Do EMF Hats Actually Work?

Do EMF Hats Actually Work

When receiving or making calls, your cell phone emits high levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation close to your head. Continuous exposure can have harmful effects hence the need for EMF hats. These EMF hats are designed to specifically shield your head from the harmful effects of Radio Frequency (RF) radiation emitted by your cell phone.

There are different EMF protection products in the market that claim to protect you from EMF radiation, but they do not work. As a result, there are a lot of concerns about whether EMF hats actually work.

Let’s talk more about them and find out whether they work or not. 

What is an EMF Hat?

An EMF hat is a radiation blocking product that shields your brain from exposure to RF signals and microwaves. These hats are lined with a layer of lightweight metal sheeting such as stainless steel fibers or silver coated mesh lining which provides you with excellent protection against EMF radiation.

The unique fabric used in making the hats gives them a comfortable and natural feel. The hats not only block electromagnetic radiation waves but are also stylish and they fit incredibly well. These hats reduce your exposure to 5G waves, high-frequency, and low-frequency radiations.

What is an EMF Hat

Since the RF radiation has behavioral disturbance, the EMF hat protects your brain from any electromagnetic interference. It reflects electromagnetic radiation away from your head.

Most of the EMF hats are designed to shield you from RF radiation and other radio broadcast radiation within the frequency range of between 30 MHz to 3000 MHz. The hat can shield you from radiation emitted by cell phone devices, Wi-Fi routers, satellite systems, and TV stations among other sources.

When communicating with your cellular device, the antenna is placed close to your head. As your phone establishes a connection with the cell towers it generates electromagnetic waves. The emitted waves are absorbed into your body exposing you to high levels of RF radiation.

How RF Radiation Affects Your Brain

Radio frequencies transmitted in the range of 100 kHz to 300 GHz generate an EMF that propagates through space when current is supplied to the antenna.

The high-frequency radio waves can increase your body temperature in the form of heat reactions. As RF-EMF penetrates your body, it causes vibration of the polar or charged molecules inside the body.

How RF Radiation Affects Your Brain

The RF electromagnetic radiation emitted by your cell phone device and other Wi-Fi devices near you are absorbed by your brain. When absorbed to a high degree, it activates the metabolic process in your brain. As a result, it affects your neuronal activity. Those who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation can experience symptoms such as headaches, stress, and anxiety.

Some studies show that increased exposure to RF-EMF will increase the risk of brain tumors, affect neurodevelopment, and other cognitive functions in your body. Other studies indicate an increased risk of childhood leukemia and also leukemia in adults.

Wi-Fi radiation is associated with oxidative stress that causes cellular macromolecules like DNA, lipids, and protein to be impacted. Continuous exposure to Wi-Fi radiation causes anxiety-like behavior.  

Excessive Wi-Fi exposure can also disrupt learning, affect your memory, cause fatigue, and sleep deprivation due to reduced melatonin production.   

Do EMF Hats Actually Work?

It depends, there are some EMF hats that work while others don’t. However, these products do not 100% block electromagnetic radiation. The EMF hats can only reduce your exposure to a certain percentage.  

Just like EMF protective clothing, there is little information on how the EMF hats work though the manufacturers of these products claim they work. EMF hats made from anti-blocking material have the ability to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation through the attenuation process. Using the EMF hat will prevent radiation symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

Attenuation is where the anti-blocking material reduces force as radiation energy passes through it. Hats made of stainless steel, silver, aluminum, or copper can attenuate electromagnetic radiation through the scattering of photons or absorbing them as they pass through the material.   

EMF Hats

Other protective hats are made from super lightweight microwave absorbing sheets to reduce your exposure to EMFs. EMF hats made from silver fabric have positively charged silver-ions that form a conductive field to deflect EMF radiation away from your body.

If you want to buy an EMF protection cap, look for research about the product and attenuation information in decibels. These hats have a shielding fabric incorporated in the middle layer while the other layers are made of either cotton material or polyester to make you feel comfortable. They are washable and highly durable.

For example, this EMF hat from Halsa blocks EMF exposure from your cell phone, Wi-Fi connections, microwaves, smart meters, and powerlines. It is a one size fits all radiation blocking beanie and everyone can wear it. This type of EMF blocking hat has shielding effectiveness of about 99.995%.

There are also EMF protection hats designed specifically for reducing certain types of EMF radiation. So be sure what type of radiation you want to shield yourself from before buying the hat.


Other EMF Protection Measures

Using an EMF meter, you can know the source of radiation within your surrounding environment and take appropriate action. Just wearing an EMF hat is not a guarantee you have fully shielded yourself. You should consider other options for reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

To effectively shield yourself, you can add two or more protective measures to be sure of your safety. Some of these measures you can take include:

1. Keep your cell phone away from your head

When on a call, you can use headphones or put your phone on speaker so that it is far away from your head. Headphones emit less RF radiation especially if you’re making long-distance calls, sending large files, downloading files, or streaming online.

2. Switch off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth devices

If you’re not using your Wi-Fi device and Bluetooth, you can switch them off to reduce the amount of exposure to RF radiation.

3. Limit cell phone use when signal strength is weak

If you’re in dead zone areas or areas with weak network signals, avoid using your cell phone device. Phones emit more RF radiation when the network connection is weak. They keep searching for network connections to the nearest cell towers and as a result, more RF signals are transmitted.

4. Limit the use of a cell phone when the battery is low

When your phone’s battery is low, it emits more RF radiation. So if you’re making a call, you will expose your head to higher levels of RF-EMF radiation.

5. Remove your headset if not on call

Headsets do emit a small amount of radiation even when not in use. Therefore, if you’re not on a call, you should remove your headset to reduce your exposure. 


In our everyday life, we are exposed to a lot of electromagnetic field radiation. These EMFs are invisible to the human eye hence the need to shield ourselves. The demand for use of electronic devices in our modern society exposes us to high levels of EMF pollution.

The use of cell phone devices and other smart devices close to our body has increased our exposure to RF radiation. This increases the risk of possible biological effects such as brain tumors, leukemia, and other neural disorders.

Using an EMF hat can reduce your exposure to the RF-EMF radiations and lower its effects on your body. A good EMF hat should be able to block the harmful radiation from being absorbed into your body.



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At the start, the aim of my research on EMF was to safeguard my family against the possible hazards of EMF radiation, but it has now become my mission to share this research with everyone. It is a fact that the threat of EMF is on the rise, but there are a number of ways by which we can protect ourselves.

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