Do Anti-Radiation Blankets Work?

Do Anti-Radiation Blankets Work

Due to increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation from modern products, more companies are selling anti-radiation blankets and other EMF products as protection measures.

Some manufacturers do not provide research data on how the anti-radiation blanket functions. This makes it difficult to test whether the anti-radiation blanket works or not. When buying an anti-radiation blanket, its quality of protection is very important.

So let’s have a look at how anti-radiation blankets work and how they protect you against electromagnetic radiation.                        

Anti-Radiation Blankets

Anti-radiation blankets are not made of 100% metal material that forms a Faraday cage to block EMF radiation. Instead, they use the attenuation process to reduce radiation exposure. Attenuation is a gradual loss of force as energy passes through an object.

Anti-radiation blankets are made using heavy lead material that attenuates the harmful radiation energies. Other metals like aluminum, copper, silver, and mylar absorb or scatter the photons when they pass through.

Lead blankets attenuate radiation from x-rays and other man-made sources. Blankets made from heavy lead wool material are suitable for protecting yourself against radiation in industrial application areas and nuclear plant stations.

Anti-radiation Blankets

There are also anti-radiation blankets designed specifically for pregnant and new mothers to protect their babies from electromagnetic radiation. Anti-radiation blankets have become more popular in the market with some that work while others don’t function as they claim.

You can also buy EMF-Protection blankets to shield yourself while on the go like when traveling in a plane. Alternatively, you can use them while using your laptop or tablet.

The manufacturer of most of the anti-radiation blankets claims that the blankets shield you from certain types of non-ionizing EMF radiation. So it is upon you to do your research to know how much radiation a particular EMF blanket reduces.

For example, if the materials attenuate 30 dB of radiation within the frequency of between 1 and 5 GHz, it will be able to block radiation from EMF sources within that frequency.

Do Anti-Radiation Blankets Work?

Yes, anti-radiation blankets reduce the amount of radiation exposure. However, this depends on the material used and the size of the blanket.

The effectiveness of these radiation blankets depends on the material used. For example, blankets made of Mylar material have a shielding effectiveness of about 95%. Most of these materials absorb radiation as it passes through the material thus reducing the level of exposure.

The amount of radiation attenuated depends on the distance between you and the source of EMF radiation. Radiation exposure uses the inverse-square law principle; as you double your distance from the EMF source, the lower your exposure rate.  

Always make sure the anti-radiation blanket you’re buying covers all parts of your body otherwise it will increase radiation exposure to the non-shielded parts of the body.  If you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity, the partial shielding will not help you.

Watch this video to see how electromagnetic radiation increases at the edge of shielding material:

So, unless the blanket shields you completely, you will be at high risk of exposure to unshielded areas. EMF protection clothing and blankets can cause EMF interference as well as increase radiation intensity on non-shielded parts.

The metallic grid attracts electromagnetic fields and once it comes in contact with your skin, it can increase exposure levels instead of reducing them.

Secondly, EMF protection blankets are designed to shield you from electric fields and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. It doesn’t shield you from magnetic fields and other forms of radiation. Before buying any of the anti-radiation blankets, know the type of radiation you’re exposed to and go for one that shields you against that type of radiation.

How Anti-Radiation Blankets Work

How Anti-radiation Blankets Work

Anti-radiation blankets consist of dual layers of comfortable cotton fiber material and anti-radiation metal fibers such as silver, lead, etc. The metal fiber acts as a shield between you and the EMF source and reduces harmful radiation from wireless technologies and other electronic devices by 85% to 99%.

Anti-radiation silver fibers can reduce radiation up to 95% and some of the products are tested and proven in FCC-certified laboratories.

You can place this blanket on your lap when using your laptop, iPad, tablet, phone, or cover your pregnant belly. You can also use it after childbirth to shield your child against the damaging effects of non-ionizing radiation.  

The metal materials not only attenuate radiation from modern products but also radiation emitted by natural non-polarized EMF sources.


If you are familiar with the dangers of EMF radiation you know how harmful high levels of exposure can be to pregnant women. The anti-radiation blankets attenuate electromagnetic radiation and reduce your exposure. Those working in x-ray departments can use blankets made of lead material to protect themselves from high exposure levels of ionizing radiation.

The effectiveness of your protection blanket depends on the metal fiber used and buying a size that fits your entire body.



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