EMF Neutralizers: What They Are and How They Work

emf neutralizers

An electromagnetic field (EMF) refers to the radiations emitted by electrical devices such as cell phones, WiFi routers, microwaves, etc. The level of EMF radiation that is constantly being emitted around us has increased in recent years due to advancements in technology and the number of electrical devices that are being used around the world.

Therefore, we must protect ourselves against these emissions because they build up in the body and have damaging effects on our health. One of the ways we can achieve this is by using EMF Neutralizers.

The rate at which electromagnetic field radiation is constantly being emitted around us created the need for devices such as EMF Neutralizers. This product functions by neutralizing the harmful radiation around us, thereby protecting us from the damage the radiation causes. 

An EMF neutralizer is one of the many EMF protection devices that are available today. This article provides information on EMF neutralizers and other EMF protection devices.

What are EMF Protection Devices?

An EMF protection device refers to any device capable of protecting individuals from exposure to EMF radiation. These devices are available in different forms, and they have one primary purpose: to limit the level of EMF radiation that is absorbed by a human.

This can be achieved by using certain materials that are highly effective in attenuating radiation, such as aluminum, steel, and other metals. Apart from these, there are several other EMF-attenuating materials such as EMF neutralizers, protective paint, laptops, cell phone shields, etc. that are capable of reducing the level of EMF absorbed by the human body.

Because of the rate at which EMF is being discussed across the world, there is now a range of products on the market that claim to also block EMF radiation. Examples of these materials include jewelry, stones, pendants, etc. Apart from their manufacturers’ claims, there is little evidence that these devices work or not.

EMF Neutralizers 

As opposed to other forms of EMF protection devices that block or absorb EMF radiation, EMF neutralizers neutralize it. They achieve this by returning the radiation’s frequencies through a combination of crystal materials, thereby changing the nature of the emissions from harmful to harmless. In essence, they strip the EMF radiation of its harmful effects.

Although these devices are available in different forms, they generally look like small discs that can be inserted into the EMF-generating device. EMF neutralizers take a holistic approach to the prevention of radiation, and their neutralizing ability is more effective than the blocking or absorbing nature of other devices.

Most EMF protection devices cannot absorb 100% EMF radiation, as this would affect the functioning of the EMF-generating device.

In the same vein, EMF neutralizers cannot neutralize all the available EMF radiation from an electrical device. They also do not interfere with how the device functions or cause any complication to its components.

How Do EMF Neutralizers Work? 

As has been mentioned, an EMF neutralizer does not eliminate EMF radiation by absorbing or blocking it. Instead, it matches it and converts it to a regular and more coherent emission. To understand how this works, consider a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

There is no way they can block out all the noise coming from the environment. A huge amount of the sound penetrates through its ear cups. However, they can produce a waveform that matches and balances the waveform of the incoming sound. For instance, when there’s a “rise” in the sound wave coming from the environment, the headphone produces a “trough.”

When there’s a “trough,” the headphone produces a corresponding “rise.” These two waves successfully neutralize each other, thereby providing you, the user, with blissful silence.

An EMF radiation neutralizer functions based on a similar principle, except it, is unable to completely neutralize the radiation. If it was able to neutralize all the radiation, then none of the devices would function, and it would be similar to not having any electronic devices.

In place of this, the neutralizer balances all the irregularities in the radiation, thereby eliminating incoherence. (Incoherence is the primary cause of the physical symptoms people experience as a result of radiation). While EMF neutralizers are not a perfect solution to eliminating EMF radiation, they are highly effective.

Top EMF Neutralizers

There are several top EMF neutralizers available on the market, of which some are mentioned below. You have to take care when selecting your EMF neutralizer because some of them do not perform the functions their manufacturers ascribe to them. You may want to measure the amount of EMF in the area where you are using these devices to determine how effective your preferred EMF neutralizer is. 

1. Dr. Valerie Nelson Neutralizers

The Dr. Valerie Nelson Neutralizers are efficient for protecting whole families from EMF radiations. The device does not block EMFs, as it would block the function of the device emitting the radiation. Instead, it attenuates the amount of radiation they emit.

Contrary to common belief, Dr. Valerie Nelson neutralizers do not change EMF meters because instead of blocking the emitted field, the device modifies and neutralizes the emitted radiation. However, homeopathic frequencies function by introducing a harmonizing frequency that protects the body from the toxicity of EMF radiations. 

2. Aulterra Radiation Neutralizing Whole House

As opposed to the aforementioned neutralizer types, the Aulterra Radiation Neutralizing Whole House is an EMF Neutralizer that functions when plugged into a USB  drive. This feature makes it more versatile than the other types of EMF Neutralizer since it is not limited to a wall outlet alone. You can use it with a device that has a USB drive, such as your car among others. 

Also, the device has an automotive model as well as a home model and they are only slightly different. 

The automotive model is slightly shorter and fatter than the home model. It also has a metal hole that enables you to attach it to your key ring. If you use a regular car key, it will be impractical for you to connect the device to the key ring because of its size and weight.

However, you can keep it in your key ring if your car uses a keyless ignition. While it is able to cover an area of 5,000 square feet, its efficiency depends on your personal situation. 

The Aulterra Radiation Neutralizing Whole House is a compact unit that draws 5 units of power alone. This device is not strong enough to deal with a large amount of EMF radiation like the ones emitted in urban areas.

This is because the cellphone and other wireless signals emitted in the area are usually strong. However, it is strong enough to deal with a lesser amount of radiation like the ones emitted in suburban and rural homes. 

In essence, the Aulterra is an efficient choice for rural residents and also one of the few neutralizers that can work even when you are on the road. It is able to neutralize emissions from smartphones, car radio, GPS units, etc. 

3. eLink EMF Neutralizer – Whole House Plug Protection Device

The eLink EMF neutralizer is a compact, three-pronged plug that is designed for discretion. The device measures 1¼ inches square and 2½ inches long, and it is designed to look like a standard replacement plug. Its shell is made of rubberized black plastic, and it has a textured finish that makes it easy to insert and remove.

This neutralizer functions by absorbing incoherence rather than neutralizing it. It uses the electrical supply of your home to neutralize any interference it encounters. The eLink EMF neutralizer can cover a total of 1,500 square feet.  Hence, two units of this neutralizer will be enough to cover a very large house. 

The eLink EMF neutralizer also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which enables you to return it, if you find that you are not achieving your desired results.

4. eLink EMF Neutralizer – Wireless Tower Protection Device

The eLink Wireless Tower Protection Device is an EMF neutralizer that is able to protect an area up to 1500 square feet. The device has a length of six (6) inches and a diameter of 2¼ inches. It uses the same technology that has been protecting computer CPUs for a long time.

In order for this device to work optimally, you need to place it next to your wireless router or the area that has the most concentrated amount of EMF radiation. This could be in your workplace where you most often use your wireless devices such as your cell phone, laptop, WiFi, etc. 

In a similar manner as the EMF neutralize mentioned above, the eLink Wireless Tower Protection Device also has a money back guarantee that ensures your money is returned if the product does not provide you with the desired result.    


You have to understand that the different EMF protection methods you use cannot completely protect you from the dangers of EMF radiation. Therefore, you need to consider the factors that influence the rate of exposure to radiation, such as your age, your proximity to EMF-generating devices, and the length of time you are being exposed to them for, among others. To completely protect yourself from these radiations, you need to do away with every form of EMF-emitting device around you.



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