Does Copper Block EMF Radiation?

Does Copper Block EMF Radiation

We are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation from different sources, both at home and in the workplace. Since some of the radiation is beyond your control, the only option left is to find ways to shield yourself against this dangerous EMF radiation. So, does copper block the EMF radiation?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions for those looking to protect themselves from extremely low frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation. One way to shield yourself is through the use of copper metal.

Copper is made up of copper mesh which is used to shield against microwaves radiation, radio frequency radiation and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. Copper can shield both RF and magnetic waves thus blocking them from penetrating to a surface or human body.

The copper metal has a very high thermal and electrical conductivity essential to the human body. Because copper can attenuate magnetic and electric fields, it makes it one of the most reliable metals for blocking EMF radiation.

Copper has the ability to shield the human body from EMF radiation. It can shield both electric and magnetic waves. As a result, it’s one of the most preferred metals for use in some machines such as server room computing equipment and in MRI machines in the hospitals.

The wire mesh in copper blocks the different types of EMF radiation. It doesn’t matter whether you have thicker mesh wires. The available holes are small enough to block any radio or microwave wavelength trying to penetrate through the mesh.

Though the copper metal can block the electromagnetic waves from penetrating through, it can’t absorb them.

Other EMF protection materials you can use in place of copper include aluminum, stainless steel, silver, shungite, and stones.

Due to copper’s ability to attenuate electric and magnetic waves, it has more undeniable advantages as compared to the other metal materials.

How Copper Works to Protect Against EMF Radiation

The various EMF protection materials aim at attacking the radiation by either blocking or deflecting its penetration, neutralizing the electromagnetic waves, and strengthening the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

The most common methods to protect against EMF radiation are discussed below.

1. Neutralization

Neutralization is when the copper material counteracts the harmful positive ions emitted by a particular EMF source with negative ions which are safer. Neutralizing the EMF radiation from the source reduces the risk of exposure.

2. Using Measurable Reduction

This uses an attenuation process to control and regulate the amount of EMF radiation being absorbed by your body. Since it might be difficult to use a faraday cage or faraday shield at home, reduction is the best possible option.

A faraday shield is a device/method used to block electromagnetic fields by covering the conductive material. The electric charges are distributed within the conductive material and as a result, they cancel the electromagnetic fields.

A faraday cage has a mesh that protects transmitting radio frequency signals from interference from other external radio frequency interference (RFI) equipment.

Using copper material, aluminum, silver or even shungite can help in reducing the amount of EMF radiation. You can use a quality EMF meter to measure the EMF radiation.

3. Strengthens Body Defense Mechanism

Copper helps strengthen your body’s defense mechanism by boosting your body’s electromagnetic field. As a result, the body is able to overcome the negative effects of radiation from man-made devices.

Copper and other protective materials focus on strengthening your body’s natural resources in a manner similar to Earth’s Schumann Resonance.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself Against EMF

Apart from using protective metals, you can also protect yourself against EMF radiation in the following ways:

  • Obtain a cover for the smart meter you’re using at home.
  • Use a hard-wired internet connection instead of using wireless internet.
  • Put the phone in flight mode when you’re not using it or when you’re sleeping.
  • Use electric filters to filter dirty electricity from non-standard cables.
  • Don’t stand next to the microwave when you’re warming up food. Some people just get rid of their microwave all together.
  • Create a sleep sanctuary around your bedroom that is free of all Wi-Fi connection devices.

With the current health concerns about electromagnetic radiation from dirty electricity and electronic devices, you have to come up with safety measures to make your home safe from all radiation exposure.

You can use EMF blocking materials like curtains or drapes, smart meter covers, window films, a shielding paint, neutralizing plug-ins, and other protection items.

You can also employ device shielding mechanisms to reduce your exposure to electromagnetism. A shielding device can protect you from the radiation generated by your cell phone or laptop.

You can use shield covers to block the full spectrum of EMF radiation emitted by your smartphone. These shield covers are in different forms and are made for various radiation emitting devices.

Tech shields can also protect you against radiation from your phone, tablet, router and laptop by diverting and absorbing radiation from those devices.

EMF protection jewelry

You can also use personal wearable protection like jewelry and clothing made with a protective material. Wearable protections are portable and you can carry them with you wherever you go. These wearable protection gadgets can protect you from Wi-Fi radiation in a store or restaurant or even from other people’s devices.

EMF protection jewelry comes in different styles and types like bracelets, necklaces or pendants. Different designs of these jewelries are made from different EMF reducing materials like copper, aluminum, or silver. They offer maximum protection to you as you travel from one place to another.

Shielding clothes attenuate EMF radiation by scattering all the radiation photons trying to penetrate into your body. Protective clothing provides you with measurable protection and shields you from electromagnetic radiation everywhere you go.

Copper Products that Block EMF

There are various copper products on the market which are specifically designed to block or deflect EMF radiation. The products range from thin to lightweight fabrics which are lined with copper wires and a mesh.

The copper wire mesh and wire-lined fabrics are more durable and versatile. They allow you to create a layer of protection in different places in your home. From the wire-lined fabric, you can make a wall shield, a camping tent, window curtains or even make a canopy for your bed.

You can purchase one of these copper materials from Amazon and use them to protect yourself against EMF radiation. Some of these materials are discussed below.

1. Copper Fabric Blocking Material

Copper fabric blocking material provides EMF protection against smart meter radiation. It is made of copper, plain type and polyester material enabling it to create a conductive grid similar to that used in building a faraday cage.

It is very easy to cut, sew and use in your home, which makes it easy to protect yourself from the radiation generated by cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, security systems, and radiation from other wireless devices.

The material has a surface resistance of below 0.03 ohms and an attenuation of 85 dB. It can block RF, EMF, EMI, microwave radiation and low frequency radiation.

2. EMF Shielding Window Filming

This material is used for blocking EMF radiation, EMF protection and RF shielding. The material is mostly used to protect against cell phone towers, Wi-Fi networks, and smart devices. This window film provides attenuation at 30 dB and a shielding of 10 GHz. It protects you from any harmful radiation passing through the window.

Due to the high quality material, it protects you and your family from undetected and known EMF radiation sources. This window film is considered easy to install and use.

3. EMF Shielding Window Film RDF72

This is a high frequency EMF shielding metal used to shield windows and glass surfaces. The film blocks high frequency (HF) radiation. It has an attenuation of 32 dB, providing you with 94% protection against EMF radiation.

It provides indoor protection and it can be used on glass surfaces, doors and any other surface. The RDF72 is only recommended for low EMF radiations. The film on the window contains 12 metal layers and doesn’t affect visibility. The edges of the film are sealed with a FKV50 edge sealant.


Copper material helps reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation and neutralizes the radiation signals for both radio frequency and electromagnetic fields. The material is efficient, durable, reliable and versatile.

Incorporating copper material into your home helps combat EMF radiation from various home appliances and wireless devices. It is widely available and offers the best shielding compared to other protection materials.

Electromagnetic fields have both electric and magnetic fields. The energy emitted by these fields is what causes electromagnetic radiation. Our body system has its own electric function like our brain, nervous system and the heart. Frequencies emitted from different electric sources or equipment interfere with our body functions. As a result, we experience various health issues. Copper is used to strengthen the body’s defense mechanisms.

Because of copper’s shielding nature against EMF radiation, it is mostly used in hospitals or in other IT applications. You can also use other materials like aluminum foil or aluminum mesh, silver, and stainless steel to protect yourself against EMF radiation.

You can use one or more of these materials when building faraday cages. Using materials like steel framing in your home may prevent some signals like cell signals from penetrating through. This results in dead zones or areas with no cell phone signal.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide on whether to protect yourself and your family from exposure to electromagnetic radiation and which method to use to do this.



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