Do Alarm Clocks Give Off Radiation?

Do Alarm Clocks Give Off Radiation

One of the popular gadgets that enjoy widespread household use is the alarm clock. From helping us meet deadlines to waking most people up every morning, this gadget is very important to many people. However, is there any form of danger lurking in its usage?

Alarm clocks do give off radiation. This fact is true for both alarm clocks using batteries and those that are plugged to electricity through walls. An electric alarm clock will produce as much as ten mG of radiation, even when placed 3 feet away from the user.

Sleeping is one of the body’s ways of ensuring that the body heals and regains lost strength. This means that when you sleep, your body rests and gives organs the chance to repair worn out tissues. But with the effect of EMF radiation emanating from a source close by, this might be a tad difficult.

Radiations from Alarm Clocks

Because of the small size of most alarm clocks, most people believe that the gadget is safe as it will produce small amounts of EMF radiation. However, contrary to this expectation, the electric alarm clock gives off as much as 5 to 10 milliGauss of radiation, even at a distance of 3 feet. This goes to show how much of a danger this gadget is.

This is true for both battery-operated alarm clocks and the ones plugged to electricity. While the battery-operated versions are believed to produce a slightly lesser amount of radiation than the plugged ones, both types are indeed sources of EMF. The suspected reason for the emission of EMF radiations from this gadget is due to its components.

An electric alarm clock uses an electric motor. Be it battery operated or not, this component is an important one as it helps the gadget achieve its operations. Electric motors are notorious sources of electromagnetic fields.

Also, the alarm clocks that are plugged into the walls may produce increased EMF radiation. This is because the action of electricity passing through its cable is another known source of EMF radiation. Hence, all of these actions of the alarm clocks are possible reasons why it gives off EMF radiation, thus posing a health risk to people using it.

Which Is Safer, Phone Alarm or Alarm Clocks?

Which Is Safer, Phone Alarm or Alarm Clocks

After establishing that an electric alarm clock also causes EMF radiations, it is possible for one to think, ‘Why do I not use the alarm on my phone then?’ While this may sound like a plausible excuse, it may end up not being a very good option after all, as you will see in this section.

Mobile phones are known for emitting huge amounts of EMF radiations. These radiations surpass that of many gadgets and devices that we use. This is why EMF advocates and health practitioners clamor for reduced usage of mobile phones and other gadgets.

Using the alarm clock to your phone exposes you to more EMF exposure and danger. The reason for this is because you would have to place your phone near you to ensure that the alarm wakes you when it is time. By placing your phone near you during sleep, your body is exposed to a lot of EMF radiations, which is harmful to your body.

Therefore, while alarm clocks are not safe because of EMF radiation, they are still a lot better or safer than mobile phones in that regard.

Dangers of Using Electric Alarm Clocks

Radiations from Alarm Clocks

Placing an electric alarm clock near you during sleep is tantamount to putting a source of radiation near your body without any form of protection. This poses a lot of problems for your health, especially for your sleep. The following includes some of the issues that you may face from the prolonged use of electric alarm clocks:

  • Disruptions in Sleep
  • Memory loss
  • Recurring headaches
  • Fatigues
  • Irritability

Disruptions in Sleep

Placing an electric alarm clock close by your side during sleep can cause sleeplessness or disruptions during sleep. This is caused by the effect of EMF radiations on the brain. It has been confirmed that EMF radiations affect the brain in some unhealthy ways, and one of the effects of this unhealthiness is disruptions in sleep.

Memory Loss

This effect is another of the adverse impacts of EMF radiations on the human body. Medical research has linked excessive exposure of the human body to possible cases of memory loss or lapses.  

Recurring Headaches

When you get exposed to excessive amounts of EMF radiations, headaches set in. These headaches occur over and over again, affecting the performance of such people during work or sleep.

These are some of the health risks that you stand when you place an electric alarm clock by your side during sleep. 

Do you want to know how to measure EMF radiation of an alarm clock? This video may be helpful:

Examples of Household Items that Also Gives Off Radiations

Apart from electric alarm clocks, several other household items, especially smart devices, emit EMF radiations. The following is a list of household items that emit radiations:

  • Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets emit radiofrequency energy waves. While the radiation from these devices is a type of non-ionizing radiation, which makes it less harmful, they still portend danger. These devices are dangerous due to the proximity they share with human bodies for large parts of the day. However, most people do not know that these devices are dangerous.

They leave these devices on them for a very long time, thus opening themselves to the health risks associated with over-exposure to EMF radiations.

  • Computers

The wiring and internal components inside the computer produces a considerable amount of EMF radiations. This fact is the reason why people, especially males, are advised to avoid placing a laptop computer on their laps while working. The EMF radiation produced by the computer may affect the reproductive cells in the scrotum, causing infertility or other reproductive issues. 

  • Wireless and Bluetooth Gadgets                          

Wireless devices are also examples of gadgets that emit EMF radiations. The mode of operations of these devices makes them a powerful source of EMF radiations in the home and office. These gadgets do not use wires and cables to communicate. They use radiofrequency waves.

These radiofrequency waves make these devices and gadgets dangerous. Examples of these devices include Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth enabled devices. . Because of the increase in smart devices in homes today, Wi-Fi routers are also on the rise. Moreso, they operate non-stop 24/7. Some sources believe that some of the most harmful radiation effects from Wi-Fi devices are reproductive issues, cancer, etc.

  • Microwave Cookers

One of the popular cooking equipment in all households is the microwave oven. The oven allows for easy cooking of food through the production and circulation of electromagnetic waves which causes food and water molecules to vibrate, producing heat that cooks them. However, do you know that microwave cookers and ovens are one of the most powerful emitters of EMF radiations?

The electromagnetic waves produced and circulated within the oven is harmful to human health whenever it comes in contact with the human body. Thus, it is essential that the doors of the microwave oven are closed tight and properly to ensure that the produced EMF radiation stays in the oven.

As a principle, you are as safe as the lid of the microwave oven. 

Thus you need to avoid slamming the door, wear and tear, and the build-up of dirt, to ensure that the microwave door seals properly without leakage. As with almost all electrical and wireless appliances, it is advised that you stand a few feet away from the microwave while it operates.

  • Smoke detectors

The working principle of some smoke detectors makes them dangerous EMF emitters. Some household smoke detectors use trace amounts of americium-241, a radioactive isotope, to alert their users when they detect smoke in the air.

However, there is a way to effectively protect yourself from the dangers of the EMF emitted by the smoke detector. You should use aluminum foil or ceramic to wrap the detector. This will not affect the functionality of the smoke detector nor will it pose health risk to at home.

If you want to know how you can measure EMF radiation for the appliances we already discussed, check out my article about the Top EMF Detectors That Suit Any Budget.


Like many electrical appliances used in the home, an electric alarm clock is a vital gadget for daily life. From waking people up for work to ensuring that deadlines are met, most people cannot do without an alarm clock. But little did we know that these gadgets are also a notorious source of EMF radiations.

Therefore, placing an electric alarm clock near the body during sleep is injurious to our health. Moreover, it is more dangerous to use an alarm clock on your mobile phone as it emits more EMF radiation than the alarm clock. Other devices that emit radiation in the home include granite tabletops, dimmer switches, Wi-Fi routers and many more.



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