Do Electric Blankets Emit EMF?

Do Electric Blankets Emit EMF

The use of electric blankets has been on the rise for years. Many people use electric blankets during cold winter nights to keep themselves warm without knowing the risks they put themselves through. There is a lot of concern about EMF radiation and a lot of household appliances put us at high risk of EMF radiation. You may wonder, do electric blankets emit EMF? If so, how safe are you?

Electric blankets do emit high levels of EMF radiation. Using this type of blanket will expose your body to extremely low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. The amount of radiation that penetrates your body can give you an increased risk of chronic illness. Therefore, electric blankets are unsafe for your health.

Electric blankets emit magnetic field radiation just like other electronic devices. They also have heating elements even though they don’t get very hot like the other devices. The blankets are always in close proximity to your body, and sleeping with them for a long period will increase the intensity of radiation exposure.

Magnetic field radiation has negative effects on your body. To reduce EMF radiation, it is recommended to maintain a distance from the source of EMF. Electric blankets are always held in close proximity to your body. Therefore, using them every night will not be good for your health. The more the length of exposure, the higher the risk.

In addition, your body performs some important functions at night. At night, the body is in repair mode – new cells are created and damaged cells are repaired. Therefore, using electric blankets that emit high levels of EMF will not be safe for you and may interrupt this repair cycle.

Are Electric Blankets Safe?

Electric blankets not only emit EMF radiation, but they also cause other harm to individuals. There are cases where house fires are associated with electric blankets. In some cases, the fire caused serious burns and to some extent, deaths, especially in the 1990’s.

Are Electric Blankets Safe

When you keep the electric blanket on for too long, the wires inside the blanket may start to overheat, resulting in fires. Another reason for overheating wires is improper storage of the electric blanket. If you leave the blanket plugged into the socket for a long time without using it will result in overheating.

Folding the blankets can also make the wires bend and eventually break, affecting the even distribution of current throughout the blanket. This may result in fires or overheating.

How to Safely Use Electric Blankets

  • Always unplug the electric blanket from the socket when not in use.
  • Do not fold the electric blanket. Roll it and store in a cool and dry place.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing electric blankets.
  • Always buy high-quality electric blankets from certified, reputable firms.
  • Never use an electric blanket for more than 10 years. After 10 years you should replace it even if it’s in good condition.

Impact of Electric Blankets on Humans

Your body’s inability to repair itself due to constant exposure to high-levels of radiation results in several health complications. Electric blankets emit 10 to 40 times more EMF radiation than the electrical wiring in your home.

There are studies that link radiation from an electric blanket to childhood leukemia. It can also increase the growth of cancerous cells because it interferes with your autoimmune system.

There is also an increased risk of miscarriage to pregnant women. Exposure to EMF radiation of between 50 to 60 Hz increases breast cancer risk. It also affects the reproductive system and as a result, it leads to increased infertility in men.

Continuous use of an electric blanket can suppress the production of melatonin hormones that trigger stress and also reduce the quality of your sleep and your sleep cycle. It can also affect your brain processing and increase the risk of depression.

There is also the possibility of short-term effects like shock waves and overheating. For those who have decreased sensitivity to heat, using electric blankets can result in serious burns. The blankets are also very dangerous to diabetic people.

The effects of EMF radiation vary from one person to another and in most cases, not all the symptoms are experienced by all people. Those who are more sensitive to radiation report having sleeping problems and reduced energy levels. Therefore, using an electric blanket regularly may be causing you more harm than good. Watch this video to see what your electric blanket might be doing to you:

Ways to Minimize Radiation Caused by Electric Blankets

Instead of using electric blankets, you can look for other ways that will keep you warm at night. If you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), you should avoid the use of electric blankets or use low-level electric blankets.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Go for non-electric blankets made of wool or cotton fleece. You can also use extra sheets made of these materials to increase warmth.
  • Wear warm pajamas when going to sleep. For example, you can wear warm socks or a winter hat.
  • Use flannel sheets or thicker sheets to hold more warmth inside.
  • Use a warm comforter, have an extra blanket or use a duvet made of wool material to increase warmth.
  • Turn on your room heater at night.
  • Use hot water bottles made of plastic material. Put hot water in the bottle and place it at the foot of your bed under the covers while sleeping.
  • Turn on the blanket to heat up your bed before getting in, then turn it off.

Warming the bed before getting in will help reduce your exposure while sleeping. Electric blankets are not the only sources of EMF radiation. Home appliances including your cell phones and Wi-Fi devices also emit EMF radiation. You should also come up with ways to protect yourself against exposure to these other appliances. Though electric blankets have higher levels of EMF radiation compared to other sources, the radiation that affects you is cumulative.

If you like electric blankets, try to buy low EMF electric blankets to minimize the risk of exposure. There is also a temperature-controlled heating mattress you can use to control the warmth of your bed. The mattresses use a “chili technology” with a ChiliPAD control unit. This type of mattress will allow you to choose your sleeping temperature and there are no health risks associated with the ChiliPAD controlled mattresses.

Top Low EMF Electric Blankets on the Market

Buying a low EMF electric blanket is a great way of having extra warmth while protecting yourself against EMF radiation. Some of these blankets include:

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit/Luxury Micro-Fleece Blanket

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The Serta Reversible Sherpa/Fleece heated electric blanket is Amazon’s choice. It is made of polyester material and has a white sherpa lining. It has an easy-to-use controller that allows you to set the heat level based on the ambient temperatures. It has 5 heat setting options to allow you to stay warm while you sleep.

SoftHeat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket

This electric heated blanket is made of micro-fleece material and micro-thin wires to ensure there is even heat distribution throughout the blanket. The low voltage technology used ensures the blanket is safe and non-hazardous.

The blanket uses a converter that changes the AC to non-hazardous DC. This allows the blanket to emit zero EMF radiation.

The blanket has a single control that automatically switches off after 10 hours of use. The controller has a backlit display with an auto-dimming capability. This allows you to easily adjust night temperatures without having to switch on lights.

The micro-thin wires inside the blanket make it impossible to notice them. This ensures you experience great warmth with calming effects.


  • Micro-fleece fabric makes the blanket luxurious
  • Very large since it is built for queen size bed
  • Low voltage blanket.


  • Limited warranty

Serta Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Heated

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The Serta Reversible Sherpa/Fleece heated electric blanket is Amazon’s choice. It is made of polyester material and has a white sherpa lining. It has an easy-to-use controller that allows you to set the heat level based on the ambient temperatures. It has 5 heat setting options to allow you to stay warm while you sleep.

It automatically turns off the heat after 4 hours to enable you to save on heat consumption. The blanket has a size of 50” by 60” and it is great for use on your couch, or bed as an extra layer of warmth.

Serta reversible Sherpa blanket

The soft material used feels incredible next to your skin. The thin wires inside the blanket ensure even distribution of heat throughout the blanket. The blanket provides you with enough warmth and emits little EMF radiation. Although it’s labeled no EMF emission, the controller emits a small amount of radiation.


  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Easy to adjust heat temperatures


  • Limited warranty of 3 years


There are various dangers of using electric blankets. These dangers can be mitigated by using non-electric blankets. There are other effective alternatives you can use to avoid exposure to EMF from your electric blanket. If you have to use electric blankets, make sure to buy low EMF radiation blankets and minimize their usage.

The longer the length of time the electric blanket is in contact with your body, the more you will be exposed to high levels of magnetic radiation. Consider not using it every night, or use it to warm your bed and then turn it off and get in. This will minimize the level of exposure. Be careful how you store your blanket, as you want to prevent the wires from wear and tear. Unplug it when not in use.

To protect you from the various dangers of EMF, minimize EMF exposure from electric blankets and other appliances.



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