Top Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth of 2020

Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth

Fitness watches can also turn out to be a powerful tool for the people who have been trying to bring their bodies into perfect shape. Different watches allow you to keep track of your daily activities. You can buy them from online markets such as Amazon and Alibaba.

These watches allow you to keep a record of the steps you take each day, your heartbeats per minute, and it also monitors your sleeping pattern.

Moreover, these watches have a gyroscope installed that measures these components throughout the day. The gyroscope senses your body movements and detects what you do during the day such as your walking distance, your running routine, and jogging pattern. A few of the fitness watches also offer Bluetooth connectivity to your phone.

Lots of people love this Bluetooth connectivity feature due to the ease of use it offers to the users, but the fact remains that this feature comes at a very high price. You have to pay for it with your health. When the Bluetooth is turned on, your fitness tracker will emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). EMF is a very dangerous radiation that has carcinogenic elements.

If you have been excessively exposed to EMF radiation, you should keep in mind that it promotes the growth of tumors in your body, disturbs the process of male fertility, and it can lead to a number of other serious health concerns.

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The Relationship Between Bluetooth and EMF

Exposure to Bluetooth radiation couldn’t be thoroughly studied over recent years. The few studies that do exist point out that you must take Bluetooth radiation seriously as it has the potential to dent your health. For example, a study indicates that insects experienced cell death after just six months of weak exposure to Bluetooth radiation.

It’s the government’s job to regulate Bluetooth radiation, and most of the devices do emit a low level of radiation. When it comes to the government, there are generally two kinds of problems that the government faces: one is the sheer lack of research on radiation emitted by Bluetooth devices, and the second is the cumulative effect of radiation from Bluetooth devices.

The first problem is grave because how you can be able to set a safe level or acceptable level of Bluetooth radiation when you don’t have a complete study available to read? The second problem is equally grave because even if you are not using a Bluetooth device, those around you might be. It happens often since most people leave Bluetooth activated on their mobile phones and forget about it.

The cumulative effect of the radiation from Bluetooth looks grave and potentially deadly when you consider just how many Bluetooth devices are surrounding us at all times.

Is a Bluetooth Device Installed in All Fitness Trackers?

Some of the fitness trackers don’t contain Bluetooth while others have the option by which you can disable them for a particular period or for as long as you don’t want to run on the fitness tracker. I have selected a couple of fitness trackers that you can use to fulfill your needs and also save yourself from the lethal effects of the radiations coming from the Bluetooth devices.

I’ve highlighted some of the best fitness trackers without Bluetooth below.

Garmin Vivosmart HR

The Garmin Vivosmart HR is an affordable and amazing thing to wear on the wrist. It offers you the option to turn off Bluetooth, and this budget fitness tracker will keep track of your heart rate. You can track your sleep and log all calories.

It also has a built-in altimeter that allows you to monitor how many floors you climb each day during work or shopping. There also is a vibration alert to keep you active whenever you get lazy.

To save yourself from lethal EMF radiations, you need Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth. In this device, you have the option to turn off the Bluetooth. Just engage to its touch screen, press it and hold it for a while to show the setting window of the device. Afterward, scroll down to Bluetooth settings and then select the option off.

Vivosmart has no WiFi option that is something you must look out for when you are out to buy a tracker for you because no WiFi means that there will no EMF radiation at least from the WiFi of the device. As there is no WiFi, you will have to turn on the Bluetooth device each day to allow your watch to get synced with the Garmin app. Turn the Bluetooth off after it has been synced.

Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2

The Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2 is considered as a watch that is rich with features and more expensive than the Garmin. The water-resistant watch can track your heart rate and monitor your sleep. It also has a GPS tracking system and a powerful battery that wouldn’t betray you when you are on the run. The best feature of all is that it offers you to disable the Bluetooth system.

In order to do this, you can swipe left from the screen of the watch. The settings window will appear. Under the settings window, you should scroll down to the option of Bluetooth and then unmark it to disable it. You will have to switch on the Bluetooth system or WiFi system to allow the watch to sync.


Fitness tracker watches allow users to get into proper shape and they also keep you aware of the level and nature of activity your body makes all day. The benefits they bring are undeniably good but the risk of EMF radiation is bad.

As I have already argued upon, you need to buy a watch that allows you to disable the Bluetooth option. As additional research continues on the subject, manufacturers will realize the need to put in the option of disabling Bluetooth in all available devices.



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