6 Foods To Eat To Protect Yourself From EMFs

6 Foods to Eat to Protect Yourself From EMFs

EMF radiation has become part of our daily life. Exposure to electromagnetic fields has steadily increased due to emerging technologies and growing changes in our social behavior. All these changes have led to increased sources of EMFs, leaving us vulnerable to electromagnetic exposure both at home and in the workplace.

These electric and magnetic fields from home appliances, telecommunication, and broadcasting equipment influence the functioning of the human body. Many studies link EMF exposure to oxidative stress that causes various chronic diseases. Although these EMF emissions are invisible to the human eye, you have to take steps to lower your exposure level.

Mother Nature is the best medicine for protecting against the effects of EMF radiation. Some foods and herbs provide antioxidants that strengthen our immune system and protect against oxidative stress and irradiation. Your diet plays a significant role in boosting your antioxidant capacity. Foods rich in glutathione, melatonin, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and zinc have nutrients that can fight the adverse effects of EMF exposure.

Read on to learn about foods you can eat to protect your body from the effects of EMF radiation. 

How food protects from EMFs

How food protects from EMFs

Scientific research links EMF radiation from technological devices to various health issues, including disruption of your biological system. These EMF effects have consequences on your entire body. That’s why you need to renew your energy by changing your diet. Eating nutrient-rich foods will help you reduce a significant amount of electromagnetic radiation.

Through proper nutrition, you reduce EMF symptoms in your body and boost your natural body’s protection system. The nutrients will combat the effects of EMFs and repair their damages to your body.

Foods rich in antioxidants can protect you from EMF radiation. All you need is to consume the required nutrients in a diet full of whole plant foods. An antioxidant-rich food diet protects you from oxidative stress caused by EMF exposure. These nutrients, in addition to other minerals, provide additional health benefits.

Freshly collected herbs and spices can also help remove toxic metals from your body. You should always go for organic food products with more nutrients and higher mineral contents. Fresh produce provides enormous benefits to our bodies.

Although the nutrients in plants and herbs have plenty of health benefits, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before changing your diet, especially if you have any health condition or are on medication. 

What foods protect from EMFs?

There are plenty of food products with antioxidant properties that efficiently detoxify our bodies. Some of the best foods include:

1. Magnesium-rich foods

Magnesium-rich food products such as legumes, leafy green vegetables, and nuts are good for guarding against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Magnesium also provides a considerable number of benefits to your body.

If your body has low magnesium levels, you should go for diets rich in these nutrients and avoid eating high amounts of processed foods. There are also magnesium supplements you can take to help you fight against the effects of EMFs.

Look at my detailed article on supplements that protects you from EMF radiation here.

2. Zinc-rich foods

Higher levels of EMF exposure can damage your cells. Research suggests that eating foods rich in zinc can reduce lipid peroxidation in your brain. There are a lot of zinc-rich foods such as cashew nuts, lentils, oysters, crabs, pumpkin seeds, turkey, and wild-caught salmon. Seafood like oysters and crabs have high zinc contents.  

There are also zinc supplements such as zinc orotate, zinc gluconate, and zinc picolinate, which are highly absorbed in the body.

3. Foods rich in glutathione antioxidant

Glutathione antioxidants play a significant role in the detoxification of our bodies. Antioxidants help fight against diseases, infections, and slow aging signs in our bodies.

Studies on the effects of wireless radiation have shown that EMF toxins in the environment weaken glutathione levels in our bodies. EMF radiation can lead to the overproduction of free radicals responsible for damaging body cells, causing inflammation, and diseases. These unstable molecules can lead to oxidative stress.

To avoid oxidative stress caused by EMFs, you should increase your antioxidant levels by eating glutathione-rich foods such as garlic, onions, and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale.

Additionally, bone broth has powerful antioxidant properties and contains high glutathione levels that act as a defense and an efficient detox to our bodies.

4. Foods rich in Vitamins C & E

Foods rich in vitamin C and E have powerful antioxidant properties and help fight against the harmful effects of oxidative stress caused by EMF radiation.

According to a published research paper on toxicology and industrial health about the effects of cell phone radiation, taking a diet rich in vitamin C & E can help treat EMF damage.

Vitamin C consists of fruits and vegetables, while vitamin E consists of plant-based oils, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. They include broccoli, mustard, spinach, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, almonds, cherries, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, kiwi, oranges, and strawberries.

Vitamin C and E work together where vitamin C regenerates Vitamin E properties while vitamin E stabilizes and lowers its degrading process. Vitamin E is responsible for combating free radicals and increasing antioxidant properties that help repair damaged cells.

5. Foods rich in resveratrol compound

Resveratrol compound is in plant-based products such as grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. A recent study has shown that resveratrol antioxidants are responsible for reversing the damaging effects of EMF radiation.

Extensive exposure to EMF radiation from power lines can cause oxidative stress or affect your immune system. Taking a diet rich in this antioxidant can help reverse the damage.

6. Melatonin supplements

Melatonin is a hormone responsible for regulating sleep quality. Research shows that melatonin increases Rapid Eye Movement (REM) during sleep, helping to strengthen your immune system and repair/regrow your bodily tissues.

Another study indicates that melatonin production reduces due to exposure to EMFs. Reduced melatonin can result in a host of potential health problems.

Therefore, if you’re at high risk of EMF exposure, you should regularly consume melatonin-rich products to boost your body’s natural ability to produce melatonin. 

For example, you can increase melatonin production by eating cereals (barley, oats, wheat), eggs, fish, nuts, fruits, and seeds. Eating animal foods can increase tryptophan and vitamin B12 which help regulate your sleep. 

Additionally, you can increase your exposure to natural daylight, use red incandescent lights, and blindfolds during sleep. 

Bonus tip: Drink plenty of water

In addition to these foods, you should drink a lot of water. EMFs dehydrate our bodies, making it difficult for the body to detoxify naturally. Therefore, it is crucial to drink more water to help you detoxify EMF effects. 

Do bananas give off radiation?

Do bananas give off radiation

One frequently asked question is whether Bananas give off radiation due to their radioactive element. Some food products, such as bananas, contain components that decay or break apart. When they decay, they emit a small amount of radiation, making them radioactive.

Bananas have high potassium levels, and a certain amount of potassium delivered is radioactive. The radioactive elements released are capable of damaging your tissue. However, how much damage it poses depends on the radiation dose absorbed into your bodily tissue.

A single banana can emit around 0.01 millirem (mrem) of radiation, a tiny fraction of radiation. So, bananas do not expose you to radioactivity unless you eat about 100 bananas per day to get the same amount of radiation you receive from wireless signals.

Additionally, potassium is one of our body’s natural components, and the body maintains a constant level of it. Some potassium is essential to our diet, and the body excretes some of it. So, although bananas are radioactive, the amount of radioactivity they generate doesn’t pose any health risk.  


There are plenty of foods rich in antioxidants responsible for mitigating the adverse effects of EMF radiation. These food nutrients repair your damaged cell membranes and boost your immune system.

Fresh organic food products can also help remove metal toxins from your body which are more common in our current environment.

It is important to note that these antioxidant-rich foods can strengthen your body’s natural resilience to the effects of EMFs but do not replace your EMF protection devices. You can find some of my recommended EMF protection devices here or browse my article on other ways to shield yourself against EMFs.



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