8 Ways To Reduce EMF Exposure In Everyday Life

8 Ways To Reduce EMF Exposure In Everyday Life

It has become very difficult to avoid electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation in our modern life. Either at home or in the office, various electronic devices expose you to some electromagnetic radiation. But how much is too much exposure to your body from these forms of EMF radiation?

Do you know how much radiation from wireless devices you are exposed to every day? You will be shocked by various EMF radiation signals that surround you.  Everywhere you go you’re exposed to EMF radiation from your smartphone, cell towers, powerlines, laptops, home appliances, even radiation generated by your Tesla vehicle.

EMF sources from your workplace and office can easily be controlled. It is outside where it’s more difficult to protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF from power lines and cell towers.

As a result, more people are becoming hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Sensitivity to EMF radiation has become an emerging health concern all over the world, since exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation is associated with increased lifestyle diseases.

Our body cells react differently to harmful EMF. The DNA in the body’s cells recognizes the EMFs, even at low levels of exposure, and they trigger a biochemical stress response. Therefore, we must protect ourselves from EMF exposure or risk the consequences.

In this article, we will focus on the common sources of EMF in your everyday life and how you can reduce radiation from these EMF sources.

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Common EMF Sources in Everyday Life

If you have a smart home and an automated office, you’re at high risk of EMF exposure. Smart home appliances and other wireless technologies emit high levels of Radio Frequency (RF) radiation.

Radiation is everywhere, so let’s look at some of the EMF sources around us.

1. Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone radiation

Almost everyone has a cell phone device and this is one of the largest sources of RF radiation around us. The cell phones expose our body to Radio Frequency signals at close proximity. When making or receiving a call, we tend to hold the phone close to our head. This exposes us to more radiation that is dangerous to our health.

According to the World Health Organization, exposure to high levels of Radio Frequency radiation can cause cancer or brain tumors.

Your cell phone device emits radiation continuously even when not using it. As the phone continuously searches for connection signals from the nearby cell towers, it emits a substantial amount of radiation.

It also emits radiation when updating apps, sending text or receiving calls, and when using the Internet to stream videos. When your phone battery is low, it emits more radiation.

You can use an EMF meter to measure the amount of radiation around you. Sometime when measuring RF radiation from your cell phone, you may notice some spikes in the readings. This happens because RF signals are sent in the form of packets and they are not consistent, hence the spikes in the readings.

When using the phone, the packets emitted are very high, exposing your body to a lot of EMF radiation.

In some countries there are set limits on radiation exposure from cell phones. FCC’s regulatory agency set guidelines for specific absorption rates (SAR) for cell phones. However, the SAR levels are far off from the safe levels since they were set in 1996 and the mobile technology market is dynamic.

The latest cell phone devices using the 5G network expose you to a lot of RF radiation. Continuous exposure to radiation from the cell phone will wreak havoc on your health.

If you’re electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), you may experience symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration, insomnia, etc. when exposed to EMF radiation from your cell phone device.

According to an Interphone study published in 2010, continuous use of the phone for more than 30 minutes in a day will increase the risk of developing brain tumors by 40%. You are at high risk if you’re more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

The tumors are more likely found on the side where you hold the cell phone device.

Watch this video to learn how cell phone radiation causes brain tumors:

How to reduce cell phone radiation

Cell phones emit high amounts of RF radiation. As a result, safety concerns have been raised because of how we hold the phone close to our heads whenever making and receiving calls. Some of the quick ways you can protect yourself from cell phone radiation include:

  • Use of an air-tube headset

When making calls, you can use an air-tube headset made from a non-metallic hollow tube material that allows sound transmission from the device to your ear. Other traditional headsets are made from metal wires that increase exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

You can buy this radiation-free air-tube stereo earbud headphone that delivers sound through the hollow tube. You can use these air-tube headphones while driving, on phone call, or when walking.

  • Use speakerphone

Try to use the speakerphone feature whenever on a call. This will lower down the amount of exposure from your smartphone. The speakerphone is good while driving because you can continue driving without holding your phone. You can also use texts instead of making a call.

  • Keep the phone away from you

If you’re not using your cell phone, put it away from you. Keeping distance from the radiation-emitting device will reduce your exposure to it.  

iPhone manufacturers recommend using headphones or speakerphones so that you can double the distance between you and the phone.

Avoid putting the phone on your nightstand when sleeping or under your pillow when sleeping.

  • Reduce the use of cell phone devices

 Reducing the use of EMF emitting devices is the best option of reducing your exposure. I know you may not consider this as part of the options but it’s the best. Only use the device when needed.

When making calls, try not to take longer over the call. The effects of radiation are from cumulative exposure for a long period. Reducing the amount of time you take on a call can help you reduce cumulative exposure to your body.

  • Choose your protection phone case wisely

Today, almost everyone in developed countries owns a smartphone. There are cases where you can’t reduce the use of the phone. In such cases, you can buy EMF protection cases.

Be careful of the radiation case you’re buying; some of these phone cases increase radiation exposure. Phone cases made of metal or aluminum material increase RF and EMF signals. Though the radiation emitted by the devices is typically low, you can minimize the radiation exposure by using anti-radiation cases. One of the best EMF protection cases is Universal EMF protection & radiation blocking.

This phone case from Defendershield has a sheet of EMF blocking material on the front flap of the case. So when you answer or make the call you just flip the cover then continue talking. This reduces direct radiation exposure to your head and it doesn’t disrupt the cell signals or call quality.

Many EMF protection cases claim to work; it’s upon you to test the case whether it does or not. Check whether it is lab-tested, look for reviews of the product, and read more information about the product from the company’s website.

  • Put the phone in airplane mode

Put your phone on airplane mode when not in use. This will reduce the amount of RF signals emitted by the phone. To know how much radiation is reduced, you can use an EMF meter to measure radiation when the phone is connected and when it is on airplane mode.

Though the high levels of RF radiation are reduced, you will notice electric and magnetic field radiation emitted in low levels.

  • Don’t carry the phone in your pockets

Avoid putting the phone on your pockets or bra, since the phone emits radiation even when not in use because of the background apps running on the phone. Carry the phone in your bag or use SYB 5G phone protection shield.

Men can protect themselves by wearing men’s boxer briefs that provide anti-radiation shields.

  • Avoid wearable tech

If possible, avoid use of smartwatches and other wearable tech devices. Alternatively, remove the device from your body when not using it and give your body a break from exposure.

Read my detailed article on smartwatch radiation exposure and how to shield yourself from the radiation exposure.

  • Switch off automatic email downloads

Set the cell phone to fetch emails manually so that the phone doesn’t keep on emitting radiation as it receives and download emails.

  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Turn off some key radiation features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. This stops them from transmitting and emitting radiation. Have a look at my detailed article on how much EMF radiation Bluetooth emits.

  • Only make calls when the phone has good signals

If your phone network has few bars, then it will emit high radiation. It will also consume more power when you make a call as it tries to maintain and improve signal strength. Making a call when signal reception is low can increase radiation up to 1000 times.

Therefore, when the network connection bars are one or less, try to look for the signal before making the call. You can either step out or move near a window to boost the signal strength.  

  • Avoid giving your child a cell phone

Cell phone radiation

Children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic fields and are more likely to develop brain cancer from exposure to cell phone radiation. 

Children exposed to smartphones, iPads, tablets, and laptops when growing up are at high risk of developing certain cancers and other forms of health risk.

This is because their skull is much thinner and it can’t do much to protect their brain.

If you consider giving your child a smartphone or an iPad to use in case of emergencies, then consider having a protective case for the device.

  • Avoid using the phone while inside the car

The car is made of a metal box and this makes the EMF signals bounce back in the car upon hitting the metal surface. This bouncing back of radiation signals will increase your exposure. The car will magnify the radiation emitted, increasing the amount of radiation absorbed by your body.

When driving, the phone keeps on scanning to find connection from the nearest cell tower and maintain strong signal strength. As the phone continuously scans for network, it consumes more power as well as emits more radiation. You can learn more about vehicle emissions in this article.

Watch out this video to learn more on ways you can use to minimize cell phone radiation:

2. Tablet and iPad Radiation

Just like cell phones, tablets and iPads emit electromagnetic field radiation. They emit both electric field and magnetic field radiation while connecting to the network.

Sometimes if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network for most of the features and apps to work, then you need to worry about the EMF radiation emitted. Tablets act as small computers that we hold next to our body when reading or watching something on them.

So how can you protect yourself from EMF radiation emitted by these devices? Some of the methods you can employ include:

  • Put it in airplane mode

If you’re not using the iPad or tablet you can put it in airplane mode. When the tablet is in airplane mode, you can still read a book, listen to music, or use an app that doesn’t need Wi-Fi connection to work.

Putting the device in airplane mode will reduce the amount of radiation you’re being exposed to as you use the device.

  • Maintain distance

Increasing your distance from the source of radiation reduces your exposure to it. Even moving a few inches from the radiation source can make a difference.

  • Purchase a quality anti-radiation case

There are different tablet and iPad cases in the market. Choose the best anti-radiation case like the Defendershield Tablet + iPad EMF protection case. The case blocks EMF radiation emitted by the device. This reduces the amount of radiation being absorbed by your body.

3. Wi-Fi Radiation

Wi-Fi Radiation

The use of Wi-Fi both at your home and workplace exposes you to a lot of Radio Frequency radiation which is harmful to your body. The RF radiation emitted can penetrate through walls and it can travel long distances.

Just like cell phones that emit RF as they communicate with cell towers, the radiation emitted causes a lot of damage to our bodies and brain.

Wi-Fi radiation from your home router, modem, or your neighbor’s router can affect you and your family in different ways. Exposure to Wi-Fi radiation can affect the quality of your sleep, increase risk of certain types of cancers, and affect the body’s ability to generate healthy cells, shed off toxins, or absorb healthy nutrients.

How to reduce Wi-Fi radiation

Reducing Wi-Fi radiation is very important in maintaining a healthy life. It also increases your body’s ability to absorb crucial nutrients and have healthy cells. Some of the ways you can use to reduce exposure from the Wi-Fi signals around you include:

  • Switch off Wi-Fi at night

Wi-Fi radiation impacts the quality of our sleep by affecting the pineal gland responsible for triggering the melatonin sleep hormone. Turning off or disabling Wi-Fi can help reduce exposure in your home.

This can be done either by using a mechanical outlet timer that switches Wi-Fi on and off at specific set periods, or you can set a timer on the router that will automatically switch it on and off.

  • Use wired Internet

Instead of using Wi-Fi for connection to all your devices, you can use Ethernet cables to connect to the Internet. You can hardwire all your devices into your router and only use Wi-Fi whenever it is necessary.

  • Reduce use of Wi-Fi in primary schools

Some states and countries have banned the use of Wi-Fi in nursery schools and limited use of Wi-Fi in primary schools. This is because children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation since their organs are still under development.

  • Use a Wi-Fi router guard

The router guard acts as a Faraday cage that blocks the RF radiation from the Wi-Fi router from being transmitted in your home. Learn more on how a Wi-Fi router guard functions here. You can buy the router guard from here.

  • Use EMF Shielding Paint

Protect yourself from your neighbors’ Wi-Fi router signals using EMF shielding paint. The paint offers excellent protection against radiation from external sources. It has an attenuation of 39 dB and shields against 99.9% of radiation.

  • Invest in JRS Eco Wireless routers

Buy JRS Eco 100 wireless routers that are designed such that they reduce electrosmog. The routers cut down radiation by reducing 90% of the beacon pulse frequency. 

The JRS Eco 100 model automatically switches itself to radiation-free Full Eco stand-by mode when there is no Wi-Fi device connected to the router. The router turns on again whenever you activate any of your wireless devices.

  • Keep a safe distance from the router

The farther you are from the signals, the less your exposure will be. But how far should you go to reduce radiation? Watch this video to know how far you should be from the Wi-Fi router:

4. Laptop Radiation

Laptops are another source of EMF radiation around us. The problem with laptops is we normally place them on our laps when working. This exposes our body to a lot of EMF.

Placing a laptop on your lap or stomach exposes you to a lot of dangers. The LCD display, motherboard, and other components inside the laptop emit a higher amount of magnetic field radiation. If the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi feature is enabled, the laptop emits a higher amount of Radio Frequency radiation. 

How to reduce EMF exposure from laptop radiation

Due to its close proximity to our body, it poses a unique danger to our health. Therefore, if you’re constantly using your laptop, you have to use the following ways to reduce the exposure:

  • Disable Wi-Fi & Bluetooth when not in use

Disable the Wi-Fi in your laptop when not using it. Browse for the document you want to read then turn it off as you read the document.  This will reduce the amount of RF radiation being emitted by the device. Alternatively, you can use Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet and reduce your exposure. 

If you’re not using the Bluetooth, switch it off to reduce your exposure. Want to learn more about RF emission from these devices? Have a look at my detailed article on Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth radiation

  • Limit use of laptop

Sometimes you may get carried away and spend hours on YouTube or browsing through your social network. However, the radiation danger from the device is cumulative, you should avoid spending a lot of time on your laptop. 

Always come up with a way to reduce your use of the laptop.

  • Get EMF protection Pad

If it is impossible for you to limit the use of the laptop, then you should get a DefenderPad laptop EMF protection and heat shield device. This will shield you from high-frequency radiation and heat radiation emitted by the laptop. 

5. TV Radiation

Television is another source of radiation in our everyday life. LCD and plasma TVs do emit a fair amount of radiation. Smart TVs that connect to Wi-Fi networks emit higher amounts of radiation.

Any modern TV emits magnetic field radiation and RF radiation when the Wi-Fi feature is enabled on the device. Since the TV constantly sends data back and forth with the router, it emits higher amounts of Radio Frequency radiation.

Have a look at this article to learn more on how TVs emit radiation.

How to reduce EMF exposure from TVs

Here are some tips to reduce dangerous EMF exposure from TVs:

  • Keep a safe distance

Ensure you and your children are not close to the TV. The closer you’re to the TV, the more radiation absorbed in your body. Maintain at least a distance of 5 feet.

You can buy an EMF meter to measure how much you’re exposed to at various distances.

  • Limit use of smart TVs

Since it is more difficult to disable the Wi-Fi feature in your smart TV, limit the amount of time you spend watching the TV.

6. Dirty Electricity Radiation

We are exposed to dirty electricity in our homes from the wiring system. Initially, all electronics required an even flow of electricity for them to function well. With advancement of technology, more devices are designed that need more, less, or varying amounts of electricity to function well. This inconsistency in power consumption has led to spikes and surges of electricity with some remaining unusable. 

The unused electricity that stays within the wiring system forms what we call ‘dirty electricity’. This unused electricity contributes to EMF radiation emission around your home and office. 

Watch this video on how to get rid of dirty electricity in your home and electromagnetic interference (EMI):

How to reduce dirty electricity

There are various ways you can use to reduce the dirty electricity emitted in your home. They include:

  • Replacing the sources of dirty electricity

Find out the common sources of dirty electricity in your home and replace them. These sources include CFL light bulbs, dimmer switches, TVs, computers, and more. All these devices use different power frequencies resulting in dirty electricity in your home. Eliminate all dimmers and 3-way switches in your home.

  • Invest in dirty electricity filters

It may be difficult to replace all the devices that emit dirty electricity and the only option is to use dirty electricity filters for your home. Some of the best dirty electricity filters include Stetzerizer high frequency EMF filter and Greenwave dirty electricity filter

  • Turn off your bedroom circuit breaker

If you have a circuit breaker for your bedroom, switch it off at night. But ensure it isn’t connected to your fridge or fire alarm. This reduces dirty electricity and exposure to EMF.

  • Use battery-operated devices

Replace your electronics with those that use a battery. For example, instead of having a digital alarm clock, you can use an analog alarm which is battery operated. Battery-operated devices are safer to have in your home and you can place them close to your head while sleeping.

7. Smart Meter Radiation

Smart Meter Radiation

In almost every modern home there is a smart meter used to bill your power consumption by the utility company. These smart meters use wireless communication networks to transmit data to the utility company.

As the meters transmit data, they emit large amounts of EMF radiation. The signals transmitted can penetrate through the walls, exposing you to extremely high levels of radiation.

How to reduce EMF exposure from smart meters

If you want to know how to get rid of dangerous EMF from smart meters, check out the following tips:

  • Opt out of the smart meter company

There are states that allow you to opt out though at an additional fee. So if it’s possible you can make arrangements with the utility company to discuss the way forward once you decide to opt out.

  • Get a smart meter cover

If opting out is not an option, you can buy a smart meter cover that acts as a Faraday cage by preventing all the signals from escaping. Place the cover on top of the smart meter to prevent the EMF signals from leaking out.

This radiation blocking device doesn’t affect data transmission to the utility company.

  • Use EMF protection paint

EMF paint prevents penetration of radiation signals through the walls. It works well when combined with the smart meter cover. You can buy this environmentally friendly EMF shielding paint and protect yourself against EMF radiation in your home. Apply the paint on the opposite side of the wall directly over where the smart meter is installed.

8. Exposure in your office

This includes exposure to Wi-Fi boosters, computer speakers that emit high levels of magnetic field, wireless scanner, portable heaters, cellphones, etc.

  1. Move your Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi booster to about 20 feet distance from your workstation. 
  2. Avoid use of cordless phones, instead use a wired phone.
  3. Turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature when not needed.
  4. If you have a space heater in the office replace it with a ceramic one to reduce EMF exposure. 
  5. If you have speakers on your desk, plug them and put them away from your desk.

 Simple Steps You Can Apply Everywhere Anytime

Since wireless technology is everywhere and we depend on it for almost everything in our daily lives, following these simple tips can help you protect yourself and reduce your exposure levels. It will also help you use technology wisely! These simple steps include:

  • Maintaining distance

Keeping distance is better because the intensity of EMF reduces the farther you move from the source. Keep the electrical devices away from you.

  • Reduce usage time

Reduce the time you spend using the electrical device. If you spend a lot of time using your laptop, you will be exposed to EMF radiation for a longer period. Long-term exposure to EMF radiation will have adverse effects on your health.

Reducing the time spent using these EMF sources will reduce your exposure levels.

  • Watch your lifestyle habits

You should practice healthy habits in your everyday life. Avoid giving kids cell phones and other electronic devices to play with. Kids are more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation and giving them these devices will expose them to a lot of radiation.

Try to minimize the use of wireless technology in your home. If possible, replace all wireless devices with wired devices.

  • Establish balance

Since technology is the biggest part of our daily life, you have to consider the pros and cons of the electrical device you want to buy. Ask yourself, will the benefits outweigh the health risk? Is it a must-have device? Strike a balance between your needs and the EMF risks the device exposes you to.

Chapter Summary

We are all engrossed in the modern lifestyle and we want to get the best technological devices in the market. Smartphones have become part of our life and it’s difficult to do away with them.

These smartphones and other electrical devices around us emit a lot of EMF radiation. Exposure to this type of radiation is associated with a lot of health issues. Therefore, it’s upon each one of us to take measures that will help reduce exposure to radiation.

This article educated you about different sources of EMF you should be aware of and how you need to protect yourself against EMF emitted by these devices. Following these better and safer ways to protect yourself will reduce the bad effects of electromagnetic radiation in your body.



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At the start, the aim of my research on EMF was to safeguard my family against the possible hazards of EMF radiation, but it has now become my mission to share this research with everyone. It is a fact that the threat of EMF is on the rise, but there are a number of ways by which we can protect ourselves.

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