EMF Vs. Your Brain: Do High EMFs Cause Hallucinations?

Do High EMFs Cause Hallucinations

There are many effects of EMF radiation on human health. Many of these health implications border on cancer, reproductive problems, and dizziness. However, it remains to be seen if there are any profound effects of EMF on the human brain.

High EMFs do cause some forms of hallucinations in human beings. This fact was confirmed in an experiment by Dr. Michael Persinger in his experiment. The result of the experiment showed that when the human brain is subjected to high levels of EMF, there are alterations in the brain. 

Over time, there has been an increase in awareness of EMF radiations. In the same vein, there has been an increase in human health concerns raised over the exposure to EMF radiations. Ever since lots of discoveries have been made regarding the health implications of EMF, this article highlights one of those health concerns.

Can High EMF Cause Hallucinations?

High EMF can cause hallucinations. This was made known in an experiment conducted by Dr. Michael Persinger, a researcher at the Consciousness Research Lab at Laurentian University in Canada. The experiment was aimed at discovering the truth about the effect of high EMFs on the human brain.

In the experiment or experiments (as it was a series of different experiments involving almost the same procedure), a soundproof chamber was used in conjunction with a helmet filled with electromagnets. The electromagnets’ purpose was to produce high levels of EMFs while the soundproof chamber ensures that no external factor or distraction is caused. 

It was discovered in the experiment that the frontal lobe of the brain reacted to the high levels of EMF radiations from the helmet. These reactions included a reduction in the level of melatonin in the brain. This drop in melatonin is thus responsible for the production of epileptic-like seizures that resulted in hallucinations. 

This experiment was carried out using different voluntary subjects who wore the helmet. A total of 80% of these subjects reported that they felt something or someone present with them in the soundproof chamber. In essence, they were the only ones in the chamber during the experiment. This goes to prove that increased levels of EMFs have some effects on the human brain, and one of these effects is the production of false images and hallucinations. 

What are the Other Effects of EMF Emissions on Human Health?

Continued exposure to EMF radiation has a lot of negative health effects on the human body. In this section, we will go through a few of them. However, it is important to state that small doses of EMF radiation don’t cause health issues in humans. Rather, it is the consistent and continuous exposure to EMF radiations that result in health complications. 

EMF Modifications to Human Cells

The following are some of the health issues identified with the exposure to EMF radiation.

Modifications to Human Cells

There are indications from medical researches and studies that EMF radiations can cause some modifications and changes to the structure and constituents of the human cell. While research is still ongoing with regard to this claim, there are substantial pieces of evidence to prove that the EMF emissions from electric appliances and wireless devices cause detrimental changes to human cells and DNA.

Some medical researchers have shown that electromagnetic radiation causes ions redistributions in cells. Others suggest that cell proliferation and differentiation may be some of the effects of the EMF radiation on human cells.

ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS)

This is another detriment that occurs from over exposure to EMF radiations. It is a form of allergy or sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. What this implies is that people with EHS cannot resist the effect of EMF radiation on their body. Hence, they are more susceptible to some of the health risks associated with EMF radiations.

Although medical researches and studies backing the prevalence of this allergy are not much, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized this form of sensitivity as one of the adverse effects of EMF emissions. You probably have this allergy if you observe some of the following symptoms; a tingling sensation in the body, fatigue and tiredness, nausea, dizziness, easy loss of focus, irregular heartbeat, and digestion disorders.

Now, these are some of the effects of the continued effects of being exposed to high EMF radiations. it is important to state once again that not all of these effects have been confirmed by medical researchers. Some of them are indications of what has been observed in a few cases. Therefore, they cannot be generalized.

Sources of High EMFs

After examining the possible effect of EMF radiations on human health, it is important to understand how these radiations are produced. Basically, the bulk of EMF radiations that comes in contact with the human body emanates from wireless devices and electrical appliances. These devices and gadgets, by virtue of their working principle, emit radiofrequency waves and EMF radiations.

While these gadgets emit radiations in different forms and degrees, they all portend danger and health risks to individuals using them. This is because a lot of these appliances and gadgets are used in homes and offices. Thus, people are always exposed to them.

In this section, we will discuss some of the common and popular gadgets and appliances that emit EMF radiation and cause huge health risks to us.


The television set represents one of the common appliances that can be found in the house. While this appliance provides a means of entertainment and relaxation for us, they also emit EMF radiations that places us under health risks.

You should know that technological advancements have played an important role in reducing the health risk caused by television sets. The older, box-shaped television set with a cathode ray tube emits large amounts of EMF radiation. Newer flat-screen TVs also emit radiation at a lesser rate than the older versions.

However, television sets of today produce a significant amount of EMF radiation since they are now able to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and other near-field communication technologies, i.e., they are now smart.

Mobile Phones

Virtually, everyone uses a mobile phone. It is so common that kids and little children also have their own. However, how much do we know about the dangers caused by this gadget through its EMF emission?

Cell phones and tablets emit radiofrequency energy waves, which is a type of non-ionizing radiation. They affect human beings and cause serious health damage due to their proximity to the human body for most parts of the day.

Some of the harm caused by the emission of EMF have been documented in medical journals. Furthermore, several kinds of research have been carried out, linking cell phones to brain tumors.

Laptop Computers

Laptop computers also generate extensive EMF radiation due to their inner components and wirings. While these emissions may not be as much as those emitted by other gadgets and devices, the rate and length of time people spend exposed to them makes them dangerous.

If you are the type of person who rests your laptop computer on your lap while you work, know that you are bringing your body, especially your reproductive organs, in close contact with the emitted radiation.

This is because there have been some indications that reproductive problems and infertility are caused when reproductive organs are exposed to excessive amounts of EMF radiations, especially for men.

Wireless devices              

The working principle of these class of devices makes them dangerous and a powerful emitter of EMF radiations. Due to the fact that these devices do not use cables and wires to establish communication connections, they use radiofrequency waves for communication. As a result of these radiofrequency waves, EMF radiations are produced.

Mobile devices and smart meters, wireless devices such as Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth transmitters also produce radio frequency waves. Specific wireless devices such as long-distance transmitters emit high levels of RF waves. Because of the increase in smart devices in homes today, Wi-Fi routers are also on the rise.

Moreso, they operate non-stop 24/7. Some sources believe that some of the most harmful radiation effects from Wi-Fi devices are reproductive issues, cancer, etc.


While this may be surprising and strange to you, your countertop is also a source of EMF radiations. Several kinds of rock, including granite, contains uranium. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly all minerals, rocks, and soils contain small amounts of naturally occurring radioactive elements.

These rocks and stones, when used as countertops or any other type of furniture, emit radiation. This emission is as a result of the uranium or any other radioactive element present in the rock. However, it is important to state that the emissions from this type of source is very minimal.

Thus, it holds little or no danger for you or other members of your family using the countertop.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens produce EMF radiations. Microwave ovens are one of the most popular household appliances in the world. 

You should know that microwave ovens emit huge amounts of EMF radiation. These emissions are so powerful that they can cook food. According to the EPA, microwave ovens employ electromagnetic waves that penetrate food, causing water molecules to vibrate and produce heat within the food to cook it rapidly.

This working principle makes a microwave oven a very effective gadget for cooking and warming food items. However, the principle may be dangerous for human health. While microwaves do not make food radioactive, the produced radiation circulates the oven. This means that if the lid of the oven is sagging and not well closed, radiation may seep out of the microwave oven.

This is where the danger in the use of microwave oven is. The radiation that seeps out can cause serious health issues to the human body when it comes in contact.  This renders it imperative that the microwave oven doors seal properly to ensure that the radiation stays in the oven.

Consequently, you need to avoid slamming the door, wear and tear, and the build-up of dirt, to ensure that the microwave door seals properly without leakage. As a standing rule, it is advised that you stand a few feet away from the microwave while it operates.

Different Means of Protecting Against EMF Radiations

Can High EMF Cause Hallucinations

Coming up next are a few different ways through which one can adequately remain safe from EMFs discharged around.

  • Get an EMF Meter – If You can Detect it, You can Control It

Ensuring the use of an EMF meter to gauge the rate and force of EMF radiation in various house regions is another supportive method. It is hard to protect oneself against an invisible danger. Notwithstanding, with the guide of an EMF meter, you can understand the force and degree of the threat you face with EMF radiations.

This implies that anytime you power an appliance or switch on a gadget, you know the peril you open yourself to. You can likewise know the measure of EMF created in various rooms of the house or office, in this way, permitting you to understand the most secure spot in the building.

  • Attempt Wired Appliances and Gadgets

This is another approach to secure yourself against EMF radiation. Some EMF radiation happens because of these devices’ activities to communicate with one another through radiofrequency waves. Thus, the utilization of a wired gadget decreases the emanation of radiofrequency radiations.

Hence, it is prudent to have a wired telephone at home and in the workplace. This will lessen the utilization of a portable wireless phone. Likewise, instead of a wireless modem or WIFI switch, you should attempt fiber internet connections.

  • Not in Use? Switch It Off!

Regardless of whether you are at home or in the workplace, you put yourself in danger of EMFs with all the machines around you. While you can keep some space away from certain devices, you may find it difficult to do the same with others. For this situation, the best strategy is to turn off the appliances that are not being used.

PCs, printers, wireless mouse, WIFI routers, and other office gadgets ought to be kept off while not being used. You should recall that radiofrequency radiation exudes from these devices, and staying away may not work.

One of the gadgets that should be turned off while not in use includes your cellphones, computers and microwave ovens. Every one of these devices transmits a sort of EMF that cannot be defended against by distancing, thus turning them off when not being used remains the best course of action.

Besides, you will be saving money on power and energy bills by turning off the greater part of these appliances when not being used.

  • The Farther, the Safer

This implies you can protect yourself against EMF radiations by moving somewhat farther from electrical and wireless gadgets when they are in use. The idea is to move around 3 feet from the appliances that you are utilizing. It is expected that intensity of the EMF radiation produced by this gadgets will be minimal and of little danger and adverse effect.

It is important to state that relatively smaller gadgets likewise deliver EMF radiations. It may be surprising to learn that these smaller gadgets produce a more significant amount of EMFs than bigger appliances. This implies that devices like a telephone charger, battery charger, PC charger, electric engines, Television sets, and other small devices produce more EMF radiation.

Bigger electrical gadgets likewise produce EMFs; however, the power and amount are not as much as that of the little electrical devices. This isn’t to infer that you can remain under three feet from them. For example, the EMFs from gadgets, microwaves, fridges, clothes washers, and the preferences are similarly dangerous.

Subsequently, as a dependable guideline, in any event, remain three feet from any electrical apparatus while in use.


From Dr. Persinger’s experiment, we can conclude that it is possible that hallucinations are caused when the brain is subjected to high levels of EMF. This fact confirms the suspicion that EMF radiation affects the human brain in many ways.

Also, apart from hallucinations, the human body reacts adversely to EMF radiations from electrical appliances and wireless devices. These reactions include loss of memory, dizziness, incessant headache, reproductive failure, and others. Summarily, increased exposure to EMFs adversely affects human health.

As a result of all these effects, it is necessary to protect oneself from the dangers of EMF. While we cannot do without these gadgets and appliances that cause EMF radiations, we can limit their use. We can also ensure that the devices are turned off when not in use, and adequate distance is kept from them when in use. Most importantly, the use of EMF blockers and neutralizers (which are numerous in the market) is necessary.



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At the start, the aim of my research on EMF was to safeguard my family against the possible hazards of EMF radiation, but it has now become my mission to share this research with everyone. It is a fact that the threat of EMF is on the rise, but there are a number of ways by which we can protect ourselves.

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