EMF Protection Devices: What Works and What Doesn’t

EMF Protection Devices

It was not that long ago that we didn’t have devices such as cell phones, laptops, and internet services, but currently we are dependent on them. We can’t live without them, hence the need for the EMF protection devices.

The more electronic devices we have at our homes and offices, the more electromagnetic field radiation we are exposed to. The EMF generated presents a lot of dangers and long-term effects to our health. 

EMF radiation includes the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation emitted by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

Everywhere we go we are surrounded by different types of electromagnetic frequencies that can pose a lot of dangers to our bodies. The EMF from man-made sources can interfere with electromagnetic systems in the body. As a result, it increases the exposure levels. 

High levels of exposure are linked to various health risks. Some of these health risks include:

  • Severe headaches
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Weak immune system
  • Nausea
  • Difficult in concentration
  • Depression
  • Infertility
  • Childhood leukemia
  • Brain tumors

Children are at higher risk of exposure than adults because the child’s brain and nervous system are still developing. Pregnant women are more vulnerable since the fetus is more affected by EMF radiation. Therefore, EMF protection is especially critical for babies since their organs are not fully developed.

Home appliances and other electronic devices like cell towers and power lines expose us to Radio Frequency radiation and Extremely Low-Frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) radiation. The closer you are to the radiation-emitting device, the more radiation is being absorbed in your body. 

This makes it difficult to protect ourselves from all the EMFs in the environment. However, there are EMF protection devices you can use to reduce the exposure levels.

EMF Protection Devices

You can’t avoid exposure to electromagnetic field radiation because the EMF itself is a product. Additionally, there are no safe levels of EMF radiation.

Therefore, EMF protection products can’t be 100% effective. No company can block EMF 100% and leave the device working properly. If you block all the EMF on a device, then it won’t work.

Many companies do sell EMF protection products, but the best protection against EMF radiation is to reduce your exposure from these EMF sources. 

There are only two ways you can achieve this:

  • Minimizing the use of EMF emitting devices
  • Maximizing the distance between the EMF emitting device and your body when the device is in use

How to Minimize the Use of EMF-Emitting Devices

How to Minimize the Use of EMF-Emitting Devices

One of the best EMF protection measures is to reduce the use of EMF radiating devices.  We all depend on modern technologies for all our daily tasks. These devices are a major source of EMF around you.

You can still have modern technologies in your home as long as you minimize the use of these technologies. This will help you reduce exposure to EMF radiation. 

Probably you’re asking ‘How can I minimize the usage of these devices without sacrificing their benefits?’

There are various ways you can do that:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi router when not in use

Wi-Fi routers do emit dangerous RF radiation that exposes you to high health risks. Leaving the router on for 24 hours a day will expose you to a cumulative amount of radiation over time. 

The best way to minimize this exposure is to turn off the router when not in use or switch it off at night.

       2. Don’t buy smart devices you don’t need

Smart devices are a major source of EMF around your home. As smart tech keeps on evolving, more advanced electronic devices are being created. The smart devices communicate wirelessly or through the use of Wi-Fi networks, thus emitting more electromagnetic radiation.

The more smart devices you buy, the higher the risk. Therefore, you should weigh the benefits and the risk associated with each of the smart devices. Does the new device’s benefits outweigh the risk? What do you intend to do with the device? 

If the risks are high, then it’s not worth the cost. You don’t need to enjoy the benefits of the smart device at the expense of your own health. Avoid buying smart tech devices you don’t need or those don’t add value to you.  

  1. Don’t put your cell phone in your pocket

Putting the phone inside your pockets directly exposes your body to a lot of radiation.  Even cell phone companies like Apple always warn you against carrying the phone in your pockets because the amount of RF radiation emitted can exceed the safety levels.

If you have to carry the phone in your pockets, put it on airplane mode.

  1. Use speakers or headphones 

When making and receiving calls, use speakers or headphones. As you make or receive calls, your cell phones emit a lot of RF radiation that can affect your brain or cause headaches. Using headphones or phone speakers will help reduce exposure of this type of radiation to your brains.

  1. Don’t give your child a smartphone to play with

Children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation damage. Giving your child a smartphone will expose them to more harmful levels of EMF since their organs are not fully developed. They may spend a lot of time playing games putting them at higher risk. 

Minimizing their use of smartphones or delaying them from owning one will reduce their exposure levels. Therefore, minimizing the use of EMF emitting devices will help reduce exposure to EMF.

Ways to Maximize the Distance between You and EMF Sources

Ways to Maximize the Distance between You and EMF Sources

There is no way to prevent modern devices from emitting EMF radiation and have the devices function effectively. However, maximizing the distance between you and the EMF source can help you reduce the exposure.

The farther you go from the EMF device, it not only weakens the radiation levels but also reduces its power exponentially. 

So each additional step you take away from the EMF source, the lower the exposure level and the less the impact on your health. Every additional inch matters in EMF exposure. Increasing the distance between your body and radiation-emitting devices will help you reduce exposure. 

Some of the ways to maximize the distance include:

  1. Sleeping away from your phone

Sleeping next to your phone can disrupt your sleep patterns since it emits dangerous RF radiation as it keeps searching for network signals from the nearby cell towers. 

Don’t bring the cell phone with you to your bed. Alternatively, you can switch it off or put it in airplane mode. 

  1. Put your Wi-Fi router far away

A Wi-Fi router is one of the major sources of EMF in your home and office. Keeping it closer to you will expose you to more powerful Radio Frequency radiation. To enjoy the benefits of the Wi-Fi, keep it as far away from you as you can. 

The router shouldn’t be placed where you and your family spend a lot of time.

  1. Don’t place the laptop on your laps

Just as we said you shouldn’t put the phones in your pockets to avoid direct absorption of radiation to your body, the same goes for your laptop.

The laptop shouldn’t be held against your body or on the laps because it will expose you to a lot of radiation. It can also cause burns.

  1. Keep furniture away from power outlets

All electrical appliances with AC power such as kitchen appliances and power lines do emit EMF radiation. Power outlets have a more concentrated source of EMF radiation, especially when you plug any device in them. Therefore, you should keep your furniture away from power outlets.

Take Action Today

These 9 tips (on minimizing the usage of EMF emitting devices and maximizing distance from these devices) will help you achieve a massive reduction on the exposure levels to harmful radiation. 

Take action today and have control over the exposure levels from the harmful EMF radiation. Making these conscious changes in your daily activities will have a huge impact in reducing the overall exposure to EMF and live healthier in this modern world!

Protecting yourself against EMF doesn’t have to be expensive. Taking small steps like this will help you gain control over the exposure to EMF.

Do You Need the EMF Protection Products?

Since we have said you can protect yourself with the above 9 tips, so does that mean you don’t need the EMF protection products?

Absolutely! EMF protection products complement your other EMF protection actions. Though following the above tips to healthy living can make a huge difference to the exposure levels, the EMF protection products can further reduce your exposure. 

There are two reasons why you need the EMF protection devices:

  • When you can’t follow one of the above healthy tips to protect yourself
  • When the source of the EMF emitting device is out of your control

Let’s have a look at how each of the above situations can have an impact in your exposure levels. 

EMF Protection Products for When You Can’t Control EMF Emissions

EMF Protection Products for When You Can’t Follow One of the Above Tips to Healthy Living

  • Carrying your cell phone

Device manufacturers like Apple warn consumers against carrying cell phones in their pockets. This is one of the great ways of minimizing exposure against your body. But there are cases where you have no choice and you need to carry your phone throughout the day.

In this case, you need an EMF protection device that will shield your body from absorbing radiation from your cell phone device. 

Some of the best EMF Protection products/devices you can use are the SYB 5G Phone Shield or the SYB Phone Pouch. These products block EMF radiation, making it safer for you to carry the cell phone in your pockets.

You can put the phone inside the pouch and put it in your pockets or attach it on your belt. The pouch will provide 99% shielding from the radiation emitted by the cell phone. 

For those who don’t want to use the pouch, they can use the 5G protection shield by placing it in the pocket between your body and the phone. The SYB 5G phone shield provides a powerful cell phone radiation shield to your body, but only when placed between your body and the phone.

Since the two products shield radiation from the cell phone only on one side, the shield doesn’t affect signal reception and battery life of your phone. 

You can also have a look at my detailed article on other Phone protection cases you can use to reduce cell phone radiation.  

Radiation from Domestic Appliances ...
  • Sleeping next to your phone

Despite all the information that you shouldn’t sleep with the phone under your pillows or on your nightstand, sometimes you have to. For example, if you’re expecting some emergency calls, then you need to sleep with the phone next to you.

In this case, you need an EMF protection product like the SYB picture frame. You can place this anti-radiation protection product on the nightstand between your body and the cell phone. It will shield you against EMF emission from the cell phone while sleeping.

Quality sleep is very important, and high exposure to EMF radiation can have an effect on your sleep patterns. Hence the need for the protection products.

Watch this video to see how cell phone EMF blocking products work:

  • Placing the laptop on your lap

If you’re traveling or prefer to use the laptop while curled up on your couch, then you need an EMF protection product to shield you against the bad effects of electromagnetic field radiation.

You can use the Defenderpad Laptop EMF Radiation and Heat Shield to deflect the EMF radiation emitted by the laptop and the heat generated away from your body. Placing the laptop pad under your laptop reduces the amount of radiation being absorbed in the body.

Defenderpad has multiple layers of shielding that blocks 99% of radiation emitted by the laptop. It uses unparalleled thermal radiation to absorb the radiation heat also emitted by the device.

Watch this video to see how the device is able to block radiation from laptop as you use it:

EMF Protection Products for When You Can’t Control EMF Emissions

Although you can control EMF sources within your home, you can’t control some of the external EMF sources. For example EMF radiation from your neighbors Wi-Fi router or smart meter.

Almost every modern home has a smart meter and in most cases you don’t have an option to opt-out. Your electricity supplier requires the meters to bill you on the power, water, or gas consumption. And in this case, you need to look for ways to protect yourself against EMF radiation emitted by smart meters.

Since the smart meter devices transmit consumption data wirelessly to the supplier, they do emit certain levels of RF radiation. Your neighbor’s Wi-Fi also emits RF radiation within the surrounding environment.

These types of radiations are the kind you don’t have control over, but you can use some protection products to minimize the amount of exposure.

You can use the SYB Flex Shield that can be applied either on the wall or any flat surface to shield you from RF and other types of EMF radiation from the external sources. The Flex Shield is made of a powerful adhesive that provides an EMF shielding solution to your entire house or office.

An SYB Poster Frame Liner can put a barrier between you and the smart meter device. You can cut the liner to your desired size and cover your smart meter or place it on your walls.

EMF protection paint can also block RF radiation from penetrating through the walls of your house.

Both protection materials can offer shielding solutions for your whole house or office against electromagnetic radiation.


Even when you follow the tips to healthy living, you’re still surrounded by radiation from sources you have no control over. All the electric appliances in the environment generate electrosmog, which is harmful to your health.

Babies are more vulnerable to EMF radiation and using some of the EMF protection for babies products can help reduce their exposure. There are also EMF protective clothings you can use to protect yourself against radiation. Different types of clothing like scarfs, bandana, tops, and maternity dresses are very important in protecting sensitive body parts against exposure to harmful EMF radiation.

Similarly, you can use an EMF Protection anti-radiation blanket to shield your baby against damaging effects of electrosmog within the surrounding environment. The baby blanket can also be used on pregnant women to protect the fetus from radiation effects that can cause stillbirth or damage brain development.

This EMF protection blanket has multiple layers to provide advanced shielding against ambient wireless radiation and other forms of radiation. It also has hooded corners that are perfect for protecting your baby.

Men who are more concerned about their fertility due to high exposure to EMFs can wear SYB boxer briefs which are more comfortable. These boxers provide all-day protection against damaging effects of EMF radiation.

Do EMF Protection Devices Work?

Some of the EMF protection devices do work while others don’t! Some of the EMF protective devices are lab tested and more effective because they are designed based on universally-accepted science and they are real!

The degree to which each device offers protection depends on the brand and the material used in making the protective device. Different EMF protection devices work in different ways. They use EMF shielding technology that has existed since the development of the Faraday cage.

EMF protection devices work by creating a mesh of conductive material or a magnetic material that blocks radiation from penetrating surfaces. The conductive material also forms a barrier to obstruct electromagnetic fields.

Since it is difficult to judge whether a device works or not, it is good to have an EMF meter to test how the device works.

You can also read reviews of different EMF protection devices for cell phones and other anti-radiation products to see what other satisfied customers are saying.

The best EMF protection products and devices should be able to block a full frequency spectrum from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) EMFs and RF emissions. They should also be able to reduce the amount of heat touching your body (heat radiation).

What Works?  

EMF is an invisible form of radiation and you can’t touch it, see, smell, or even taste it. With that said, there are companies out there trying to exploit unsuspecting customers and sell products that do not work.

There is a range of products such as jewelry, pendants, and stones that claim to block EMF radiation through the material. These are just claims since there is no evidence to support that they actually work.

To be on the safe side, always buy EMF protection products that have a scientific basis. Alternatively, you can use the EMF meter to test whether the product works.

You can also go to the review section of the product to get more information about what other customers are saying about the product. For example, those who use a device like an orgonite EMF protection pendant claim that it works and makes them feel better.

That’s great. If you use a certain EMF protection device and it’s working for you, then keep using it!

Therefore, if you have to buy an EMF protection device or product, make sure it is based on real science and has measurable product claims. That’s enough information for you to read about the product and do your own verification.

EMF Protection Devices That Work

EMF protection devices are made of Faraday cage shielding material to shield your body against RF radiation and other forms of EMF interference. Some of these shielding devices include:

1. Cell phone shields

Cell phones are one of the common sources of radiation in your home and office. Almost everyone owns a cell phone and we usually carry them in our pockets. Just like your laptop, a cell phone emits electric, magnetic, Radio Frequency, and heat radiation. The amount of radiation emitted depends on how often you use it.

Cell phone protection shields, like the cell phone anti-radiation cases, do claim to reduce EMF radiation, but there is no scientific evidence to confirm the claims.

Brands like Defendershield and SafeSleeve claim that the FCC had independently tested their products and they reduce EMF exposure by 98% when under certain frequencies.

There isn’t enough research on how the devices work and they can only reduce EMF by a significant amount.

The only way to 100% reduce EMF exposure is to use a Faraday cage. But this will stop your device from working since it will block all the electronic waves from the device.   

2. EMF protection paint

EMF protection paint is made from different materials, including silicate. Silicate material has excellent properties that offers maximum protection against EMF radiation. The paint can be added as the base layer on your walls and the protection will be more effective based on the layers of coats you apply.

Since the paint is very expensive, you can probably only afford to apply it in specific rooms. For example, if you want to protect against radiation from a Wi-Fi router, you can paint the wall behind where the router is placed. This will prevent radiation from penetrating through the wall.

Always remember to ground the paint once you apply it. Otherwise, without grounding, the paint will be ineffective. Grounding can be done through use of grounding plates or cables.

You need to buy an EMF meter to test for yourself if the paint is working. It will also help you to know whether you need to add an extra coat for you to achieve desired EMF safety levels.

There are no known studies on whether the EMF paint works or not. Although, there are a lot of reviews on e-commerce websites that claim the product works.

A test on effectiveness of different EMF protection paints was done and found that different types of paint offer different levels of protection. You can use this information to decide which is right for you.

3. ConcealShield Privacy Bag & EMF Protection Pouch

This EMF protection product incorporates military-grade EMF shielding technology to protect you against incoming and outgoing radiation signals. The device blocks signals from cellular phones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth, GPS, and others.

It also has anti-spy/anti-theft technology that secures your credit cards and other identification documents. ConcealShield privacy bag offer the best intrusion protection mechanism against hackers and other individuals who spy on your data. It also secures data for all trackable items such as cell phones, passports, etc.

The pouch has multiple pockets to allow you to store more items. You can bring the pouch with you wherever you go or when attending crowded events.

The technology shields up to 99% of radiation without interfering with your wireless signals. You can use an EMF meter to measure whether the claims are true.

How to Choose the Best EMF Protection Device

Devices made using the same material as the Faraday cage or with the same principle do work. No need for any scientific research to know that since these materials are known to reduce EMF radiation.

The efficiency of each device varies based on the brand and some claim to reduce radiation up to 98%.  

Therefore, whenever you want to buy an EMF protection device ask yourself:

  • What are the claims about the product?
  • Is the company transparent about the product and the material used?
  • Is there scientific research that supports the product claims?
  • Is there any science behind the product, what it says, and whether it is sound?

Answering these questions is a great way to ensure the selling company doesn’t take advantage of you.

What Doesn’t Work?

There are some protection devices that claim to work but there is no scientific evidence to prove that. Some of them do work in a sense, but they can’t provide whole-body protection and only shield specific parts of you. These protection devices include:

1. EMF protection pendants and jewelry

EMF protection pendants and jewelry

Hundreds of pendants and jewelries on the market claim to reduce EMF radiation exposure. Some claim to do so through absorbing harmful radiation or blocking the radiation.

These pendants work through the attenuation process; that is, gradual loss of force when energy passes through a material. The efficiency of these devices depends on the material used. Before buying, you can do your research to know what material is used in making them.

So do they work?

Well, the science behind how the pendants work is real and the attenuation process is correct. However, there is no supporting evidence on how the pendants are effective in blocking EMF radiation.

This has nothing to do with the material used in making the pendant but their size. For example, having a small pendant as a bracelet or even a necklace cannot provide a complete shield against electromagnetic radiation.

Having a small bracelet on your wrist will offer little protection since it can’t protect your entire body against EMFs.

Even when the best material is used, reduced radiation exposure can be measured with an EMF meter. But they can’t do an effective job of shielding your whole body against radiation.

2. EMF protective clothing

EMF protective clothing has become popular in recent years. Many people are going for them to protect their bodies against EMF instead of blocking radiation from various devices. 

Manufacturers of these clothing claim that they work through the use of a Faraday cage. Since clothes can’t be made from metals to block radiation, they use silver material which is good for absorbing radiation. A silver thread is woven either in cotton or polyester fibers. As a result, the clothes can’t provide a complete protection shield to your body against radiation.

That said, it becomes very difficult to know whether they work or not. It is also not easy to test the efficiency of the protective clothing.

Some of the reviews on the effectiveness of clothing protection can be biased and there may be no scientific evidence to verify the claims.

If the clothing is made from the metal materials, it will not be comfortable. Those with metal fiber material may have unusual shapes. 

3. EMF protection crystals

This covers protection crystals like shungite and pendants. Crystals come in different forms and you can either have a crystal on its own or jewelry. All the crystals claim to absorb EMF radiation through the attenuation process.

If you have large quantities of the crystals, they can help you block radiation, but a single piece of the crystal may not be effective.

The common EMF protection crystals include black tourmaline, quartz, amazonite, fulgurite, etc.

Users of these crystals believe that the crystal cancels out the negative energy and generates their own positive energy. This is just a claim; there is no scientific evidence to prove whether it’s true.

Having few pieces of the crystal cannot guarantee that they will protect your body effectively. Again, if they’re effective, then the radiation absorption properties of the crystal material would have been used to design the EMF shielding devices instead of metal. But this is not the case because there is no proven evidence on how effective the material is.

EMF protection crystals

4. EMF Neutralizers

EMF neutralizer products claim to neutralize EMF radiation instead of blocking or absorbing it. This is achieved by weakening the radiation frequencies such that they can’t harm your body.

Neutralizers are made from different crystal material and you can use them to stick in your device. The devices claim neutralizing radiation is more effective than absorbing and blocking. They also claim their product doesn’t interfere with the normal functioning of your device.

These are just claims; there is no evidence to show whether the neutralizing products work. The idea that they work through a mix of different minerals is also not true. 

Chapter Summary

EMF protection devices play a big role in reducing the level of exposure from electromagnetic radiation from modern appliances. There are different types of protection devices, some of which work while others don’t work.

Unless the product is lab tested, chances are it doesn’t work.

Whenever looking for an EMF protection device, test whether it works or do research on the science behind that product. What are the claims about the product? Check on the product reviews to know what other satisfied customers are saying about the product.

Go for protection devices that have a measurable review about it. You can also watch the different videos from the product manufacturers on how the product works and also the video testing the functionality of the product.

If you find a certain product working for you, you can keep it.

The best EMF protection product to buy depends on your lifestyle and the type of radiation you’re exposed to, what sources of EMF you’re exposed to each day, and what parts of your body you want to protect from radiation from different EMF sources.

Knowing the sources of EMF around you, you can easily choose the best EMF protection device that works for you.



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At the start, the aim of my research on EMF was to safeguard my family against the possible hazards of EMF radiation, but it has now become my mission to share this research with everyone. It is a fact that the threat of EMF is on the rise, but there are a number of ways by which we can protect ourselves.

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