Are there EMF Protection Devices For Use In Cars?

Are there EMF Protection Devices for Use in Cars

Cars do emit EMF radiation from the various wireless features installed in the vehicle and from the large batteries at the front and/or rear of the car. These devices, especially in newer electric models, expose the user to high levels of EMF radiation from all of the electronic components inside the vehicle.

The wireless features in the vehicle increase the level of microwave radiation from radio frequency (RF) signals. The wireless devices also emit Bluetooth radiation when communicating with other paired devices.

Modern cars have Wi-Fi modules equipped in them which increases the amount of radiation inside the vehicle. There are some car manufacturers which allow you to disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules from the car when not using them, while others don’t have a disable option. Read more about the sources of radiation in cars from my detailed article about EMF radiation in cars.

Devices such as the ignition system, air conditioning and other electrical systems in the vehicle generate EMF radiation. The dangers of radiation are very high in electric cars or hybrid cars because they have a wide range of electrical systems inside.

You’re also exposed to electromagnetic radiation from outside your vehicle while driving from point A to point B. The source of the outside EMF radiation is from high-voltage power lines and cell phone towers.

The vehicle’s metal casing traps radiation inside the vehicle because when the radiation hits the metal surface, it bounces back thus increasing the amount of radiation inside the vehicle. This phenomenon is known as a Faraday cage effect.

The radiation generated inside and outside your car will have negative health effects on you. Therefore, measures should be taken to protect yourself from the dangers of EMF radiation both in the short-term and long-term.

Measuring Radiation in Vehicles

Sitting in the driver’s seat exposes you to a lot of radiation because most of the electric devices are found around the driver’s sitting area. Driving the car for long hours will put you at high exposure for health risks. For example, turning on the Bluetooth transmitter or GPS will expose you to high levels of radiation. Making a call while inside the car also increases the RF radiation inside the car. Read more information here about EMF levels in hybrid cars.

Different car brands generate different levels of magnetic fields. The level of magnetic frequency depends on the model of the car. Some cars emit low levels of magnetic field radiation while others emit a large amount of high-level frequencies.

You can test the radiation level at the car seats, at the head region, at the foot region and when the car is off. You should also measure the EMF radiation when all of the car’s electric accessories are turned on, when the engine is started and when driving.

Cars emit high-frequency magnetic radiation, therefore, ensure you have a gauss-meter that can measure low to high frequencies of magnetic radiation.

The radiation emitted by the car increases when driving near or under the power lines. You will also notice constant magnetic radiation from the seats that deviates the natural magnetic field of the earth. There are also high magnetic fields at the foot region of the vehicle.

Therefore, measuring the magnetic field in your car will help you know your level of exposure to the radiation. The vehicles with lowest magnetic radiation have 1.5 mG (milliGauss) at the seat area and 1 to 3 mG at the foot area. Other vehicles have high frequencies of between 5 to 10 mG and 15 to 100 mG on the seat and at foot regions respectively.

You can also measure the electric field radiation from each of the vehicles. Vehicles which have 110 volts generate high-levels of electric field generation. You should avoid vehicles that have 110 volts because they increase the risk of exposure.

EMF Protection

EMF protection products help reduce the risk of exposure to radiation from various sources in the vehicle. The EMF protectors for your car shield you from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation inside your car and from those outside the car, such as radiation from cell towers. The protectors harmonize the damaging energy frequency generated by the electronics inside and outside your car, including the 5G cellular network.

There is a wide range of EMF protection products available on the market, and each provides different shielding characteristics. Different cars are made from different types of metal material and some cars will provide better shielding to EMF than the others.

You can also read my detailed article on radiation from electric cars and how to reduce it.

Watch this YouTube video to see how you can protect yourself from radiation emitted in your car:

Best EMF Products and Devices for Cars

1. EMF Harmony Car Protection

EMF Harmony is a car protector guard that supports your well-being and health by shielding you from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation emitted by your car.

The EMF Harmony car protection system is a metallic plate of 3 x 2.5 inches. The metal plate has an adhesive back which can be replaced with an adapter. Place it anywhere in the vehicle, like between the driver seat and the front passenger seat console, under the driver’s seat or on the dashboard. It harmonizes the EMF damaging frequencies coming from the electronics from the car and those outside the car.

The Harmony product uses dual-level (direct and adaptive) technology to effectively protect you from the dangers of EMF radiation. It uses Direct Technology as the first level of action. This harmonizes the negative effects of the energy frequencies in order to reduce the health risks. Adaptive Technology is the second level of action to repair the body cells and improve them to an optimal level. As a result, it brings damaged cells into good health.

The Harmony car protector technology has also been used in the healthcare systems in countries like Europe for years. Since the product shields you from radiation at a subatomic level, it doesn’t alter the EMF generated, thus allowing the car and other devices inside to function normally.

2. Aulterra 5G USB EMF Neutralizer

The Aulterra EMF neutralizer is an anti-radiation USB device made of paramagnetic minerals that change the waveform of the electromagnetic radiation, making the waves safer for absorption by the body. There are various EMF protection products and devices designed by Aulterra that are aimed at reducing the EMF radiation emitted by various electronic components inside your home and in your vehicle.

The Aulterra neutralizer is a commonly used product for reducing EMF radiation in cars. This USB neutralizer protects you from any harmful effects of EMF frequencies including radiation from 5G signals.

The Aulterra USB neutralizer repairs damaged DNA cells and other negative radiation effects of EMFs. This makes you enjoy a healthier driving experience.

3. Anti-Radiation Wireless car charger/ Charging pad

This is a 15W multifunctional fast wireless car charger that can be used in your car, at home and also in your office. The charging pad can also act as a dashboard phone mount as well as charge your phone while driving.

Using the charging pad/mat as a phone mount will allow you to easily use the phone GPS. The pad allows you to fold it up to 360 degrees and let you set the phone at the right angle that allows you better viewing experience. This will not only allow you to focus on driving but also charge the phone. So you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

The ultra-slim design makes them easy to carry and store them. The charging pad is made of ant-radiation material to block any radiation emitted by your cell phone and other nearby devices in your car.

It has FOD detection and intelligent controls. These controls can control temperature, and automatically control power consumption to avoid overheating of the vehicle.

The anti-radiation wireless charger has different charge models for different cell phone brands. It uses 5W standard charge for all Qi-enabled devices and Air pod pro while others like Samsung Galaxy note and above use a maximum of 15W.

4. Vernada Car Auto Neutralizer

This auto car neutralizer protects you from harmful effects of Wi-Fi radiation and radiation from other automobile electronics inside the car. An electric car exposes you to a lot of electromagnetic field radiation from multiple electronic components.

The radiation not only affects you as the driver but also the other passengers inside the car. Therefore, using Vernada auto neutralizer will reduce the amount of radiation you and your family is exposed to.

The neutralizer will also make the driver stay alert, comfortable, and effective. Vernada-auto provides you with the safety you and your family need especially when passing through.

Vernada auto is connected to a power supply in the socket and reduces radiation from the battery and other electronic components in your car.

5. ONEVER Signal Blocking Bag

The signal blocking Faraday bag is made of high-quality material with great design and it acts as anti-tracking and anti-spying for your Smart cards. You can use it as a wallet or phone case.  It prevents RFID readers from hackers operating in the range of 10 KHz and 30 GHz.  The signal blocking feature blocks the signals on the inner layer of the bag. While the outer black layer is used just like a normal case.

The Faraday cage bag can block your phone GPS and signals from your car keys. This increases your privacy since no one can track you when you use the bag.

The bag is very convenient for use and you can securely store all your bank cards and ID cards without your details getting leaked.

This 2 pack Faraday bag comes with a user manual, 24-hour email support and a warranty for 18 months.

6. High Frequency EMF Window Shielding Film

The RDF72 window film consists of 12 metal layers that can be used to shield your windows and other glass surfaces like car windows. The metal material shields you from high-frequency radiation from outside sources. You don’t have to worry about radiation exposure when driving near high-frequency radiation from power lines or cell towers.

The edge of the film must be sealed using FKV50 edge sealant for maximum protection.

The RDF72 window film should be used on a non-heat-absorbing glass and it should be applied when there is low radiation.

7. MY Car Seat Cover/Cushion Pad

MY universal car covers are made of a pure 5A bamboo charcoal cushion that controls the temperature within the car as well as reduces electromagnetic radiation. In the driver’s seat, there are high-levels of EMF radiation. The driver is surrounded by a lot of radiation at the foot region and at the seat area.

Even when the vehicle is turned off, you’re exposed to some levels of EMF especially if you have an electric car. Using a cushion pad will reduce the amount of radiation exposure from the various electric devices near the driver’s area.

The cushion pad not only reduces EMF radiation, but also it promotes blood circulation and eases exhaustion.

8. Airies Shield Pro

The Airies Shield Pro device is designed to reduce EMF radiation from wireless devices. The Airies Shield Pro is attached to wireless transmitting devices inside your car like cell phones, the Bluetooth module and the wireless router.

The device uses a 3rd generation silicon-based microprocessor that absorbs electromagnetic radiation generated by these devices. It helps reduce the harmful effects of microwave radiation from radio frequency signals.


When driving a vehicle, you are exposed to various sources of electromagnetic radiation from both inside and outside the car. Electric cars consist of various wired and wireless devices that emit dangerous radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

The outside EMF radiation comes from driving near a high-voltage power line or near a cell tower. These devices expose you to high radiation levels especially if you have the car windows open.

Activating various wireless devices while inside the vehicle increases your exposure to radiation. For example, connecting your cell phone to your car speakers to listen to music via Bluetooth increases RF radiation.

Electric cars have Wi-Fi modules that allow you to access the internet in your car as well as connect to other wireless devices through Wi-Fi technology. These wireless devices increase the risk of exposure to microwave radiation and other EMF radiation inside the car.

The energy generated by these devices is absorbed into the body, which creates various health issues like headaches, infertility in men, blood-brain barrier issues, and brain tumors among other dangers. If you’re sensitive to electromagnetism, you are at high risk. Therefore, using various EMF protection devices in your car will reduce the risk of exposure to these sources of radiation.

Some of the best EMF protection products for your car include the Harmony car protection device, Aulterra 5G USB EMF neutralizer, G-333, and the Tri-Pak device among others. You can choose any of these devices and attach it to your vehicle to reduce EMF radiation and repair your damaged body.

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