Low EMF Light Bulbs: What You Should Know

Low EMF Light Bulbs

When we talk of EMF radiation emissions, we picture things like cell phones or microwave ovens. A light bulb is probably the last thing that comes to our minds, but the fact remains that this household item is responsible for producing a good deal of EMF radiation around us.

If you are looking forward to cutting down on the levels of EMF radiation in your home, you should ponder upon the fact which light bulbs can support your plan.

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The Connection Between EMF and Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are responsible for emitting EMF in a variety of ways. Modern light bulbs have WiFi capability so if you install them in your home, it means that you are also increasing the EMF levels in your home. Some of the smart bulbs use Bluetooth that is also really dangerous when it comes to radiation emissions.

Accept that you don’t use smart light bulbs in your home. Still, you might have been using the bulbs that use minimum electricity to help you save some bucks on your electricity bill. Light bulbs raise the EMF levels in your house by the production of dirty electricity in your home.

These new types of bulbs reduce the amount of your electricity bill by consuming less electricity than a standard home usually has the wired network for. This leads to a general boost in your energy efficiency levels that make them highly popular among consumers, but there is a negative side of this efficiency. While they use minimum electricity to lighten up your house, the amount of electricity that remains unused by the bulbs keeps pulsing through the wiring of your home.

This pulsing electricity is dubbed as dirty electricity. This type of electricity is dangerous because it emits EMF radiations and would add up to your overall level of exposure to the radiation that you and your family are already facing.

If you are wondering about how to calculate the total amount of EMF radiation that dirty electricity is adding to the overall exposure of EMF in your home, you can buy an EMF meter.

You can measure the amount of dirty electricity in the wiring of your house first by switching on all the lights in your home and taking the reading from the meter and then by switching them off. You can also calculate what amount of unused electricity exists in your wiring system by measuring the difference between the figures that the meter showed when the lights were turned on and when the lights were off. Keep everything else running and switch off the light bulbs.

If the reading goes down without the light bulbs, you have successfully detected the core of the problem. You have to replace them.

Which Light Bulbs Should You Use?

If you want to install the light bulbs that don’t add up to the cumulative effect of EMF radiation in your home, you can buy incandescent light bulbs. They are designed as such to be compatible with different types of wiring in homes, and it is this compatibility that allows them to produce almost no dirty electricity.

In addition, incandescent light bulbs don’t have any Bluetooth or WiFi capability; that’s why there is almost no EMF radiation in your house.

It is a fact that they are not as much energy-efficient and long-lasting as other light bulbs are, but they are cheaper than most of them in terms of the initial cost.

One hot-favorite option among low EMF light bulbs for consumers is available by Sunlite. You can buy a pack of 40 for just a little more than $60. The price may vary based on wattage. Buy one pack, and it will be sufficient for your home for a while.

Which Light Bulbs You Should Avoid

In this section, I will discuss which light bulbs you should avoid to cut down on the levels of EMF radiation. If it is feasible for you, you should avoid using certain smart bulbs such as Bluetooth or WiFi. These kinds of bulbs are based on LED technology that leads to the production of dirty electricity on which I have written a comprehensive note in the previous section.

In addition to this, the wireless signals that come out of these smart bulbs also produce EMF radiation. So, if you are looking out for a reduction in the overall exposure to EMF radiation, you should definitely avoid installing them in your home.

Moreover, you should clear your home from any kind of bulb that is notorious for producing dirty electricity. CFL bulbs and LED bulbs fall into this category that’s why you should avoid using them. The reason why they produce dirty electricity is that they are not compatible with the wiring of the houses that is being done in the houses nowadays.

There is a third type of bulb that you must avoid, which is the remote-controlled bulb. They are sold as light strips or in the form of a single bulb, and they often produce EMF radiation and dirty electricity.

Cut Down the Exposure Levels

If you want to protect your health from EMF radiation, you should reduce exposure to the radiation. Control the use of EMF Light Bulbs and increase the use of incandescent bulbs. They may not be efficient in terms of energy, but they are the best to reduce the EMF radiation levels.

If you want to cut down the energy bill, you can turn off the lights when they are not in use. If the use of LED bulbs, CFLs, and smart bulbs becomes inevitable, use it as little as possible. Do not install these types of lights close to chairs, nightstands, or any other place where they may be in contact with people.


Light bulbs and EMF radiations are connected to each other that’s why if you want to reduce the EMF radiation levels in your home, you should take into consideration which light bulb is the best for keeping EMF levels low. Incandescent bulbs can make your purse cold, but they dramatically reduce the EMF radiation levels in your home.

More important than the money in your pocket is always your health. So, take care of yourself and de-escalate the EMF levels in your home. Please check out my recommended Low EMF Light Bulbs to control EMF levels.



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At the start, the aim of my research on EMF was to safeguard my family against the possible hazards of EMF radiation, but it has now become my mission to share this research with everyone. It is a fact that the threat of EMF is on the rise, but there are a number of ways by which we can protect ourselves.

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