Do Electric Cars Emit EMF and Is It Dangerous?

Do Electric Cars Emit EMF and Is It Dangerous

The sale of electric cars has doubled over the last year as more people have realized that they can save a lot of money and also reduce pollution by cutting down on their carbon footprint. There are some concerns about the health effects from the increased use of electric vehicles (EV). You might wonder, do electric cars emit EMF? If so, how dangerous is the EMF radiation?

Most modern vehicles have a wide number of onboard electronics aimed at providing convenience and safety. These electronics emit a lot of radiation that is dangerous to your health. If you have an electric car or a hybrid car, the danger is even higher.

All electrical devices, including the big batteries and the powerful electric motors found in hybrid cars, do emit a lot of EMF radiation. This could be subjecting you to a lot of health risks. The use of battery-powered vehicles is an emerging technology in the world, and with every passing year, we will have more battery-powered vehicles on the roads. Although these vehicles will reduce fossil fuel based environmental pollutants from being released into the air, they will emit electromagnetic field radiation, which is an invisible form of pollutant.

The radiation generated by the electronics inside the car bounce back when they hit the metal casing of the car. This is known as a Faraday cage effect. As the radiation bounces back, it is trapped inside the car increasing the amount of radiation you are exposed to when you are in the car.

Different types of electric cars emit different amounts of EMF. Have a look at electromagnetic field readings of various hybrid cars. The majority of electric vehicles have highest EMF readings at the driver’s foot, followed by next highest readings at the waist. Therefore, whether you’re using a hybrid car or a fully electric car, you will be exposed to a lot of electromagnetic radiation.

EMF Radiation from Electric Cars

Electric cars emit two types of radiation:

  • Extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation is emitted by electronic devices, the batteries, and other internal circuitry inside the vehicle.
  • Radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation comes from wireless devices inside the vehicle connecting with devices and technology inside and outside the car. For example, radiation from devices will be connecting via cellular network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

ELF, as the name suggests, emits a low amount of electromagnetic radiation compared to RF radiation. Maintaining a close distance with a particular source of EMF device increases the amount of radiation you are exposed to.

The big battery installed at the front and rear of the electric car is close to your body and it has electronic circuitry surrounding the entire vehicle. This exposes you to higher amounts of ELF –EMF radiation.

If you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) you may be more affected than others by EMF radiation from the car battery. Other sources of EMF radiation in cars include:

  • Electric engines emit low-frequency radiation and also does so when the car controls the opening and closing of windows. The computing system of the vehicle emits a high amount of radiation.
  • The computer system controls all the media within the vehicle and the engine compartment. EV with an autopilot mode or self-driving mode generate a high amount of radiation to the driver and also to the person sitting in the front passenger seat.
  • The vehicle alarm system uses radio waves to transmit signals, and this results in the emission of EMF radiation. In addition, the anti-theft devices, cameras, and ultrasonic radars installed in the vehicle increase the amount of radiation you’re exposed to.
  • The vehicle’s alternator generates dirty electricity that emits EMF radiation.
  • Onboard Wi-Fi systems emit a dangerous amount of radio frequency (RF) radiation. Some electric vehicles have an inbuilt Wi-Fi router that allows you and your family to have access to the internet while on the road. The amount of radiation emitted by the wireless router is extremely dangerous.
  • The onboard Bluetooth system for connecting the phone to your car music system exposes you to EMF radiation at close proximity. You should try to plug your phone into a cable to reduce the amount of radiation emitted.
  • Keyless start systems on the latest car models emit radiation. The models don’t need a start key. Instead, they rely on a remote-controlled key and a push button. The remote key system uses RF waves or Bluetooth to start the car. The radio waves and Bluetooth signals emit EMF radiation which are dangerous to your health.
  • Electric cars use batteries to store the electrical energy required to run the motor. The stored energy requires a higher frequency to convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). This makes the generated AC power more harmful than using DC.

Exposure to a high amount of these two types of radiation may have health impacts or complications in the long run.

EMF Radiation from Tesla Cars

Tesla cars are among the most sought after electric cars in the market. Cars created by Tesla manufacturer’s aim at transitioning the automotive industry into sustainable energy-powered vehicles and away from fossil fuels. Some Tesla models are fully electric with a big battery to store the power charge for a long period before you have to recharge it. Does the Tesla car emit EMF?

Since Tesla is an electric car with a large battery and an electric motor, it emits high amounts of EMF radiation. The latest models emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Almost all Tesla models have various electronic devices that emit both RF radiation and ELF electromagnetic radiation. For example, the use of on demand internet radio, Bluetooth, built-in car computers and other high tech devices are sources of EMF radiation.

A Tesla car is a form of a hybrid car that emits a higher amount of EMF than other standard cars. Tesla cars use alternators which generate high amounts of radiation by transmitting dirty electricity.

These cars have a metal structure made of both aluminum and steel to provide maximum strength to the vehicle. As previously mentioned, these metal car frames act as a conductive cage (Faraday cage). Read more on how metals block EMF.

The metal material of the car body blocks EMF from outside from getting in, but the radiation from all the devices inside the vehicle bounce back into and around the inside of the car once they hit the metal surface. As a result, more radiation is concentrated inside the vehicle. Using other EMF emitting devices inside the vehicle will increase the amount of EMF exposure.

Sources of EMF in Tesla Cars

Just like other electric vehicles, Tesla cars expose you to a lot of radiation while driving or just sitting down inside the vehicle when it is in use. Some of the sources of EMF radiation in the car include:

  • In-car Wi-Fi system
  • Bluetooth system
  • Car alarm
  • In-car computer system
  • Start system
  • Keyless entry
  • Car battery

Tesla’s keyless entry is linked to a mobile app that allows you to connect your car to a smartphone and activate the keyless entry feature.

Once the keyless entry is activated on your smartphone, the car detects your phone when you’re approaching the car and unlocks itself. This keyless entry feature exposes you to some amount of radiation.

As the technology keeps on changing and evolving, more devices are introduced to the market and as a result, they will expose you to increasing amounts of electromagnetic radiation.
The keyless entry only exposes you to EMF for a short period of time compared to other wireless devices like the Wi-Fi router and Bluetooth that are constantly transmitting the entire time you’re inside the vehicle.

Buying the advanced anti-theft tool to monitor movement around your Tesla car exposes you to increased amounts of harmful radiation. Even though the car is locked and you’re not likely inside the car at that time, the device will certainly emit EMF radiation.

The car’s battery increases the amount of radiation at the floor level, especially when charging the battery. This explains why you shouldn’t sit in the car when supercharging the battery. Tesla cars have the battery and the computer system installed in the glove compartment area. This reduces the distance between you and the EMF source.

Dangers of EMF Radiation from Tesla Cars and Other Electric Cars

According to a study by Scripps Clinic Research Foundation, high levels of EMF from EVs make the drivers drowsy and sleepy while driving. Based on the study, drivers who are exposed to high levels of EMF while driving are likely to sleep 52 minutes faster than those exposed to low levels of EMF.

In addition, exposure to radiation while driving can result in headaches, neck stiffness, and dry eyes or blurred vision. Long-term exposure to these sources of EMF radiation may have long-term health complications.EMF Radiation from Electric Cars

According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz at the University of California Berkeley, hybrid cars and other electric cars have increased levels of ELF that cause cancer, increase the level of oxidative stress that leads to DNA fragmentation, cause cell damage, fertility issues, drowsiness, etc.

How to Reduce EMF Exposure While Driving

Though it’s impossible to eliminate exposure to radiation while driving an EV, there are various ways you can reduce your rate of EMF exposure while driving.

1. Keep Distance from EMF Source

Being away from an EMF source can help reduce the risk of exposure. Drivers who have EHS are likely to be more affected by the radiation emitted by the EV. Therefore, the farther you are from the EMF source, the safer you are. You may do better in the back seat of the car where it is further from the front car battery, or you may not be able to ride in EV at all.

2. Put Your Cell Phone in Airplane Mode

Your phone should be put in airplane mode until you reach your destination. When moving from point A to B, your phone cellular network keeps going on and off and as a result, you end up having delayed cellular data transmission.

As you travel, some areas may have zero coverage especially if there is no cell phone tower nearby. Therefore, your phone constantly keeps on searching for network coverage.

Continuous searching for networks and updating the phone results in the emission of a high amount of EMF. If the phone has poor connectivity, then it emits more EMF because it has to send a stronger signal in order to connect to the nearest cell phone tower.

Therefore, putting the phone in airplane mode will reduce the amount of radiation inside the vehicle. You will also be able to access GPS when your phone is in airplane mode so, don’t have to worry if you need the GPS system for navigation.

3. Stop the Car if You Want to Use the Phone

If you need to use the phone, you can stop the car in an area with good network reception and get out of the car. If you have to receive a call while driving, open the window to reduce the Faraday cage effects inside the car.

4. Turn off Onboard Computer System

The onboard computer systems that control all media devices connected to your car emits EMF. Turning off the system will reduce the EMF emitted by the car’s media system while driving.

5. Use Audio Cables

If you want to listen to music from your phone’s playlist or even from your Spotify playlist, plug your phone to the car using an audio cable. Avoid the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi features. This will reduce the amount of RF radiation emitted by both the phone and the car’s Bluetooth. You can also switch off the front speakers and listen to the music via the back speakers. Ensure the phone is kept some distance away from you. Usually, one foot away at least is recommended.

6. Avoid Sitting in the Car While Charging the Battery

When supercharging the battery, a high amount of EMF is emitted, therefore, do not stay inside the car.

Best EMF Protection Products for Your Car

Apart from reducing your exposure levels, there are other products you can use to protect yourself against EMF radiation while driving. These devices neutralize the amount of radiation emitted by the car while others change the waveform of the radiation. One of the best EMF protection products is:

EMF Harmonizer
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This helps protect against all electromagnetic radiation from the electronic devices in your car. It neutralizes the EMF radiation from the car, thus creating a safe EMF environment while driving. It protects you from the harmful effects of radiation to your health.

The EMF harmonizer has two levels of protection:

  • Use of direct technology to neutralize the negative EMF radiation effects from RF and ELF.
  • Use of adaptive technology to protect the body against any oxidative stress from high levels of EMF.

With this protective material, you don’t have to worry about radiation from Wi-Fi devices, cell phones, Bluetooth and other EMF sources.

Another EMF protection product you can check is:

Aulterra Whole Car USB
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This product uses a 5G EMF neutralizer to protect you from EMF effects on your DNA. The neutralizer provides you with a healthy driving experience and is compatible with all USB devices.


Electric cars, including the Tesla EV do emit a dangerous amount of EMF especially around the glove box and at the driver’s window. Electric cars do emit more radiation compared to standard fossil fuel vehicles.

The radiation from these devices can have health risks to the driver and other passengers in the vehicle. Exposure to high levels of EMF may cause the driver to fall asleep faster while driving compared to a driver exposed to low levels of EMF.

To reduce the amount of exposure to EMF, you should switch off the use of EMF sources like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and computer systems when you are in the car. You should use a wired connection to play music in your car instead of using wireless transmission via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Lastly, ensure your phone is put in airplane mode while driving to reduce exposure to EMF radiation. You can also use EMF Protection Guards in your car to neutralize the effects of the EMF generated inside your car.



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