Do Anti-Radiation Necklaces Work?

Do Anti-Radiation Necklaces Work

Anti-radiation necklaces are among the wearable products on the market that are used to shield your body against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. EMF radiation is everywhere you go and wearing these EMF protection necklaces will help you combat and minimize the negative effects of the radiation.

There are several anti-radiation necklaces on the market, some of which work, while others don’t work as they claim to. Before buying any of the anti-radiation necklaces, you should look at the technology behind the minerals used in constructing the necklace.

Let’s learn more about EMF exposure and how EMF protection necklaces shield you from EMF radiation.

EMF Radiation Exposure

Continuous exposure to EMF radiation affects the health of the human body. Those who are more hypersensitive to EMF may experience the symptoms while others don’t experience them at all. The fact that you don’t experience the symptoms doesn’t mean that you’re safe.

Exposure to high levels of radiation from your cell phone, Wi-Fi router, laptop, and other appliances may cause intense damage such as burns, tissue damage, skin cancer, damage of bone marrow, damaged DNA cells, and other types of cancer. Low-level radiation may lead to nausea, headaches, fatigue, seizures, migraines, loss of appetite, etc.

Since you’re surrounded by EMF sources everywhere, you need anti-radiation products to protect you from the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation. You can protect yourself by using wearable products or using shields.

EMF necklaces are some of the anti-radiation products you can use to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Most of these necklaces consist of a pendant and chain that hang around your neck to shield you against EMF radiation.

Do Anti-Radiation Necklaces Work?

There are different EMF necklaces on the market that use different technologies and concepts to shield against electromagnetic radiation. This has left many people wondering: Do the anti-radiation necklaces really work?

How EMF Necklaces Work

Yes, anti-radiation necklaces do work, although, there are many fake necklaces marketed as anti-radiation on the market, so be careful what you buy.

These EMF necklaces are constructed using minerals that create a paramagnetic field to shield you from harmful EMF radiation. If you’re electromagnetic hypersensitive, these anti-radiation necklaces can be helpful.

Depending on the technology used, some of the EMF necklaces can shield you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. However, I haven’t come across an anti-radiation necklace that absorbs or blocks radiation by 100%. So, no matter how powerful the necklace is, it cannot block all EMF waves that penetrate your brain when making a call.

Anti-radiation necklaces can reduce a large amount of the EMF radiation you absorb into your body. Using them with other protection methods will guarantee total protection.

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How EMF Necklaces Work

Anti-radiation necklaces/pendants with negative ion components can offset electromagnetic radiation effects caused by various electronic appliances around us. Negative ion necklaces have different designs and are made from different materials such as black tourmaline, silicon, orgonite, titanium, shungite, zeolite, and germanium.

These minerals have the ability to reduce radiation exposure through an attenuation process. Attenuation is described as a gradual loss of force when energy particles pass through the material. Necklaces use the same technology to attenuate harmful energy from EMF sources.

Here are some examples of attenuation:

  • Vests made of lead material attenuate x-ray radiation.
  • Walls in your home attenuate sound.
  • Fog attenuates sunlight when it passes through it.

The materials used in making your necklaces and other wearable EMF products attenuate the harmful energy passing through them. Some other materials made of metals have the ability to block electromagnetic radiation.

Use of these metals is based on the concept of a Faraday cage, and they include aluminum, copper, and others. These materials block radiation by scattering the photons as the harmful radiation passes through them.

There are different anti-radiation necklaces/pendants on the market. When shopping for an EMF necklace, look at the technology behind it to determine whether it will work or not. In addition, you can choose them based on your style and needs.

Most of the powerful anti-radiation necklaces are made using shungite material that absorbs the negative radiation energy around you. They use a technology that absorbs and protects you from EMF radiation through the use of decibel (dB).

Products that attenuate at 10dB reduce EMF by 90% while those that attenuate at 50dB have a reduction rate of 99.999%.

So if a particular necklace doesn’t provide you with information, videos, and evidence on how it works, then it probably doesn’t work.

EMF necklaces are great for your health

Other Protective Properties

The necklaces not only reduce EMF radiation but are also great for your health. The minerals used to design them can:

  • promote quality sleep;
  • reduce anxiety and stress;
  • strengthen your immune system;
  • improve your well-being;
  • improve your brain function;
  • increase mental clarity; and
  • provide healing benefits.

For example, black tourmaline mineral is mostly referred to as the electricity stone because it is a crystal that produces both positive and negative ions. The crystals are known to empower the electrical field in our body and protect it against radiation. The crystals also have some health benefits and it is used as a healing stone.

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Shungite mineral is the most popular material for making EMF protection products. This mineral has several health benefits and it is great for reducing the amount of EMF absorbed into your body.

Watch this video to see how effective the mineral is against electromagnetic radiation:

Shungite compound consists of hollow carbon molecules commonly known as fullerenes. Fullerenes have microscopic carbon cages that absorb electromagnetic radiation and protect your body.

Necklaces made using orgonite minerals consist of a blend of organic resin and inorganic metals. These compounds are known for balancing and harmonizing negative energy on the body. They clean the negative energy in the body and protect the body against the effects of EMF radiation.

Additionally, necklaces with orgonite compounds boost your energy levels, balance your mood, improve your immune system, and help you with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) symptoms.

Who Should Wear Them?

EMF necklaces are good for anyone who wants to protect themself from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation while on the go. Those who have EHS can also use it. EHS individuals experience nausea, itchiness, dizziness, and fatigue when exposed to EMF. Since it is impossible to stay away from all EMF sources, EMF protection necklaces can help people alleviate the symptoms of EHS.

If you are in an area surrounded by power lines and other electronics, anti-radiation necklaces will help reduce the amount of exposure from these devices.

Test Your Necklace

Once you buy the anti-radiation necklace, you can test whether it works. To do so, you can wear your necklace for a whole day and record how you feel. If you’re hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation, you will experience reduced symptoms immediately. If you don’t feel any changes even after wearing it for days, then probably it doesn’t work for you.

Most of the EMF protection necklaces do neutralize EMF radiation effects on your body. The pendant in the necklace has mineral components that absorb radiation.

The necklaces do not reduce the amount of radiation in the surrounding environment. Therefore, you can use an EMF meter to measure how much radiation is reduced around your necklace. If you don’t already have a meter, check out our guide 5 Best EMF Handheld EMF Meters.


Electromagnetic field radiation is everywhere and it can affect your body hence the need for EMF protection products. EMF necklaces have anti-radiation properties that attenuate harmful energy from EMF sources and reduce their exposure to your body.

However, EMF necklaces shouldn’t be your only means of protecting yourself. For effective results, you have to combine it with other EMF protection measures because they can’t absorb 100% of EMF radiation.

The anti-radiation necklaces only attenuate radiation to a certain degree. Before choosing any of these products, confirm the technology behind it to know whether it works or not. Necklaces made from shungite and black tourmaline have real science behind their claims so you should be confident when wearing them.



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