8 Best Laptop Radiation Shields of 2022

Best Laptop Radiation Shields

With the increasing exposure to electromagnetic field radiation, there is a high demand for EMF protection products. There are a variety of these EMF protection products, some better than others.

Just like other electronic devices, laptops do emit EMF radiation, and placing them on your laps is probably the worst thing you could do. Therefore, buying a laptop radiation shield can effectively absorb and block electromagnetic field radiation emitted by your laptop.

Read our best laptop radiation shields review to find out.

Product Details
1. DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield  

  • Blocks up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation, including radiation from 5G frequencies.
  • Thermal radiation blocking.
  • Compatible with a wide range of wireless devices.
  • Waterproof surface.
2. SafeSleeve EMF Anti-radiation laptop case  

  • Uses FCC, lab-tested shielding technology.
  • Stylish and durable, military-grade shielding material.
  • Heat-shielding abilities to allow airflow to your laptop.
3. SYB Laptop Pad  

  • Multi-layer design.
  • Scientifically proven to protect against EMF and heat.
  • A mesh of ferromagnetic steel and aluminum is used to deflect harmful electromagnetic fields.
  • Lifetime warranty.
4. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Laptop Surface Pad  

  • Reduces heat by 99%.
  • Blocks RF and ELF radiation with 99% effectiveness.
  • Lightweight material.
5. EMRSS ProShield Radiation Free Laptop Tray  

  • Shields you against RF radiation.
  • Blocks EMR and ELF radiation.
  • Reduces heat up to 99%.
  • Lightweight and portable.
6. HARAPad EMF Protection  

  • Military-grade EMF and EMR protection.
  • Allow air to flow through heat dissipation channels.
  • Prevents overheating.
7. WellSleep Earthing Universal Mouse Pad & Mat  

  • Uses an earthing concept to reduce EMF radiation.
  • Heatshield.
  • Can help improve sleep.
  • Improves blood circulation.
8. WOREMOR EMF Lap Desk Protection  

  • Excellent heat protection.
  • Stylish designs.
  • Block 99.99% of electromagnetic radiation.

Laptop Radiation

If you spend more time working with your laptop, either at home or in the office, then you’re at high risk of exposure.

Laptops emit immense amounts of magnetic field radiation, although this depends on the make and model of the laptop. The convenience and portability of laptops tend to make them more preferable, especially when traveling and wanting to get some work done. As a result, more EMF radiation is absorbed in the body. In addition, the heat generated by the laptop can also cause skin burns and other health effects on your body.

In such cases, you can use a laptop radiation shield that can block radiation emitted by the laptop from reaching your body.

The shielding pad will act as a barrier between your body and the laptop. The pad reduces your exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Continuous exposure to Radio Frequency and Bluetooth signals emitted can have adverse effects on your health. For example, if you work all day and/or sit on the coach, you end up placing the laptop on your lap; the radiation and heat emitted from that can lead to infertility in men, miscarriage, increase your risk for cancer, among other health effects.

If you’re sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, then the pad cna help reduce the effects of radiation in your body.

Thus it’s a great idea to grab a laptop radiation shield to reduce the impact of radiation on your health. There are different types of laptop radiation shields on the market, and the best laptop radiation shield for you will depend on your personal needs and money.

What is a Laptop Radiation Shield?

What is a Laptop Radiation Shield

Laptop radiation shields are on-demand pads designed with an anti-blocking material that helps block different forms of electromagnetic field radiation. Laptops emit a certain amount of magnetic fields. They also emit electric fields from electric motors inside and radiofrequency radiation from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

The amount of radiation emitted by the laptop depends on its make and model. There are some that emit higher amounts of radiation than others.

Continuous exposure to wireless radiation and extremely low frequency radiation from the laptop can have adverse effects on your body cells. You can also experience radiation burns if you place the laptop on your lap for longer periods. The heat generated by the laptop is associated with toasted skin syndrome. In severe cases, it can cause discoloration of the skin or increase your risk for skin cancer.

Since it’s difficult to stop using laptops and other wireless technologies, you can reduce exposure levels by using EMF-shielding devices.

These EMF protection shields add a layer of protection from the harmful effects of radiation by blocking the dangerous radiation emission from your laptop. 

The EMF laptop radiation shield creates a protective barrier from EMF radiation and heat generated by the laptop. Different types of laptop radiation shields have conductive layers that absorb and block ELF, RF, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radiation.

A good laptop shield should conduct, absorb, and dissipate heat, along with any EMF radiation around your lap area. The shield pad would allow you to use the laptop on your lap without any fear of exposure to EMF. It also prevents skin burns from the excess heat generated by the laptop. 

Who Needs It?

Laptop radiation can have adverse effects on fertility in men. The heat generated can affect the quality and quantity of their sperm. It can also cause miscarriages and other health complications. Therefore, if you work on your laptop more often, then you will need to invest in a radiation shielding pad or case.

Children are more vulnerable to the heat generated by laptops. So, if your child spends more time with a laptop placed on their lap, then ensure you have a protection pad for them.

Who Needs a laptop radiation shield

How to Choose the Best Laptop Radiation Shields

There are so many different types of laptop radiation shields on the market, and you may at some point wonder: which is best for your protection?

In the next few sections, we will go over how to choose the best laptop radiation shield. But before doing that, there are certain factors you have to put into consideration. I will also talk about the pros and cons of the best laptop radiation shields to help you make informed decisions.

Some factors to think about when deciding on a laptop radiation shield include:

  1. Size: Always make sure you have the right size for your laptop. Some laptop pads are only 14 inches, so if you have a 17-inch laptop, then it will not fit.
  2. Product weight: Pay close attention to the weight of the tray. Some pads are made of lighter material than others; therefore, you should also ensure the design of your pad is comfortable enough for you to carry around. The portability of the pad is of great essence if you need to bring the pad to the office.
  3. Build quality and usability: You should also consider the material used in making the pad because some pads are made from a solid material, whereas others have a soft bean bag cushion fitted underneath. This consideration is more of personal preference. To know more about the usability and quality of a product, you can read the reviews and ratings on it.

Customer reviews can serve as a great way to authenticate a product. It should also provide you with the comfort you need to use the laptop for a while when it’s placed on your laps.

  1. Return Policy: Another consideration you have to make is the product’s return policy. Some manufacturers may claim the product will shield you against EMF radiation, though upon testing, you may find it doesn’t actually do as claimed. In this case, you can return it and look for a new one if there is a good return policy.
  2. EMF radiation reduction: You should look at how much the product reduces EMF radiation. If you have an EMF meter, you can verify the claims by measuring RF and ELF radiation emission while using your laptop. You can also invest in a Trifield TF2, which is an excellent EMF tool that will allow you to detect different forms of EMF radiation. Also, you should note the type of radiation that the shielding pad reduces.
  3. Price: Whether the product is affordable will also be based on your needs and quality.

Best Laptop Radiation Shield                        

The best laptop radiation shield should be able to offer a layer of security for your body. It should shield you from the biological effects associated with high exposure to electromagnetic fields as well as the thermal heat generated by the laptop.

8. WOREMOR EMF Lap Desk Protection

The WOREMOR EMF lap desk protection tray is the last on this list. WOREMOR makes unique trays with different designs, making this one ideal for office and home use.

Placing your laptop or tablet on your lap can affect fetus development and cause sterility in men along with other health effects to the children. To combat these outcomes, this premium EMF protection tray will shield you against electromagnetic radiation and its harmful effects.

The shielding tray has a 99.99% effectiveness rate and its shielding attenuation material has been lab-tested in both Canada and Germany. So, if you spend many hours over a laptop, iPad, or tablet, you can use this radiation tray without worrying about the dangers of EMF.

It will also help shield you from heat radiation and other radiation forms like radiofrequency, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radiation from cellular networks such as 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies.

If you’re not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

The protection case supports multiple devices and its universal size makes it suitable for almost all laptop models.

The protection pad also comes with a pillow-type cushion with a soft underside to ensure your comfort, making it a great gift for your loved ones.

Pros Cons

  • Attractive design.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if unsatisfied.
  • Excellent protection against Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Excellent heat protection.
  • Unreliable design.

7. WellSleep Earthing Universal Mouse Pad And Mat

Unlike the other anti-radiation laptop shields, this type of pad has an additional feature: its mouse pad. You can maximize your EMF protection by going for the shielding material with the mouse pad.

The WellSleep earthing or grounding mat helps reduce inflammation associated with radiation emission from laptops. Earthing redirects harmful electromagnetic radiation that can cause pain and other health problems.

If you’re familiar with the concept of earthing, you will be familiar with how this grounding mat uses that very concept to protect your body and help you remain healthy. It can also protect from static electricity, improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation.

A mouse pad using grounding/earthing therapy can help improve the quality of your sleep while acting as a natural antioxidant.

Pros Cons

  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Reduces radiation effects.
  • Reduces heat radiation.
  • Cheap.
  • Small size.
  • No instruction manual.

6. HARAPad EMF Protection Laptop Radiation Shield

 The HARApad EMF protection pad is another durable radiation and heat protection shield. Once you open this laptop pad from its packaging, you will definitely notice its strength.

The laptop pad has a sturdy surface that allows you to use your laptop comfortably while seated on the couch. The flat surface makes it easy to dissipate heat and allow the free flow of air from your laptop and body.

The HARApad EMF laptop shield works like a lead vest that blocks radiation from penetrating your body, similar to the equipment you would wear when getting an x-ray. It provides excellent protection from various forms of radiation.   

This type of laptop anti-radiation pad can accommodate multiple size laptops—from a 13-inch netbook to 15, 17, and can even come as a 25-inch-sized monster. The 25-size model can carry both your laptop on top of it while leaving some room for a mouse. The weight of each laptop pad depends on the model. The laptop pad for the 15-inch model weighs around 1.25lbs, and the 17-inch model weighs 2.5lbs. This makes HARApad laptop pad models the heaviest on our list.

Although the pads are quite heavy, its multi-layer construction doesn’t interfere with the normal functioning of the laptop. Therefore, it will protect you without any negative effect on your laptop.

The laptop pad has great heat-deflecting capabilities, making it more preferred by people who want to reduce overheating.

As far as its blocking effectiveness, the pad uses tungsten-free and lead, military-grade, built-in materials to provide you with the best possible EMF radiation shield. This shielding material creates a resistant path for the radiation to travel through. Thus, it acts as a shield against magnetic fields, electric fields, ELF radiation, and RF radiation resulting from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radiation.

HARApad offers testing results for their customers. For example, if you’re within a half-inch distance, the pad would reduce the magnetic field radiation to 1 mG. Without the pad, the magnetic fields around your laptop would measure 12 mG.

This shield has two different design options—you can buy either acrylic or wood, the choice is yours.

Pros Cons

  • Sturdy surface.
  • Prevents overheating.
  • Multiple-use pad.
  • Heavy.
  • Poor customer service.

5. EMRSS ProShield Radiation Free Laptop Tray

 According to the manufacturers of this product, it reduces 99% of heat and shields you from electromagnetic radiation emission and radiofrequency radiation while blocking ELF. However, it’s important to note that these claims are only from independent laboratory tests around the world, and EMRSS haven’t published any information on the test. If you have an EMF meter, you can do your own test to verify this claim.

The ProShield Laptop Tray is a multipurpose EMF protection shield that works with your laptop, tablet, iPad, or any other electronic device. All you have to do is place the tray between your body and the laptop.

There is also little information about this radiation-shielding tray. My choice to have it on the list is because of its excellent reviews and low price. Compared to other radiation shields on the list, it has the lowest price.

Its construction makes it lightweight and easy to carry around.

Pros Cons

  • Highly portable.
  • Reduces electromagnetic radiation emissions (EMR).
  • Smooth surface.
  • Designed for smaller laptops only.

4. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Laptop Surface Pad

The RadiArmor anti-radiation laptop and surface pad is another great EMF protection product from RadiArmor, one of the most innovative companies out there.

The anti-radiation pad or surface pad has an interwoven silver and copper lining that blocks about 99% of RF and microwave radiation associated with Wi-Fi, cellular network, and heat radiation. silver and copper used in the liner are both highly conductive, ensuring that you get superior quality for your laptop radiation protection.

To provide you with real protection, RadiArmor ensures the EMF-shielding material is applied on the entire laptop pad, so as to provide 99% effectiveness.

The RadiArmor website claims that their products are based on scientific research and lab-tested for effectiveness in reducing EMF. That is why they encourage customers to test the product themselves.

The pad’s outer layer is made of an extremely soft, black, vegan leather with a non-slip surface to ensure your device doesn’t slip off. Though it feels sturdy, its design is rather lightweight.

This EMF-blocking pad is large enough to accommodate most laptop brands. You can also use it for your tablet or an iPad.

Pros Cons

  • Gives you value for the money.
  • Comfort.
  • Lightweight.
  • Smooth, anti-slip pad.
  • Cannot accommodate laptops with a large display.
  • No upfront protection.

3. SYB Laptop Pad

SYB Laptop Pad

This laptop pad from Shield Your Body (SYB) offers protection from the powerful EMFs emitted by your laptop. Simply place the laptop pad underneath your laptop or tablet before placing it on your body to reduce exposure.

Its three-layer built design blocks up to 92% of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radiation. It offers thermal protection by reducing up to 99% of the heat generated by the laptop. You can view the lab-tested report on how the pad deflects EMF radiation.

The SYB laptop pad is lab-tested to check for its compatibility with modern devices using 5G technology. As a result, you can use the pad with a variety of wireless devices as it reduces radiation frequencies, including those from 3G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Each layer of the pad is made of ultra-durable material with a ferromagnetic steel plate and a high resistance aluminum alloy that acts as a Faraday cage to absorb the toxic EMF radiation. But the aluminum alloy doesn’t interfere with the normal functioning of your laptop or its wireless signals.   

The anti-EMF padding absorbs all heat generated by the laptop, thus protecting you from skin burns.

The SYB laptop pad has a slim, durable, and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around. The anti-slip grip makes it easy for you to use the laptop on your bed or couch as well.

This laptop pad is available in two size options: a thin model that fits mini-laptops and other wireless devices with a display of up to 14 inches, and a 17-inch model that weighs 1.5lbs. This allows you to use the pad with multiple portable devices.

Both models come either in a midnight microwave or ultramarine color that can make it look classy.

Another important feature of the SYB laptop pad is its lifetime warranty, meaning your investment with SYB is protected for life. In fact, they guarantee you 100% satisfaction for life in all their products.

If you think this is the best product for you, then you can go ahead and buy it on the website of SYB.

Pros Cons

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Uses 5G-tested technology.
  • Super slim design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Slightly expensive for its design.
  • Plastic cover has rough edges.

2. SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation Laptop Case & Laptop Shield

This is another anti-radiation protection case that blocks and absorbs heat generated by your laptop. This case doubles as a laptop pad to shield you against electromagnetic fields and carrying case while on the go.

So whenever you’re not using the laptop, you can put it inside the SafeSleeve case and put it in your backpack. The pouch uses the same anti-blocking technology to protect your body from absorbing some levels of magnetic radiation emitted by the laptop when not in use. Its slim design also makes it more convenient for carrying around and storage.

The laptop protection case is built with military-grade material and is FCC lab-tested to be effective in blocking over 99% of radiofrequency radiation and about 92 % of ELF radiation.

Watch this video to see how the SafeSleeve Laptop Case can help block your laptop radiation:

SafeSleeve shielding Pad has a heat-shielding material that protects you against the heat generated by the laptop. The pad also has a rigid structure that can allow air to flow through.  

SafeSleeve designs two different sizes of anti-radiation laptop cases: one for small fits and the other for large fits. The small fits are compatible with 11-14 inch devices like MacBook models, iPads, and tablets. Any electronic device that measures 14*9.5*2 can fit in this case. A large fit, anti-radiation case is compatible with devices with a display of between 15 and 16 with a size of 15*10.5*2. You can choose black or tan leather for your laptop. 

The SafeSleeve laptop case has a built-in mouse pad where you can place your laptop and continue using it as a mobile workstation. The company also has high-quality products and great customer services.

 Pregnant mothers can use it to shield the fetus from the harmful electromagnetic waves.

Pros Cons

  • Lightweight and durable material.
  • Slim and stylish design.
  • Storage pouch.
  • High-impact, resistant material.
  • Non-slip outer material.
  • Slippery bottom.
  • Slightly expensive.

1. DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heatshield

DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heatshield

The DefenderPad Laptop EMF protection tops the list and is one of my favorite laptop radiation shield pads on the market. This laptop shield from DefenderShield is lab-tested and certified by the FCC. You can get the testing report from their website.

This pad is built with multiple layers of shielding material that makes it easy to block EMF radiation up to 99%. In addition, it has heat-blocking capabilities, thus reducing the amount of heat emitted from the bottom of your laptop. The anti-blocking material is designed to not interfere with transmission signals; that means you can still continue to receive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.

Its textured, non-slip grip surface holds your laptop firmly, preventing it from slipping while it’s placed on your lap. It is designed to accommodate laptops with a display of up to 17 inches, with a size of about 15.875*11*25.

It has a sturdy weight and builds with high-quality material that has a feel of industrial durability. This makes the pad to withstand drops or various accidents. Its slim and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around.

The DefenderShield Pad can help protect you against radiation from 5G technology, RF radiation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ELF, and heat radiation. All you have to do is place the DefenderPad between your body and the laptop.

It shields from radiation in the downward direction, so the emitted radiation doesn’t touch your body. Watch this video to learn more about how this EMF laptop protection sleeve works:

Due to its unique features, the DefenderPad Laptop radiation shield is among the best in the market. You can also have a look at the customer reviews on their website to learn what other customers are saying about the product.

Pros Cons

  • FCC certified and lab-tested.
  • Slim design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • 30-day return policy.
  • Very expensive.


If you use your laptop all day, you should invest in a quality laptop protection shield. I strongly recommend the DefenderPad EMF radiation shield because of its tested technology that blocks all 5G frequencies. 

Its unique, multilayer structure helps block up to 99% of electromagnetic field radiation of between 0 – 10GHz. Its strong and durable design makes it the most preferred for blocking EMF and heat radiation. It can give you peace of mind whenever you’re using the laptop.

Compared to other shielding products on the list, DefenderPad has high shielding effectiveness, and the RF radiation around the pad is less than that in the surrounding area.

However, if you’re on a budget or want a smaller sized product, then there are other products that may be better for you. You can choose any product of your choice. Remember that before you buy any of these EMF protection products, make sure the company provides proof that the product works.

As mentioned, one major downside is the DefenderPad’s big size, especially if you want a pad to carry around. If portability is one of your major concerns, you can also try the HARApad or SYB pad. Their unique designs and styles make them classy and easy to bring with you on trips.



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