Does Aluminum Foil Have to Be Grounded to Protect You From EMF?

Does Aluminum Foil Have to Be Grounded to Protect You From EMF

EMFs are dangerous radiations that affect human health. They are emitted by different items, especially wireless devices.

Foils don’t have to be grounded to protect you from EMF radiations. Aluminum is effective in protecting against EMF because it is an excellent conductor of electric currents. Aluminum foils are used to create a Faraday cage around electronics to disrupt the transmission of intermediate frequencies. 

In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about the electromagnetic field and its effects on the human body. You’d also learn about the sources and dangers of EMFs as well as some tips on how to protect yourself against EMFs using aluminum foils.  

What Are EMFs and How Do They Work?

Short for Electromagnetic Fields, EMFs are invisible clouds of electricity surrounding electrically charged particles. When these charged particles go into motion, they produce magnetic fields that they transmit to every living and nonliving entity they encounter, including humans. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible for humans to escape getting exposed to EMF because even the planet we live in is imbued with low-level EMFs; however, our body is designed to withstand a fair amount.

Are EMFs Safe or Unsafe?

When EMFs are present in small amounts, they are considered safe; otherwise, they are unsafe. The increase in the number of cell phones and other wireless technologies across the world has led to an increase in the amount of EMF available in the atmosphere today compared to that of ten years ago. This sudden increase resulted in a steep influx of EMFs within a short time, thereby making humans highly susceptible to the dangers of increased exposure to the radiation as the human body is yet to adapt to it. 

Since EMFs will be around for a long time, the onus is on every individual to take active steps towards protecting themselves from the dangers of EMFs before they do serious damage to our cells.

Some Sources of EMFs

Some Sources of EMFs

Since the world has gone increasingly wireless, EMFs have become rampant and can be found everywhere. They are currently available in large amounts from humans and technology and in small amounts from the planet we live in. 

Some of the technological items that produce EMFs are:

  • Cell phones
  • The wireless Internet
  • The Wi-Fi from your neighbor
  • Household light bulbs
  • UV lights
  • Microwave oven 
  • Other wireless conveniences such as baby monitors, smart thermostats, security cameras, etc.

Dangers of EMFs

Children are the most vulnerable to the dangers of EMF for several reasons, such as:

  • Their brains are still developing
  • Young brain tissues are more conductive than mature ones
  • They are yet to experience a huge amount of exposure to EMF

When the human body is exposed to EMF in unsafe amounts, it can cause different alterations to the human bodily processes, from head to toe and between. 

The following are some of the dangers that result from being exposed to a huge amount of EMFs:

  • They modify DNA and genes

DNA and genes are the instruction manuals employed by the human cells to carry out processes. EMFs tamper with these manuals, thereby causing your cells to not to know what to do. When the EMFs that the human body comes in contact with are large enough to modify DNA and genes, the safest alteration they can cause is to put undue stress on the cells, thereby getting tired easily and often. 

In contrast, the worst alteration would be to damage the DNA of the cells, causing things to go haywire. This also results in genetic mutations and even cancer.

  • They cause issues in the brain and nerves

EMFs also adversely affect the nervous system. The damage they cause to the nervous system matters most because we spend a lot of time on our phones, which we hold close to our heads. Researchers have found measurable changes in brain cells after exposure to EMF. 

Research conducted on rats has been consistent in showing that EMFs damage the blood-brain barrier, which is the brain’s protective layer. It also causes headaches, which might be related to the damaged protective layer.

Other damaging effects of EMFs include:

  • They cause behavioral problems
  • They disrupt the immune system
  • They damage cells
  • They alter heart rate and blood pressure
  • They disrupt the sleep cycle

How Do I Protect against EMF Using Aluminum Foil?

It is crucial to find ways to protect the human body from the harmful effects of EMFs. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is to use aluminum foil.

Aluminum is an effective tool to protect against EMF radiation because it is a good conductor of electricity. The external field of aluminum foil causes the electrical charges in the aluminum to align themselves to eliminate all the effects of the EMF on every entity behind the foil. Note that a thin aluminum foil will work as effectively as a heavier foil would.

Although aluminum is an excellent conductor of electric currents, it does not absorb EMF; instead, it blocks it. The aluminum foil must be situated between the EMF producing device (which could be a Wi-Fi router, a cell phone, etc.) and the entity to be protected from the EMF to avoid being affected by the EMF radiations.

This principle is illustrated by the famous “Faraday Cage,” designed and built by Michael Faraday to demonstrate how specific materials, such as aluminum, can block EMF radiations. In essence, the Faraday cage is ample proof that aluminum foil can protect against EMF.

An Experiment to Show How Aluminum Foil Protects against EMF

An Experiment to Show How Aluminum Foil Protects against EMF

To confirm that aluminum foil protects against EMF, you should carry out the following experiment.

You need two cell phones, a big piece of aluminum foil, and some time.

Place one of the cell phones on a large sheet of aluminum foil and wrap it up. Ensure that the cell phone is completely wrapped up and that no part of it is sticking out or visible.

Call the cell phone wrapped in aluminum foil with the second cell phone. You will find that the phone will be unreachable. This is because the aluminum foil around the phone prevents it from receiving any signal from cellular towers. The foil forms a complete barrier that attenuates EMFs.

How to Use Aluminum Foil as an EMF Shield

The best way to protect yourself from getting exposed to a huge amount of EMF radiation is to increase the distance between your primary living spaces and EMF-emitting devices. This involves removing these devices from your bedrooms. If you can’t increase the distance, there are specific strategies you can employ to make efficient use of aluminum foil in blocking EMF, some of which are:

1. Shield from Laptop Radiation

Although they are called laptops, placing your laptop on your laps is dangerous, especially for men. This is because laptops emit tons of EMF radiation. Some onboard components of the device like Bluetooth antennae and Wi-Fi emit radiation to connect with other devices. 

Moreover, the electrical currents that flow between the device’s components, such as the processor and the battery, results in the emission of a low-frequency EMF. If you can insert a sheet of aluminum foil between your lap and the laptop, it would protect you from the EMF radiation of the device.

If you are the type of person who places your laptop on its sleeve (protective case) before using it, you have to insert a layer of aluminum foil into the sleeve. This will ensure that your body is protected from the radiation emitted by the laptop.

2. Create a Faraday Cage

You can create a faraday cage for your EMF-emitting devices with aluminum foils. Mold a sheet of foil into the shape of your EMF-emitting device and attach it to the device using a tape. This will prevent the signal from the device from reaching the inside of your apartment. You can also line the back of your EMF-emitting devices with aluminum foil to attenuate the radiation and your exposure.

3. Line Your Pocket

Since our phones are constantly emitting radiation, we must attenuate the radiation from the exposure by lining pockets (or purses) with aluminum foil. This will create an EMF barrier between the human body and the EMF radiation.

If the foil is placed outside the device, it may amplify your exposure to EMF radiation. Therefore, you need to ensure that the aluminum foil is inserted between your body and the device.


The rate at which EMF radiations surround us is alarming and deserving of our attention. It makes it imperative that we take active steps to combat the damages and risks it poses. One way we can achieve this is to understand what EMF is. As soon as we can make light of it, we will be able to take the required actions, one of which is to use cheap and effective methods like aluminum foil, among others.



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At the start, the aim of my research on EMF was to safeguard my family against the possible hazards of EMF radiation, but it has now become my mission to share this research with everyone. It is a fact that the threat of EMF is on the rise, but there are a number of ways by which we can protect ourselves.

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