Do Salt Lamps Effectively Reduce EMF?

Do Salt Lamps Effectively Reduce EMF

Salt lamps have an array of health benefits and have a positive impact on every home. You may be wondering, is one of these benefits that salt lamps reduce electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?

Salt lamps consist of pieces of salt crystal that absorb and refract light. As the lamp heats up from the bulb inside it, the salt generates negative ions that provide positive benefits in the room. The salt crystals are very essential to use because they act as natural ionizers and have bioenergetic fields that help in neutralizing harmful EMF radiation.

Having a Himalayan salt lamp in every room can help balance the electromagnetic radiation in your home. Sources of EMF in the home include home appliances, power lines, microwaves, wireless internet, TV, cell phones, laptops, and tablets. These all release positive ions into the air each day. Technology exposes everyone to electromagnetic radiation and microwave pollution every day. Combining these ions and those of other electronic devices inside the home increases electromagnetic fields, which may have long-term health effects.

Constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation at home is the cause of various health issues. Having Himalayan salt lamps in the house helps by generating negative ions that cancel the positive ions generated by home appliances. As a result, they neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation and other high-frequency radio waves. They also prevent any static build-up of radiation in the house.

EMF Radiation

Every electronic device, whether at home or at the office, has an electromagnetic field. These devices generate electromagnetic waves that are absorbed by the body and have the potential to cause serious health issues. When watching a TV, you may be exposed to frequency vibrations of more than 20 times more than your brain can handle.

Some of the health issues thought to be caused by EMF radiation include:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sleep interruption
  • Depression
  • Weakened immune system
  • Memory loss

Watching TV or using a laptop or phone in your bedroom can affect you negatively. The crystal salt lamp helps to counteract the electromagnetic waves caused by electronic devices. It balances the waves around you by removing the electro-smog and purifying the air in the room.

If you want to improve your overall health and happiness, then the salt lamps are worthy of your consideration. These lamps not only balance the electromagnetic waves in your home but also have other positive impacts on you and your family.

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps have become increasingly popular due to their healing properties and other health benefits. Salt lamps use light bulbs of different wattages. The bulbs are placed inside rock salt blocks of different sizes.

The salt crystal is known as a natural ionizer. The ionizing properties result in the production of ions that are simply atoms and molecules with both positive and negative charges. The positive and negative charges are as a result of an uneven number of protons to electrons.

The salt lamps have a lot of health benefits because they emit a lot of negative ions, which balances the positive ions, making us feel good and happy. The emitted ions increase the oxygen flowing into the brain, making us more alert and responsive.

Salt lamps also protect you from electric smog. Electric smog is the negative ions emitted from radio waves and other EMF. The salt lamps contain more than 84 minerals, and some of the minerals are believed to also absorb radiation.

These negative ions are as a result of continuous water attraction interplay and evaporation. When the salt crystals are warmed by the light, the warm surface attracts water molecules in the air. Both the salt and water form a solution that is later evaporated to form negative ions. The sodium component is positively charged. The negative ions emitted via the water interplay results in neutral atom structure.

How Himalayan Salt Lamps Work

For the crystals to generate the ion, the structure of atoms is very essential. The crystal’s structure generates ions by altering its shape through high temperatures. The use of lithium tantalite crystal leads to the change of the crystal structure when heated. As a result, there is the formation of high and low electrical potential. The mineral properties allow the generation of electric fields and ionization of the surrounding air.

Therefore, the Himalayan salt lamp emits a massive amount of negative ions which counters the positive ions in our surroundings. Placing the salt lamps at the entry of the house, in the kitchen, bedroom or computer area will absorb electromagnetic waves being generated by electronic devices.

A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 2006 showed that high concentrations of negative ions help in the treatment of some disorders. The ions also negate the radioactive components generated by electronic devices. It neutralizes the positive ions in the air. EMF generates ions only if there is high voltage that produces an electric charge. The electromagnetic fields generated by household electronic devices are not very strong according to WHO. Despite this, any reduction of EMF in our surroundings has a positive benefit to our health.

Electromagnetic waves do carry a lot of energy per quantum and this makes it easy to break bonds between molecules. In an electromagnetic spectrum, Gamma rays generated by the radioactive components, x-rays, and cosmic rays have ionizing properties. If the quantum of an electromagnetic field is insufficient to break the bond molecules, then it has non-ionizing properties.

Electromagnetic fields from microwaves, electricity, and radio frequency have low-frequency radiation and a long wavelength at the end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The quantum in these materials can’t break chemical bonds.

Other Functions of Salt Lamps

Salt lamps not only reduce EMF but also have other health benefits. Some of these health benefits include:

1. Cleanse and purify the air: Crystal salt lamps help clean the air we breathe through hygroscopy. Hygroscopy is a process in which the salt crystals absorb contaminated water molecules in the air. This process removes air contaminants such as dust, odor, and cigarette smoke among others. Removing these substances contributes to clean air.

2. Boost blood flow: The negative ions emitted by the salt lamps accelerate blood flow within the body system. This can help you reduce any damage to your lungs and also improve your vascular system.

3. Enhance mood: The negative ions generated help increase your energy levels and boost your mood thus triggering serotonin in your brain. This is great for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or those who feel depressed.

4. Reduce stress: Crystal salt lamps produce a soft light that can either be orange, red, or yellow and this helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation. The light is said to balance any negative spiritual and emotional energies.

5. Improve sleep: Constant exposure to the positive ions from home appliances reduces blood flow to the brain and oxygen supply, which leads to irregular sleep patterns. The negative ions emitted by the salt lamps reverse this effect. The soothing light can also help those suffering from insomnia.

6. Increase concentration and performance: The negative ions from salt lamps help reduce stress and increase blood flow and oxygen circulation in the brain, thus increasing concentration. This makes people happier because of the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

7. Increase energy levels: The positive ions generated by devices in the home deprive the body of the energy it needs. The negative ions from the salt lamps balance the positive ions. As a result, your energy levels rise and you feel rejuvenated.

8. Alleviate coughing caused by common colds: Himalayan salt lamps filter the air in the surrounding area hence protecting against airborne germs. The salt enables the body to filter the air more effectively. This blocks some foreign air particles from getting into your lungs. Therefore, it may make you more resilient to resisting or reduce symptoms of the common cold, such as coughing, sneezing, etc.

USB Himalayan Salt Lamps

A USB Himalayan salt lamp is also carved from salts extracted from the Himalayan mountains. A USB salt lamp is the same as salt lamps that are powered by electrical power from the wall, with the exception that their power source is USB.

You can charge the lamp via USB and when heated, the salt releases negative ions commonly referred to as the “vitamins of the air”.

A USB salt lamp, and indeed any kind of Himalayan salt lamp is essential for:

  • Calming nerves with its therapeutic properties
  • Purifying the air to give you a healthy environment
  • Revitalizing your body cells

The USB power source is a convenient way to add a salt lamp to your workspace since you can plug it right into your computer.


With improvements in technology, there are more devices being introduced each day. One of the downsides of these technological devices is the electromagnetic fields emitted by them. Using technological tools such as home appliances and cell phones expose you to electromagnetic radiation.

EMF radiation emits positive ions generated by electronic devices, and these ions can be absorbed by the body, causing health issues. To reduce the amount of EMF radiation you’re exposed to each day, you can use salt lamps.

Himalayan salt lamps are essential to every home and office. They are not only beautiful and are soothing, but they also have properties that help combat EMF in your environment.

Specifically, Himalayan salt lamps combat the EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices at your home or office, thus reducing your risk of exposure. The salt lamps are a natural ionizer for decreasing the positive ions generated by the electronic devices, as well as having other rejuvenating health benefits.

A Himalayan salt lamp is great for mental clarity and function, and it acts as an energy booster due to its healing and ionizing energy. Thus, it acts as a mood booster as well as being an air purifier.

Using salt lamps reduces the impact of the EMF emitted by various technological devices used in our homes and offices each day. The Himalayan salt lamp in the house or office helps by generating negative ions that cancel the positive ions generated by home appliances, computers, phones, wireless networks and other sources of EMF.

As a result, they neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation and other high-frequency radio waves. They also prevent any static build-up of radiation in the house.



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