Does a Linen Curtain Protect You from Radiation Exposure?

Does a Linen Curtain Protect You from Radiation Exposure

Cell towers and other external sources of EMF radiation pose health threats by pouring out the radiation nearly 24/7. Thus there is a need to protect our homes and personal spaces from the dangers of EMF radiations from external sources.

Linen curtains cannot block EMF radiations. Curtains that can effectively block EMF radiations are made with EMF blocking materials. Materials like silver, aluminum, and copper are woven into the fabric of the curtains. The presence of these materials enhances the EMF blocking ability of the curtain.

Using curtains that can block or prevent the entrance of EMF radiation from external sources into the house is important. However, how do you know the type of curtain that can provide this protection? Read on to learn more about anti-radiation curtains.

What Are Anti-Radiation Curtains?

What Are Anti-Radiation Curtains

Protecting oneself from the dangers of overexposure to EMF radiations takes many forms. While some people prefer to stay away from devices, appliances, and gadgets emitting these radiations, some have decided to reduce them. Some others have opted for the use of EMF blockers, pieces of materials that can be used to provide enough protection.

Another means of protecting oneself from EMF dangers is the use of anti-radiation curtains. Anti-radiation curtains are curtains that can effectively block EMF radiations from entering your home. The ability to prevent the entry of EMF radiations is conferred on this curtain due to its particular materials.

These materials can be used to block EMF ordinarily. Thus, these materials are then woven into the curtain’s fabric, allowing them to serve as a barrier to incident EMF radiations from external sources. Materials like copper, silver, and aluminum are used and combined with polyester to manufacture these curtains.

How Effective Are Anti-Radiation Curtains?

Although most manufacturers and suppliers of this type of curtain will claim that their curtains can effectively block about 100% of incident EMF radiation, this can be regarded as a marketing strategy with little or no scientific backings.

Curtains that do not have EMF blocking materials embedded in them cannot block or prevent the entry of EMF radiations. It does make sense to state that the ability to block EMF radiations, as seen in Anti-radiation Curtains, are caused by the presence of EMF blocking materials.

This realization then concludes that anti-radiation curtains are as effective as the EMF blocking materials embedded in them. Therefore, your anti-radiation curtain will only block 100% of EMF radiation as long as the EMF material in its fabric can also block 100% of EMF radiation.

You should, however, note that anti-radiation curtains are only effective when the curtains are closed. If the curtains are left open, there will be no form of protection from the approaching EMF radiation.

Factors to Consider When Getting an Anti-Radiation Curtain

Factors to Consider When Getting an Anti-Radiation Curtain

Now that you have realized that you can protect your personal space from external sources of EMF using anti-radiation curtains, you probably want to get one. That is quite fine, but do you know what to look out for before buying an anti-radiation curtain? This section will provide enough details to help with that.

The following are fundamental factors that you should consider before getting an anti-radiation curtain.

  • Material

I have started earlier that one of the important constituents of an anti-radiation curtain is the EMF blocking material embedded in it. However, that is not the only material that will be used in its manufacture. Otherwise one would end up with a metal sheet instead of a curtain.

Polyesters, cotton, and many more are other important materials used in the manufacture of anti-radiation curtains. In selecting an anti-radiation curtain, one should consider the material factor. A suitable anti-radiation curtain should not be too heavy, nor should it have an inadequate amount of EMF blocking materials.

These constituents should be well balanced and combined to end up with a lightweight and effective curtain, one that doesn’t not only block EMF radiation but allows the inflow of air and sunlight. To achieve this, the curtain’s materials must be combined in a balanced ratio, the most acceptable being 80% of cotton or polyester, and 20% of EMF blocking materials.

With this ratio, the curtain will be lightweight and possess enough EMF blocking materials to prevent the inflow of EMF radiation from external sources.

  • Presence of chemicals

Some anti-radiation curtains use chemicals in their manufacture. These chemicals are used to strengthen the curtains. Some curtains are also made from chemically synthesized materials. While these are not bad production practices, these chemicals have an adverse effect on users’ skin and health. This is the major reason why you should watch for chemicals in anti-radiation curtains.

A suitable and safe anti-radiation curtain should be free from harmful chemicals that can harm you and other inhabitants of your space. Safe anti-radiation curtains should be made of natural materials that are gentle on the skin of users.

  • Maintenance

Another factor that you must consider before buying an anti-radiation curtain is its maintainability. As an ordinary curtain will require maintenance, so will an anti-radiation curtain. There will be a need to wash, dry, and iron anti-radiation curtains after some period of use.

Therefore, a suitable anti-radiation curtain must be washable and dryable. You should be able to iron your anti-radiation curtain after washing. Summarily, a suitable anti-radiation must give room for adequate maintenance.

These are some of the important factors that must be considered before choosing an anti-radiation curtain. There are many brands of anti-radiation curtains out there in the market. Using these factors, you will be able to select the best anti-radiation curtains for your use.

Purchasing an Anti-Radiation Curtain

After discussing the efficacy of anti-radiation curtains in checkmating EMF radiations’ entry into our personal spaces, it is crucial to know where and how to get them. Anti-radiation curtains are now essential household materials that every home should have; hence this section is quite important.

There are many sellers and distributors of anti-radiation curtains. The offering of each seller differs based on quality, price, and other factors. However, if you are looking to purchase a quality anti-radiation curtain at affordable prices, your best bet is Amazon.

Amazon offers high quality and efficient anti-radiation curtains for sale. These curtains are made from durable and practical anti-radiation materials and EMF blocker. And what’s more, you can get both anti-radiation curtains and curtain liners on Amazon.

One of the best anti-radiation curtains that you will get on Amazon is the Moondream EMF Curtain Liner. As the name suggests, this product is a curtain liner that does the job of protecting your space from EMF radiation very well. The liner has various features and properties that make it stand out amongst other anti-radiation curtains out there.

These features include an adhesive strip that allows you to attach the liner to your curtain. Although you may require a few stitches to attach it more firmly, the liner is still very easy to use and install. Moreover, you get an additional benefit from the product as they serve as a blackout liner, blocking 100% of light coming into your personal space.

Making Your Own Anti-Radiation Curtain

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you are in luck. It is quite easy to make your own anti-radiation curtain. You will simply need some materials and handle the design process by yourself. Some of the material you will need includes liners, anti-radiation materials, and a curtain rod. While many of these materials are easy to get, you may need help with the suitable anti-radiation material.

If you doubt the type of anti-radiation material to buy, I will recommend that you get the Blocksilver Material on Amazon. This anti-radiation material is one of the best EMF blocking materials out there. It combines efficacy with easy handling and management, a combination that makes it best suited for making an anti-radiation curtain.

The Blocksilver material is made up of two important materials in different proportions. These components are Silver Fiber, which constitutes 55% of the materials, and polyester, which takes about 45% of the material. The combination of these two components gives the material its 60 dB attenuation rate. This means that about 99% of incoming EMF radiation is blocked or attenuated by the material.

Despite this efficiency, the material is very easy to handle. You can make it into clothes, curtains, linens, blankets, and many other fabric options. While it does cut like other conventional clothing materials, you will have very little or no problem working with it.

With this material, you can easily make your anti-radiation curtain by yourself.  


As much as EMFs are produced within the house, there are external sources of EMFs too. One of the ways of protecting your household against external sources of EMF is to use anti-radiation curtains. By virtue of EMF blocking materials embedded in them, these curtains can effectively block the inflow of EMF radiations from outside.

Many factors should be considered before choosing an anti-radiation curtain. These include material, maintainability, and the presence of chemicals. 



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