How Long Do EMF Stickers Last?

How Long Do EMF Stickers Last

EMF stickers fall within the ranks of EMF protection products that are gaining grounds in the market. There are many variants and brands of these products, each promising adequate protection against EMF radiations. Continue reading to know more about the functionality of this product.

EMF stickers do last for a couple of months from the time of usage. The deciding factor in the durability of EMF stickers is the strength of the adhesive in the sticker. As there is no convincing evidence to show that EMF stickers are effective, it is difficult to say if the EMF protective effect lasts long.

If you are about to buy an EMF sticker, and you are wondering if it really works, then this article is ideal for you. You will get all the information you need about the functionality and effectiveness of EMF stickers in protecting against EMF radiation.

What Are EMF Stickers?

With the increase in the awareness about the dangers caused by EMF radiations emitted from wireless gadgets and electrical appliances, many products have been churned out of the manufacturing line. These products are aimed at providing lasting and effective protection against EMF radiations. One of these products is the EMF sticker.

EMF stickers are small attachable protective stickers that are usually placed on different parts of the phone. The idea is that these stickers are made up of materials that can absorb or block EMF radiations emanating from the phone. Thus, the user of the phone is protected from the EMF radiation as the sticker has absorbed the radiation.

This product has been very popular in the tech market as it is marketed to be very effective and provides efficient protection against EMF. Some brands of the product have stated that their product absorbs up to 99% of the emissions from the phone. They are thus leaving the owner with very minute EMF to worry about.

It is interesting to see all of these products make these claims, and if they are true, it will be a big relief to many health practitioners and gadget users. However, the big question remains, are these claims true? The following segments in the article will provide answers to this question.

Do EMF Stickers Really Work?

Do EMF Stickers Really Work

Having a sticker that can absorb all or almost all the EMF emitted from the mobile phone is truly a big relief. Everyone who has a phone will be relieved to hear this news and would not hesitate to get one for themselves.

However, the question that demands answering is the efficacy of EMF stickers in protecting people against the EMF emissions from phones. Many studies were carried out to confirm the effectiveness of EMF stickers in blocking or stopping EMF radiations. The result of many of these studies was the same.

EMF stickers do not block or stop EMF radiations.

A publication by the Chicago Tribune was reported to have stated that there is a strong doubt as to the efficacy of the EMF stickers in protecting against EMF radiations. Another article that was authored by the Federal Trade Commission referred to the EMF stickers as a sham that doesn’t work.

A research project that was carried out by the research laboratories of telecoms giant, Motorola, also tested nine EMF stickers that claimed to absorb the EMF radiation from phones. After the test, none of the EMF stickers causes a reduction in the amount of EMF radiations from the phones.

With pieces of evidence from these studies and researches, it is evident that EMF stickers do not offer any form of protection against EMF radiations from phones.

Other Supporting Evidence

To make matters worse, there are very little or no shreds of evidence provided by the manufacturers from these products supporting the efficacy of the products. What most of these manufacturers offer are claims that cannot be backed up convincingly with facts. The only evidence some manufacturers offer is that the sticker has or is made up of materials that possess the ability to block or attenuate EMF.

While this may be true, the quantity or size of the EMF blocking material in the stickers is not enough to effectively attenuate the EMF emitted by the phone. If EMF stickers really worked, many academic, medical, and technological studies and researches would have been used to establish the efficacy. The relevant authorities would have approved EMF stickers.

Moreover, it seems the increase and popularity of these products are born out of the increasing awareness about the dangers of EMF and the desperation of people to protect themselves. Besides, the products are easy to produce, requiring materials that are easily obtained.

All of these factors have contributed to the increase in the popularity of these EMF stickers, despite their ineffectiveness in blocking or reducing the intensity of EMF emitting by phones.

Reasons Why EMF Stickers Don’t Work

According to many types of research and studies, EMF stickers are ineffective in protecting against EMF radiations. While these studies have proven this fact, they have also established reasons why EMF stickers do not work. Therefore, in case you still have doubts as to the inefficacy of EMF stickers, the following reasons should convince you:

  • EMF stickers cover only a portion of the phone

A common feature with all EMF stickers is the fact that they are placed at a certain point on the phone. This feature in itself is enough reason to show that EMF stickers do not protect one from EMF radiations. This is because there is no certain point on the phone responsible for the emission of EMF.

EMF is emitted from the phone through the action of trying to connect a base network. Hence, EMF is emitted from the phone as a whole and not from a certain point. Placing an EMF sticker at a point simply doesn’t provide any form of blocking or protection from the radiation coming from the whole of the phone.

Therefore, if the technology that the manufacturers of this product claimed even worked, the sticker will only absorb or block a very small portion of the EMF emitted from the phone.

  • EMF stickers can increase EMF radiations

Apart from not effectively protecting against EMF radiations, using EMF stickers can also be a source of increased EMF emission from your phone. Before you wonder how, here is an explanation.

When EMF stickers are placed on the phone, the position of the sticker may be causing interference to the network connectivity of the phone. When this happens, the phone tries really hard to get connected by making several attempts to reconnect with the base station or the nearest cell tower.

This increased attempt to reconnect to the cell tower has been confirmed to be a way of increasing EMF emissions. More electromagnetic fields are sent out to reach out to the nearest cell tower. Thus, the use of EMF stickers can serve as a means for the increase in the amount of EMF radiations.

Moreover, another effect of the increased attempt to connect to the network is the fast dissipation of your phone battery. The phone spends more power in trying to reconnect with the network and the power on your phone battery is fast spent.  

  • Use of non-blocking materials

While it is true that some EMF stickers have EMF blocking materials in them, many do not have any at all. For the stickers that do not have any of the EMF blocking materials, the only thing that they absorb when used on the phone is probably a little amount of heat generated by the phone battery and nothing else.

However, the EMF stickers that have some EMF blocking materials in them do not have enough of these materials. Therefore, even if they will block or absorb any form of radiation, the amount absorbed will be very negligible. Hence, they are still ineffective in protecting people from the dangers of EMF radiation.

These are the reasons why popular EMF stickers do not work or offer efficient protection from the dangers of EMF radiations. Rather, they constitute a waste of money and a health hazard when placed in the wrong place.

However, if you wish to use one just to test it out or confirm if it works, we recommend the EMF Harmonizer+ for cell phones and Wi-Fi routers. You can check the product out here.

Accessories That Effectively Protect against EMF Emissions from Phones

As it has been proven that EMF stickers do not protect you from EMF emissions from your phones, some accessories can be used to protect yourself from these EMF emissions. These include leather phone cases and aluminum foils.

Accessories That Effectively Protect against EMF Emissions from Phones

Aluminum foils rank first in the list of materials or accessories that can offer some form of protection against EMF emissions. This is because aluminum is a known EMF blocker, and it covers the whole surface area of the phone.

Phone cases also use the same principles as they are made with known EMF blocking materials, and they cover the whole surface area of the phone. Thus, they can provide effective and optimal protection from EMF radiations emanating from phones.


While it is a piece of cheerful news that the awareness about the dangers of EMF emitted from wireless gadgets and electrical appliances is gaining relevance, the presence of some ineffective protective products and accessories seems like a downside. One of these products is the EMF sticker.

Manufacturers have touted EMF stickers as foolproof protection against EMF radiation emanating from mobile phones. However, contrary to these claims, studies and researches have shown that these products offer no form of effective protection against EMF. Ironically, users of the product stand the risk of an increased EMF emission from their phones.



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