The Four Best EMF Protection Stickers

EMF Protection Stickers

It is widely known that cell phones emit harmful EMF radiation, the intensity of which increases with advancing technology. Fortunately, there are several ways through which one can attenuate the level of EMF that one is being exposed to, one of which is the use of EMF protection stickers.

Several tests and researches have been conducted on EMF protection stickers, the results of which have found that not all stickers are as effective as is widely pronounced. Most stickers, if not all, are unable to block EMF radiation. More research is, however, still being conducted.

EMF protection stickers have been around for a long time, continue reading if you want to learn more about them.

What Is an EMF Protection Sticker?

Quite recently, about 250 scientists from around the world signed a joint petition that advocates for an increased awareness of cell phone emissions. Ever since this petition, there have been several lawsuits against Apple and Samsung for the inaccurate SAR value of their cell phones they provide their users.

This has forced the cell phone manufacturing industry to consider the impacts that cell phones are having and will have on the health of individuals around the world. It further prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to formally declare cell phone emissions as a ‘possible cause of cancer.’

With every increase in technology, such as the new rollout of 5G, the amount of radiation emitted by cell phones continually increases. This results in a need to prevent or attenuate the exposure to these emissions through different means, one of which is the use of EMF radiation stickers.

EMF protection stickers, also known as anti-radiation stickers, are small stickers that can be attached on your phone and over your earpiece (read more here). These devices operate by attracting and absorbing the radiations from your cell phone.

These anti-radiation stickers have been around for decades; however, they only recently became popular because of the increase in awareness of cell phone radiation. Most protection stickers contain metals that can attract and/or absorb radio frequencies, which is an important quality of radiation attenuating materials.

Do EMF Protection Stickers Work?

The Four Best EMF Protection Stickers

This question is a rather difficult one to answer because of the conflicting information available. While there are researches that support their ineffectiveness, there are other researches that prove that they work. In this section, we will look at some of the reasons that confirm the ineffective nature of these stickers.

In 2002, the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged two manufacturers of cell phone anti-radiation stickers because the products were ineffective. Nine years later, the commission issued an alert that declared these radiation shields as not having any scientific basis. The Chicago Tribune also published an article where they expressed strong doubts about the effectiveness of these stickers.

In 2003, a study was conducted to determine how effective EMF protection stickers are in attenuating cell phone radiations. This research found that the stickers have no attenuating effect on cell phone radiations. Instead, they increase the amount of radiation that the cell phone emits by boosting its signal output.

The Study

A study was conducted by Corporate EME Research Laboratory and Motorola Florida Research Laboratories to determine the effectiveness of EMF protection stickers. The results of the research found these anti-radiation stickers to be ineffective. This study used the methods employed by laboratories to test for cell phone radiation using Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurements.

SAR values are usually determined by placing a mobile phone next to a Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin (SAM). This model is designed like a human, except it is bigger than the average human.

The amount of radiation that travels into this mannequin from the mobile phone is then measured using a radiation detection instrument. SAR assesses the amount of radiation that is absorbed into the body by human tissues.

This research used nine different EMF protection stickers which were attached to the phone as was instructed and SAR testing was carried out. The result of this test was compared to the result of a similar test without the EMF protection sticker.

The manufacturers of five of these nine stickers claimed that their products absorbed 99% of cell phone emissions. In contrast, the other four claimed that their stickers emit safe radiation which eliminates the bad radiation.

At the end of this research, it was found that the stickers did not reduce SAR levels.

Other Evidence

There is very little evidence that supports the effectiveness of EMF protection stickers in reducing the amount of radiation emitted by the body. Even manufacturers of these devices have been unable to commission any convincing study that proves that their products work.

In 2011, the FTC fined two manufacturers of anti-radiation stickers on the basis that their claims of the products’ effectiveness were wrong and they had no evidence to prove that the devices worked.

EMF Protection Stickers

EMF Sticker Study

Some manufacturers of EMF protection stickers have commissioned research to prove that their products work. The following are some of the best stickers from companies that have made their researches publicly available:

1. Aulterra EMF Protection Anti Radiation Sticker

Aulterra has been around since 1997, and they have their own patented technology. The company has conducted over 30 different pieces of research on their products, all of which are available on their website. They also have research on the Aulterra Neutralizer, which has been published in several scientific journals.

According to Aulterra, the Aulterra Neutralizer retunes EMF radiation frequencies using rare paramagnetic minerals, thereby transmuting the harmful energy emitted by modern devices. It supposedly causes the harmful energy to lose its potency. This device is composed of three micro-thin layers of paramagnetic minerals, and they are responsible for the EMF radiation neutralizing ability.

This is achieved because “…the naturally occurring coherent fields from the Aulterra minerals are able to completely harmonize the incoherent electromagnetic pulses from mobiles phones, and return them to coherent and natural frequencies, which are no longer able to harm biological systems.”

In essence, the Aulterra Neutralizer does not reduce, remove, or block EMF radiation; instead, it changes it.

2. Quanthor Tesla Technology EMF Protection Sticker

Also known as the Quantum 360, this EMF protection sticker is made of five different minerals: gold, silver, zirconium, magnesium, and jade. According to Quanthor, the combination of these minerals contains specific oxides and magnetic properties that protect the body from EMF radiations. However, the special oxides and magnetic properties have to be precisely balanced.

According to reports, the sticker also generates ions that can:

  • Balance chemicals
  • Improve blood flow
  • Relieve stress.
  • Generate its own Schumann resonance (7.80hz) which functions in healing the body.

The following are some of the reasons why this sticker is on this list:

  • The company has a U.S. patent for EMF protection and bio-healing technologies.
  • In 2005, the company won an award for “Best EMF Protection Field” at the International Exhibition of Inventika.
  • The California Institute of Electronics and Materials stated that Quanthor products provide genuine protection against EMF radiation.

3. Q-Link Clear Sticker

Q-Link is popularly known for its unique products that not only protect against EMF radiation but also enhance the body. The Q-Link company has been around for quite a long time, during which they have established themselves as a trustworthy group that consistently manufactures high-quality products used by everyone, including celebrities, doctors, etc. They also have quite a bit of research that backs the effectiveness of their products.

One of the EMF-attenuating products of this company is the Q-Link Clear Sticker, which is an anti-radiation sticker that improves your performance while using handheld devices. To use this product, all you have to do is attach it to your phone, phone case, and other devices you need protection from.

4. Earthcalm Quantum Cell

Similar to the manufacturing company of the aforementioned EMF protection devices, Earthcalm has also been a big part of the EMF protection industry for a long time, during which they have amassed a huge following. The anti-radiation sticker of this company is the Quantum Cell. Like the Aulterra Neutralizer, this product is an extremely thin sticker that can be affixed on any place on your cell phone, tablets, wireless device, or vehicle.

The research conducted on this product by the company showed that the Quantum Cell effectively reverses the harmful effects of EMF radiation and also enhances the conductivity of human DNA. It achieves this through a proprietary effect known as Mirror Resonance Technology (MRT). This effect works through the accurate positioning of mirroring and oscillating circuits.

These circuits function as antennas and amplify the natural energy around us. When the human body becomes more energized, it creates a resonance that can reduce the damaging effects of EMF radiation. You can read more about their research here.

There are different types of EMF protection stickers with different levels of effectiveness. Learn more about them through this YouTube video:


Unless you measure the amount of radiation emitted by the device yourself, it is impossible to state with certainty that EMF protection stickers work. This is because a ton of research has been conducted, and they have proven that these stickers are ineffective.

On the other hand, a number of researches have also shown that certain stickers are effective. It is best that you confirm the effectiveness of this EMF protection device for yourself.



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