful to your health.

Stay Protected from Ambient EMF

There is such a thing as ambient EMF. It’s the kind of EMF radiation that comes from unexpected suspects like power lines, smart meters, and cell towers. There is also the ambient EMF radiation that comes from dirty electricity. But more on the specifics of protecting yourself from these things later on. For now, just a general tip. Perhaps, you should consider getting a Faraday canopy to surround your bed and protect you while you sleep.

One of the best things that you could do is to coat your bedroom with some high-quality EMF protection paint. However, this could cost a small fortune, and it wouldn’t be practical for a lot of people who aren’t looking to change up the colors of their interior house walls. Also, this kind of paint is limiting as it does not protect from EMF radiation that comes from the outside.

This is why the most practical option for most people would be to install a Faraday canopy around the bed. They are also going to be somewhat costly, but they aren’t as impractical as EMF protection paint. Essentially, you would just be making a Faraday cage that’s big enough for your bed. It’s the same principle as the Faraday cage that you made for your Wi-Fi router in How Aluminum Foil Can Protect You From EMF.

Except for this time, you’re trying to enclose yourself in the shield. To make a large Faraday cage for your bed, you just have to set up a large net that is made up of a material that is capable of blocking out EMF. The holes in the net have to be smaller than the smallest wavelengths of EMF radiation.

There are lots of people who report getting better quality sleep as a result of the Faraday cage. Also, if you manage to set up the Faraday cage properly, then you wouldn’t have to resort to all the other solutions that have been listed here. Your bed would essentially serve as the protective cocoon that you need to block out the EMF radiation. Click this link for a quality EMF canopy from Amazon.

Watch Out For Wi-Fi

You are probably already very much aware of the fact that Wi-Fi routers are cesspools for EMF radiation. Generally, the best thing that you could do is to just not have a Wi-Fi router in your home. However, a vast majority of people in the world just can’t be productive without having Internet at home anymore. So, the next best thing would be for you to turn your routers off at night whenever you’re not using your Internet anymore.

What is Dirty Electricity and Why is it Dangerous?

Dirty electricity is also referred to as dirty power or electrical pollution. Essentially, dirty electricity is the electrical energy that is running through the wires of your home which doesn’t get used up and ends up radiating EMF energy into your house. In the past, dirty electricity wasn’t really a thing. This is because most household electrical devices were designed to efficiently make use of the electricity running through the wires.

However, in the advent of power converters, dimmer switches, and other such devices, the energy needs of such objects can vary drastically. This is why not all electricity that is flowing through the wires is used up efficiently. However, all this energy still needs a place to go. This is why it then turns into EMF radiation. Fortunately, there is a way for you to deal with all the toxic dirty electricity that is invading your home.

Dealing With Dirty Electricity

There are a few effective solutions that you can make use of to deal with the dirty electricity that enters your home. The best way that you can deal with dirty electricity is to install filters around your household. In a nutshell, these filters should be able to take all of that excess energy that is being emitted by the power lines and return it back into the wires as usable energy.

Typically, the healthy kind of electrical power that flows through power lines is around 50 to 60 Hz. The filters should take any electrical energy that falls outside of that range and convert it to something usable. Depending on the filter that you get, these should typically be able to filter out electricity falling within the range of 4 to 150 Hz.

Protecting The World From Your Outside World

When it comes to the outside of your home, there are essentially just two things that you need to be paying attention to: the walls and windows. It’s time to discuss these two things in-depth so that you know what your options are.

Protecting Your Walls From EMF Radiation

When it comes to protecting the walls of your home, you have one very reliable and effective option: EMF protection paint. However, it can get really expensive and it wouldn’t be wise to be painting your entire home with EMF protection paint. This could be particularly problematic, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Like real estate, applying EMF protection paint is all about location.

Just try to identify key spots within your home wherein you know you need some serious protection from EMF radiation. Be mindful of things like smart meters, electrical panels, and other such objects.

Making Your Windows EMF-Proof

For the key to making your windows EMF-proof, you essentially have two main options. The first is a window film. The biggest strength that window film has going for it is that it provides round-the-clock protection. However, its biggest disadvantage is the fact that it gives one a tinted view of the outside world. Essentially, the window tint is made out of a material that is designed to block out EMF radiation.

Another option is to make use of EMF protection drapes or curtains. These curtains are typically made out of either Naturell or Daylite. These curtains are strong enough to block out at least 99% of EMF radiation from the outside world. However, the issue with these curtains or drapes is that they only work whenever they’re down. If you choose to open the curtains, then you lose that protection.

Protection From Smart Meters

If you’re not familiar with what smart meters are, they are essentially just the newer juiced-up versions of the old analog meters that are used to measure electrical consumption. In the past, a representative from the utility company would have to make the rounds to people’s houses and take a peek at the analog meters in order to find out the power consumption of your house for that month. With the new smart meters, it’s just a matter of wirelessly transferring all of that data and information straight from your home to the electrical company.

Of course, this saves the utility company a lot of time and effort. It’s incredibly convenient for them to set up smart meters in your home. However, it’s also adding to the electrical pollution with all of the EMF radiation to your household.

Take into consideration the fact that data and information are continuously sent from these meters to the electrical company. This isn’t just something that happens once or a few times a month. It takes place round the clock. So, you need to take action to make sure that you are protecting yourself from these smart meters.

Depending on where you live, there are a variety of options for you to choose from for you to deal with the smart meter in your property. The first option would be for you to opt out of the smart meter altogether.

In some states, you will have to pay the utility company some kind of fee in order for you to opt out of the smart meter system. In other states, your decision to opt out should not be at any cost to you. If this is the best route for you to go, then you should take it.

For those people who are unable to opt out of the smart metering system, there are still a few things that you can do to minimize the harmful effects of these smart meters in your home:

Cover Your Smart Meter

This would probably be the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient solution for you to protect yourself against the EMF radiation of a smart meter. We’ve already talked in-depth about Faraday cages in this piece. Essentially, what you need to do is create a small Faraday cage and situate it around your smart meter. This way, you are blocking most of the EMF radiation that is being emitted by the smart meter. If you want to be more thorough about it, you can also pair this solution with the next one on this list.

Use EMF Protection Paint

The use of EMF protection paint has also been discussed earlier and it’s also a viable solution for your smart meter woes as well. EMF protection paint is something that you shouldn’t be willing to use so liberally, especially if you don’t know how to apply it properly. However, this would be one of those situations wherein EMF protection paint can really come in handy. Paired with a dedicated Faraday cage, you would be able to block out practically all of the harmful energy that’s being produced by these smart meters.

Use an EMF Blocking Frame Liner

The last solution would be for you to make use of a simple liner that is capable of blocking EMF radiation. So, you want to make use of capable materials like copper, aluminum, and iron. You can even use this liner in lieu of EMF protection paint and it would still work like a charm. It’s also a lot simpler to use and more cost-effective when compared to EMF protection paint.

Common Household Threats for EMF Radiation

Again, not too many people in the world have developed awareness about the dangers of EMF radiation and how often they are exposed to such dangers on a daily basis. Read on for a rundown of some common household items that you need to mark as danger zones:

1. Air Conditioners
2. Washing Machines
3. Microwaves
4. Televisions
5. Refrigerators
6. Digital Alarm Clocks
7. Desktop Computers
8. Fluorescent Lights
9. Electrical Heaters
10. Electrical Sockets
11. Landline Telephones
12. Electric Blankets
13. Hair Dryers
14. Clothing Irons
15. Induction Stoves

These are just some of the items that are known to give off harmful EMF radiation. Granted, individually, these items aren’t going to be as hazardous as Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, or cellular towers. However, you have to take into consideration the cumulative damage that these devices are dealing with you on a prolonged basis. Awareness is absolutely key when dealing with these common appliances. The more you know about the dangers of the everyday objects that you interact with, the better you will be able to develop a system for protecting yourself from such dangers.


Reaching the end of this article must have been a struggle. You’ve been bombarded with so many uncomfortable concepts and complicated ideas that you must be reeling from all of it. However, there is just no denying how important of a topic this is when it comes to protecting.

Self-preservation is a trait that is inherent to all human beings. This is why we have persisted as a species for so long. It is only natural for any of us to want to take all the necessary extra steps to ensure our protection, especially when it comes to our own homes.

EMF radiation is not something to be taken lightly. This is especially true in these modern ages where EMF radiation is as rampant and as abundant as ever. Sure, technological advances are important in enhancing the state of society as a whole.

However, we also need to stay mindful of the many dangers that technology poses. Of course, we don’t even have to look too far ahead with all the potential risks of advanced artificial intelligence and things like that. Even today, EMF radiation is already harming the physical health of so many people without them realizing it. This is why the spread of information and awareness is essential.

At the end of the day, knowledge is always going to be key when it comes to dealing with potential dangers like this one. This is why it should always be essential for people to engage in constant learning and education about issues that affect daily life.



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At the start, the aim of my research on EMF was to safeguard my family against the possible hazards of EMF radiation, but it has now become my mission to share this research with everyone. It is a fact that the threat of EMF is on the rise, but there are a number of ways by which we can protect ourselves.

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